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Feds Probing Whether Nashville Bomber Believed In Quote "Extra-terrestrial Lizard People Conspiracy". Are They Going To Blame David Icke & Friends For Popularizing It?

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Just to clarify for people who don't know how American MSM is structured:


- Many LOCAL TV news stations (e.g. QWTY4 NEWS or whatever) in America have been bought up by GIANT Mediacorps lately

- It is largely middle-aged or older people who watch these local stations religiously and believe any shit they see

- When something is to reach ALL OF AMERICA, they often start at the LOCAL NEWS level, and then it goes up to NATIONAL NEWS level (CNN, MSNBC and so forth)


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On 1/6/2021 at 6:13 AM, HistoryIsComplex said:

  Are They Going To Blame David Icke & Friends For Popularizing It?



I just came across this and it immediately reminded me of a comment on a thread someone made regarding Nashville.  Just after it happened, someone was saying it will be linked to "lizard people" = violence/danger or words to that effect (5G/Q had already been made by MSM). I did a search on here to find the thread to link this article and low and behold you've stolen my thunder completely lol 

The stock standard intro with the "baseless deep state child traffickers" (always gotta get that combined trope verbatim in there) then further down it goes FULL on Anti-David Icke! And you would never guess who what they tar him with. hahaha


Theres two hyperlinks taking you to Vox & Guardian articles explicitly demonising David in the extreme. Rachel E. Greenspan from the Insider here has certainly done her homework and is clearly trying to pivot the narrative to blame David 



  • Anthony Warner, whom authorities say died when he exploded his RV in Nashville on December 25, had reportedly espoused belief in a conspiracy theory claiming that reptilian humanoids, or lizard people, control the world. 
  • There is a lot of overlap between the lizard-people theory and QAnon, which baselessly alleges the existence of a "deep-state cabal" of human traffickers and pedophiles who drink the blood of children
  • Fringe beliefs, including the QAnon conspriacy theory, have led to many incidents of real-world violence.




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This is a bad thing. It's all the rage right now to, not just discredit anyone who speaks out against the Orwellian  crap that's going on, but to link them in the public's mind to all things evil and violent. 





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not a good thing, as all the corporations will move to unperson him.  all his social media and internet presence will go.  credit card companies will blacklist him, he'll be lucky to have a bank account.

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