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PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: Recently Announced Lockdown is NOT Law!

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At 8pm, on Monday the 4th January, 2021 the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson announced via the ‘Telescreen’ that the population of England “must stay at home”. He said people could only “leave home for limited reasons permitted in law”, and that the new “rules” will replace the “tier system” immediately. The Prime Minister ordered all non essential retail to close and announced all secondary schools and primary schools would be closed to all except for the children of Keyworkers. He went on to confirm that this means exams would not go ahead as normal in the Summer.

At the time of writing all non-essential retail have complied with the announcement and shut their doors, an after 1 day back at school for most children, most are now back at home causing disruption and headaches for hardworking parents. But today we are asking why? Why ruin the livelihoods of millions of people? Why ruin the longevity of millions of businesses? Why ruin the education of millions of Children? Why do all this because a man on the ‘Telescreen’ said so? Why do all this when it is not enshrined in law?

The Government have been quick to update their Guidance, withdrawing the guidance on Tiers and replacing it with ‘National Lockdown: Stay at home” guidance, which can be found here. But what hasn’t been updated is the Law.

Currently the law only covers the Tier system. As can be found here. A quick search for any new legislation in 2021 reveals only an ‘FLEGT Licensing Scheme” and a ‘Scotland Health Protection Amendment’ have become law this year, see for yourself here.

Read the full article here

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