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standing on our own two feet.

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When one is isolated from the hive mind; from the herd, one sees oneself as a singular from the masses. There is no longer peer pressure; genetic influence; where one is affected by the all; where we are all in this mess together.

Now we can stand on our feet and just be, but before we can do this we have to get rid of our “manufactured flaw.” We were manufactured around the strand of the Creator, and our laboratory from where we arose was within the depths of the cosmos – from a rather sinister place, far from the that state of Bliss I call Home.

The frequency/world/state/laboratory from which we arose was, dare I say it – flawed, and thus so too are we. Within each of us is our own “manufacturers flaw,” which arose from being initially born/manufactured from place that was far from kosher. Put simply: if the mould is flawed then so too is the product that arises from the mould.


You go into the silence; the stillness of the strand, and you allow the manufactured flaw within you to rise to the fore. You will feel what is hampering you; what is slowing you down from being what you should be. This flaw rises, and then is overcome by Love and it disappears.


Then you make your world the place it should be. (In our case it is planet Earth, and we are talking about the seen frequency of the planet, as well as the unseen frequencies that influence the planet and all those that reside therein and thereon.)

We remove the planets attachment with its hive mentality/association with the other planets/frequencies of Hell, so that it may be its own entity, and from there we connect the planet and its frequencies to the Infinite – that state that lies beyond the Illusion. From there we look for the flaw of our planet so that it may be removed to allow Earth to be in harmony.

(I felt a gentle pushing, and then a release of something, and then I felt the stillness of the strand.)


What you apply to one, you apply to all – because you can. All the planets/worlds/frequencies within Hell disconnect from their hive association within Hell; they align to the Infinite; and their flaw is released so that they may heal and remain at one with the Infinite.


Then is the Wisdom Goddess Sophia, one of the “Gods” within the fields of the Infinite; the one who created the Dragon children/spirits to play within one of the many fields of Love; the one who fell from her realm and whose impact from the fall created the frequency of the Serpent, with Semiramis as their emergent Queen.

What we done to the planets we do to her, so that she may set her children free, where they and her return to their respective Homes.

We sync them with their heart space, where they are one with themselves and their Home.


To Semiramis we do the same. Around the strand of the Creator we were initially born/manufactured, so what we are at our core is unity with Sophia and her fields of the Infinite, but on every other level we are also one with Semiramis. She loved us as any mother of Love would. The point to make is what we do to Semiramis is what we ultimately do to ourselves, as we are linked to this “God of the illusionary Garden.”

Her heart energy field is one with the Infinite, and thus so is ours.


One cannot go against or undo what has just been done, as this is the natural flow of what Is. One has the option to turn ones back on this natural flow of Love, where one descends further into the state of insanity, so to each their own.

The difference between now and then, is that Love was in limbo – it was not flowing as it should. We can decide if we want to join the current, or remain in a stagnant wasteland.

For the first time since before the beginning of time we have an option, and for this I am grateful.

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