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Celeste Solum Gates vaccine - Key West, 12 Monkeys Medicine and The New World Order - Script or Spontaneity, Confusing the Symbolism with Reality, Great Architect with God


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"Wake up folks — we're not in Kansas anymore.


Prince of Darkness


Former FEMA operative Celeste Solum on what she says is in the Gates vaccine



All here needs the context of the above video 👌

1996 - 12 Monkeys - Key West Florida is central to this story as a backdrop, seemingly of no real importance other than a message by marketing and advertising 🤔


1999 - Key West Florida

Fifth Biennial Conference Society for Tropical Veterinary Medicine in the Context of "The New World Order"



The Rainbow Bridge Between Two Worlds?

Golden Gate Bridge, Dirty Harry




The Two Worlds - Intelligence Apparatus, putting out the lights of the ordinary world - Technology, Transhumanism 

Dark Winter” 2020 - Not referring to, Power Grid “Failure” - Actually Attack?

Fire Sale
Collapse of systems will fuel the panic of people seeking out aid and got receive such “aid” and rationing, will require the Gates Vaccine and RFID Chipping to ensure adequate supply chain of such resources


Operation Dark Winter
In Dark Winter, some members advised the imposition of geographic quarantines around affected areas, but the implications of these measures (e.g., interruption of the normal flow of medicines, food and energy supplies, and other critical needs) were not clearly understood at first.[6] In the end, it is not clear whether such draconian measures would have led to a more effective interruption of disease spread.[6] What's more, allocation of scarce resources necessitated some degree of rationing,[6] creating conflict and significant debate between participants representing competing interests.”


A Dark Valley - “Death Valley” - Divine Darkness 

Best Minds of the World - Planetary Alarm Conference - Impress upon the world via the MSM Problems of;

Overpopulation - Climate Change - Lack of Food - Script for The Hunger Games Society Agenda to play out


Down in the Park

Some things to research and think about...

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  • DannyUK changed the title to Celeste Solum Gates vaccine - Key West, 12 Monkeys Medicine and The New World Order - Script or Spontaneity, Confusing the Symbolism with Reality, Great Architect with God

David Icke breaking down the above in 2010 I think it is, in Czech Republic 

Sorry video repeats itself after about 1h30mins or so, it’s how I found it.


More from this above video and Former FEMA operative Celeste Solum

I think we have all learnt a little more about the politics of this sack of shit recently! 





NASA War Doc





Full Video on YouTube - for now 


Climate Change - Terraforming the Planet by Technology, to create an environment potential of sustaining other forms, other than life that already exist here - Alien, Demonic or Transhumanism take your pick...

Asilomar Conference on Recombinant DNA 🧬 1975




Sidereal Force - Archon Image - This is about reanimating human thought form and energy without soul, without intentionality, no original creativity beyond the accumulation of that data which already exists that is being imitated 

Imagine if all your thought forms where uploaded to a computer - A.I. - then reanimated within a synthetic shell 🐚 that appears human, but is actually a robotic imitation that animates what appears to be biological life instead of the human spirit, life force energies 


SMART Transhumanism Tech is the way of "The Coming Race" - Sidereal Force, Mash-Mak - The Archons - This new race will be powered by an energy flowing through wires, a sidereal force long known about dangerous energies, by various ancient spiritual traditions.


Rex Mundi - Axis Mundi 


The idea of "Rex Mundi" also relates to the "Axis Mundi", which for these concerns is both the axis of precession, and the earth's magnetic axis. There is the same implication in that, that there may be in Tolkien's drawing of the Gate of Moria. There is no shortage whatsoever of archaic figures of Christ and many other persons who seem to be holding their staff at the exact angle which the true magnetic north polar axis deviates from the geographical polar axis, concerns which may have entered (C.S.) Lewis' first book in the "Chronicles of Naria" series in a whimsical and casual yet complex manner, the form of the appearance of Father Christmas.




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