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Best way to stay private


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My advice for anyone who wants to be remained anonymous who wants to be free from big tech.

Buy a sim card from Asda and goto a cash checkout and pay cash for it.

Buy a phone Cash for 12 quid from a vendor in a market.

Even though you are on the CCTV. It can be tracked back on card.

Activate the phone on a 3g phone that cant track 4g signals via wifi.

Download Tor and signal to a new phone. then insert the sim cards in them.

Activate the sim cards in another city. Even if you have to goto manchester.

It scrambles the system, Mac address, open an internet account in the internet shop via these sim cards.

When you get back to your home city. Keep your phone in airplane mode.

IF you want messages on that phone. Keep it on airplane mode and goto an indiscreet place to receive the message.

Where you are not on camera.


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Governments can track where you go with realtime space imaging - a satellite can recognize and track you everywhere by your haircut, shoulder width and walking style.


A quick glance up at the sky/weather and the upper portion of your face - nose, eyes, eyebrows, hairline - is on camera.


Governments can identify you in an Internet Shop/Internet Cafe by your typing pattern (how quickly or slowly you hit individual QWERTY keys) and by the way you move the mouse pointer on the screen (everbody moves the mouse slightly differently).


Speaking anonymously on a phone is not possible in 2020 - they have your digital voiceprint from previous things you said on phone, Whatsapp or elsewhere.


Sneaking around with burner phones, cash-bought SIM cards and so forth just buys you a FALSE SENSE OF SECURITY.


If you are of interest to a technologically-advanced government, there are 100 different ways to track you without you even realizing it.


Using TOR immediately throws you in a Database of "people with something to hide".


My POINT is - you can hide your data from CASUAL SCAMMERS, HACKERS, VOYEURS and such.


Hiding from a government with money is far more difficult - EDWARD SNOWDEN managed to pull it off for a while, because he was HIGHLY TRAINED in COUNTER-SURVEILLANCE.

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