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Happy New Year to you all!

Grumpy Owl

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It has certainly been a strange year has 2020, one can only hope that 2021 is an improvement! Even knowing what we all know, one still has to believe that things will change for the better, concentrate more on the positive aspects rather than the negative.


Remember: energy flows where attention goes!


Happy New Year to all forum members, from all the forum staff!

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Good luck to everyone, and a great.big Thankyou for all your contributions on this site. I really don't know where I would have been without you lot. 

I may not post too much on here, and I think it's more of a confidence issue as I'm useless at that sort of thing, but I appreciate everything each one of you post, at least we can say what we are feeling, and it doesn't matter if we get a bit heated in conversions, we are all human beings and can debate, and that's what I like about being on here. 

Anyway God bless too everyone, its going to be a tough year. Stay strong, stay in your truth and don't ever give in to those filthy lieing bastards, we can get through this, and rember their time is limited, and their going down,big time, just hope I'm around to see it.

Lots of love to all of you. 

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