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Scandinavians starting mass vaccinations.


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In Iceland, Norway and Denmark mass vaccinations of the population is starting (No idea on Finland and Sweden) which is optional at the moment but talk about health certificates to allow plane travel. (So ridiculous as this doesn’t happen with the seasonal flu viruses) I think the old people are at huge risk from an untested and new type of injection. New travel restrictions and social contacts also happening which seem pointless as Sweden said herd immunities is best direction and was a less paranoid method of disease control. Schools now being closed and online education until 19 JAN 2021 so the same narrative as in Europe. How is China doing now? Lockdowns? I see in some countries the health workers are having allergic reactions/deaths from the vaccines so this is serious. 

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Finland here. The vaccinations began at the start of the year, but for now it's only for the medical personnel. I myself am in local bracket 4 or 5, meaning the ones getting the vaccine after the medical personnel, and the elderly. It's estimated that people under 60 years old get theirs only at the late spring of 2021. Though that might change depending how the narrative pans out. The powers that be are obviously cautious after the Pandemrix scandal and it's involved narcolepsy debacle during the early 2010s.

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