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About Argentina abortion Law


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The recent Argentina's Congress legalization for abortion is another proof of the filthiness inside most of human beings, now it is legal for women in Argentina to kill their babies.


You can see the reaction of hundreds of women celebrating when the law was approved , if you do not want a baby to kill, then keep your pussy away from any dick. Be a decent women and have sex after marriage. Of course all of this is happening with the blessings and agreement of the Kabbala jewish masonic satanic web that rules and controls the world.


Whenever there is zionist jews or Kaballa jews, there is destruction. They never learn from history.


This is the list of countries that legalize killing babies.



When you celebrate about having the right to kill a human being, then you are no more a human.

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What complicates the abortion issue is that in POOR countries - like in Latin America - a woman becoming pregnant without intending to can be ruined financially.


In many poor countries, the man AND the woman in a marriage will STARVE if BOTH cannot do paid work at least 5 days a week.


The Vatican made things 10 x times worse by decreeing that Contraception (the pill, condoms) is "evil".


They basically told women "you cannot use any kind of birth control" and then "you also have to give birth to the baby and take care of it until it is an adult".


I am not pro-abortion in any way, but the fact that many women cannot GIVE UP WORK FOR 3 YEARS to take care of newborn is because of ECONOMIC HARDSHIPS.


The fact that the WESTERN DEMOCRACIES did their BEST to crap all over South American Economies and other developing nations created this situation.






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The solution is not abortion , for example in Egypt the government is not serving their people , they are serving Israel and the satanists , same in america , nearly all the American officials in the congress , the senate , the white house , the CIA , almost 95% of them are masonic satanists or zionist jews.


So instead of working more hours to try to live better , you should fight them and destroy their web , their web is the thing that causes the world misery , they are the ones who print the dollars , they are the ones who caused massive inflation by printing more fiat currency not backed up by gold.


The solution for all out problems is worldwide cleaning for the satanic cult

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