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America - The Last Bastion of Freedom

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Well, here we are, the start of 2021 and for many of us probably the start of the world's demise. However, there is some hope and it lies in the far west.


Yes, our brother and sisters of America are the last stand for freedom. They're armed to the teeth and are fearless. We've seen the riots, we've seen their ability to gather in numbers and fight the establishment. 


It is my belief, now the right spectrum of politics has decided to make a stand, that unless the American people fight back then this world is lost forever. 


Yes, it is my belief that they are the ones that will determine whether we remain free or slaves to the matrix. Yes, it will be them to make the last stand as other countries are too far gone and apathetic to stand up now. So, dont be afraid our brothers and sisters and we wait to celebrate our freedom once you destroy the beast from within. I bid the whole of the US good luck, we're counting on you. 

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1 hour ago, KingKitty said:

We have a better illusion of freedom, here in the States. The "riots" you've referred to are orchestrated events, not genuine, natural protest.


Do not romanticize our "freedom", my friend. Our cells may look nicer, but we are all in the same prison.

I'm not suggesting it's going to be easy or that there has been no suffering in the States. However, you have distinct advantages to many many countries,  weapons, space and numbers. That's why for me you're the last hope on this planet. 


I'm also not referring to the BLM, Antifa or portland riots, and thinking about it, maybe riot is the incorrect term, maybe I should have said the protests. Either way, you're well better positioned and there appears to be less conformity to the covid cult in your neck of the woods. 👍


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beijing biden turns usa into one great big paddy field.

what more could never trumpers want.

dem controlled states housing containers full of chyna weapons

patriots aware

antifa/blm dont stand a chance against military aggression.


usa falls the world falls

3 days until kickoff



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