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TalkRadio: YouTube kicks channel off its platform




YouTube has removed TalkRadio's channel from its platform.

The Google-owned service has not given an explanation for its action, but there is speculation that it relates to its rules on Covid-19-related misinformation.

Fact-checkers have repeatedly challenged some of the claims made by interviewees featured by the London-based radio station.

TalkRadio said it was seeking an explanation and defended its output.

"We urgently await a detailed response from Google/YouTube about the nature of the breach that has led to our channel being removed from its platform," it said in a statement posted to Twitter.

"TalkRadio is an Ofcom-licensed and regulated broadcaster, and has robust editorial controls in place, taking care to balance debate.

"We regularly interrogate government data and we have controls in place, use verifiable sources and give space to careful selection of voices and opinions."


I personally don't listen to TalkRadio myself, but from what I understand from various clips posted here in the past, they are one of the very few mainstream broadcasters that features guests prepared to speak against and question the "official narrative".


So much for impartiality and 'honest debate' in the media now, if you don't follow or support the "official narrative" you are guilty of "spreading misinformation".



YouTube operates a "three strikes" policy, whereby channels that break its community guidelines three times within a 90-day period can be permanently banned, but other infractions lead to temporary restrictions.

Prohibited content includes "medically unsubstantiated claims" relating to Covid-19, and videos that contradict expert consensus from local health authorities such as the NHS.

The US firm has previously imposed a permanent ban against conspiracy theorist David Icke, and a one-week video suspension of right-wing outlet One America News Network's ability to publish new clips - in both cases for breaches of its Covid rules.

Digital rights campaign group Big Brother Watch likened the latest action to the kind of behaviour one would expect in China.

"YouTube's termination of a national broadcaster is further evidence that privatised, big tech censorship is spiralling out of control and must be challenged," its director Silkie Carlo told the BBC.


I have always been of the belief that even "experts" should be regularly challenged and questioned.


BBC couldn't resist mentioning David Icke here too.


And here is the BBC's own "Disinformation and Social Media Reporter" Marianna Spring with a wishy-washy vague conclusion:



Social media sites have come under increasing pressure to tackle the rise of coronavirus falsehoods and conspiracies online - particularly about the vaccine and the latest wave of coronavirus.

But they face a number or dilemmas. Primarily, the battle between free speech and the need to tackle disinformation that has been linked to real-world harm.

Drawing a line between what counts as legitimate concerns about lockdowns and false conspiracies about the pandemic can be tricky - especially when some of those views are carried by mainstream news outlets.

YouTube has previously taken action against influencers and groups who have shared popular, slick videos promoting false claims about the pandemic - but the action against TalkRadio's popular radio station marks a first, at least for the UK.

It remains unclear why TalkRadio's YouTube account was removed - but it has been controversial for its choice of speakers and discussions around the pandemic and lockdowns.


"The need to tackle disinformation that has been linked to real-world harm"




I still maintain that the worst most-harmful disinformation is the "official narrative" being spouted unquestioningly by the BBC, as well as every other major news outlet.

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Talk Radio was reinstated. Problem is having had their wrists slapped they now fear to ask searching questions and dig down into the official narrative.


Julia Hartley-Brewer running scared, and Mike Graham almost as bad by making questioning statements but with multiple qualifiers in case his words are being scrutinised. They're saving their jobs and saving the station while becoming merely another news media mouthpiece. Tragic and pathetic. The masses will not wake up to this entire hoax while strict controls are in place, or the so-called administered "vaccine" kills off innumerable people.


Try telling any one of them some logical truth. We have:-


1. National lockdowns based upon a virus that (many accounts state) has not even been isolated and/or shown to exist

2. A PCR test that is wholly unreliable and which the government uses to falsely ramp up cases to effectively imprison the populace

3. A mask regime that is seriously flawed and liable to cause users health issues

4. Social distancing in public that cannot and will not work

5. Businesses being utterly ruined and livelihoods destroyed

6. Hospitals encouraged to cite patients as having Covid, and in America being paid to do so

7. Many hospitals formerly provably empty

8. Jolly NHS workers prancing about for the camera


...and all for what? A seasonal 'flu bug that is no more virulent than other winters in previous years, and in fact with lower cases than many.


The problem is the control mechanism of the news media. Being glued to the TV and believing the daily newspapers is habitual, and the controllers know it, of course. People will not awaken from their slumber when constantly fed a diet of lies and deceit while at the same time looking to the official channels to get society out of the crisis. The government holds the reins and steers the people in the direction they or their overlords want them to go. Hence 'the new normal' - a diabolical angle on a hoax perpetrated to destroy life.


It brings to mind 1984 - "If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face forever." But this boot may yet end up on the other foot.



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This was a weird one that still does not feel right. If I was to put on my conspiracy hat on this could have been planned so that people will think that talkradio are the spear point of anti lockdown. And with the station being censored, people that are sceptical of the official narrative and know about the censorship will flock even more to the station.


They are more grown up than the rest in terms of free flowing conversation and debate. And i am a subscriber and watch/listen to some of the content. And i do believe it is a force for good in the mirage of bullshit in the rest of the media apart from your odd article. 


But having said that, lets face it-its a go to haven for (and rightly so) disgruntled average joe types who are sick of the race baiting, lockdowns and propaganda but have not yet quite worked out that we are in a information war, class war. And look up to farage and katie hoptkins type shock jocks shilling for the deepstate. 


It wouldn't surprise me if the official story is true they got banned by some purple headed freak in silicoln valley-I am not sure what the prpccess would have been, despite complying with ofcom and all the other regulations and bit off more than they can chew. 


Isn't it owned by murdoch? 


Either way talkradio being reinstated could be a worse case scenario long term. Think about it they can censor who they like but surely if it is not a publisher at some point if they start to go after the heavy weights, who have money, lots of money lawyers and lawsuits will start to happen? At some point which is a good thing they will piss off organisations that have the money to taoe legal action. 

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