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DNA teleportation is a claim that DNA produces electromagnetic signals (EMS), measurable when highly diluted in water. This signal can allegedly be recorded, transmitted electronically, and re-emitted on another distant pure water sample, where DNA can replicate through polymerase chain reaction despite the absence of the original DNA in the new water sample. The idea was introduced by the Nobel laureate Luc Montagnier in 2009. It is similar in principle to water memory, a concept popularised by Jacques Benveniste in 1988.


No independent research has supported the claim, and traditional science does not provide a plausible mechanism by which it might work. In 2015, Montagnier's team published another finding similar to the original one, but using bacterial and viral DNA. Here they claim that the electromagnetic waves could be explained in terms of an unspecified quantum effect.





In the same year, the team reported similar EMS from the DNA of HIV under high dilution of the culture medium. They used the HIV1 strain as their prototype – it was the discovery of this virus that led to Montagnier sharing the 2008 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine. CEM cells (leukemia T-cells) were used to culture the HIV but no EMS was detected at any level of dilution.


However, testing blood samples from HIV-infected patients (including those with symptoms of AIDS, those who have undergone antiretroviral therapy (ART), and untreated individuals) showed detectable EMS from ART-treated patients with undetectable viral loads at plasma dilution levels between 10−4 and 10−8.





Montagnier's experiment can be summarised as follows:

A known water sample with 2 ng/ml of 104 bases DNA from an HIV infected patient is diluted by 10 into water and agitated for 15 seconds.


After filtration to remove the DNA, the dilution and agitation steps are repeated 10 times, reaching high dilution levels of 10−10.


The highly diluted sample emits electromagnetic signals (EMS) of low frequencies.


This EMS is recorded by a microphone coil and saved as a 6-second WAV file at the lab in Paris.


The WAV file is emailed to a partner team at the university of Benevento in Italy.


The Italian team emits with a coil for 1 hour the EMS of the WAV file on a sample of distilled water in a sealed metal tube.


The water sample is then placed in a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) machine.


The PCR machine in Italy produces DNA, 98% identical to the initial DNA in Paris.




It is proposed by Montagnier that some molecules interact through electromagnetic waves instead of direct contact. These waves could be trapped into coherence domains formed by water molecules vacuum spheres at quantum scales. These structures would keep the signal in the absence of the original molecule. During the PRC step of the experiment, this remaining signal could have contained the necessary information for the initial DNA to be reconstructed.


The principle is similar to Benveniste's experiment from 1997 where EMS was recorded from ovalbumine at the Northwestern University Medical School of Chicago, and transmitted through email to Benveniste's Digital Biology Laboratory in Clamart, France. After emitting the signal on pure water for 20 minutes, the water could cause an allergic shock on an isolated Guinea-pig heart allergic to ovalbumine. In both experiments the EMS reproduces the properties of the original molecules in their absence.

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What's the resonant frequencies of human body?




Once you know the particular frequency of anything You can superimpose that frequency onto a  central carrier wave and deliver it to target 

who will filter out the carrier wave leaving the riding on a wave signal you want hit the target. e.g the brain.

No different to radiotramsmission at LOW frequency

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Time will tell and lives lost will provide a lead a to what biological actuators and sensors activated by signals from  the cloud  if any are in control vaccines such as Darpa Gel replacing the human immune system that God designed for us all into targets 

God forbid!

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If this was done in 1988,one would have to wonder what the assholes are able to do now, this is the same sort of thing that is used in some holistic medicines, which by the way is poo pooed by the main stream. If this capability  is indeed the case I don't think it would be too much of a mental stretch to at least consider  that the majority of disease in these modern times or a good portion  could be transmitted over the air waves . This would be considered the shot gun approach at present with a hit and miss outcome, however as they get better at it  maybe ,just maybe they would be able to target individuals that are deemed a burden or threat to the system, the planed micro chip roll out comes to mind with all it's dark possibilities  


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