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Kew Gardens has gone Woke

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Not even the bacteria and fungi are safe! FFS :/


Director of science at Kew: it’s time to decolonise botanical collections

"At Kew, we aim to tackle structural racism in plant and fungal science"



The woke gymnastics is strong in this one: No one has ever denied that native cultures knew/know about species, however, that doesn't take away from the FACT that "we" as humanity via the scientific community haven't got them documented in a collective database!


"In my own field of research, you can see an imperialist view prevail. Scientists continue to report how new species are “discovered” every year, species that are often already known and used by people in the region – and have been for thousands of years."



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4 hours ago, Beaujangles said:

Oh shit... so I have to switch from black tea to green tea....not good. But what about white durum wheat pasta?

NOTHING is safe!


 Oberlin in Ohio, were demanding that the college canteen stop serving sushi because it’s ‘cultural appropriation’



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