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16 hours ago, itsnotallrightjack said:


She does look very odd. I've never seen an 18 year old look like her. It's not just about looking younger than her given age. I've always looked youthful. Bus drivers would often offer me a half fare when I was 23! But I had a bust and a woman's body (albeit a slim size 10 one). They assumed I was a 15-16 year old I think. Now many 15, 16 year old girls have busts and curves, as they are nearing the end of puberty.


Greta has a child's body and height and a child's face. There is nothing "womanly" about her at all.


The official reason given for this is her "eating disorder" a  few years ago, but from reading about children not eating enough and stunted growth I found that they ought to recover and go through puberty once they eat enough. 


If you read about Audrey Hepburn who starved in Holland during the war; she was very thin but gradually put the weight on once Britain dropped the food parcels from the planes and although she was always very slim she went through puberty and even had children. Her face and body changed from a child's to a slim woman's.


Greta did not have as long a time not eating as Audrey did, so there's something very odd going on. I wonder if she is on puberty blockers to make her stay "child like" as her handlers might think she has more "impact" this way? That people will be more guilt tripped by a "childlike young woman" than a real woman/adult? 




The whole Greta cult is baffling. The rise of a nonentity, an androgynous one at that, to the heights where she's going toe-to-toe with the UN, the Pope, and Prince Charles is truly a phenomenon the like of which I have never seen before. As for her sex, it's an open question. Could be she's a hermaphrodite but your suggestion about the puberty blockers is plausible. Who is keeping her in this state? Why?

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