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The Lineage of My People

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Environmental Destruction Comes From Environmentalists

When these people talk about the meaningless human destruction they speak of what they see in the mirror in the morning because they live in a soulless cultureless world, they have not been raised to love themselves to love their nations people or their past activities.  They do not extend the lineage of their ancestors, they live severed from life.

They have a philosophy of self-hatred ... and try to make meaning out of it, the more they hate the better, it is the only thing they have.

But the entire foundation of their life comes from being taught to loathe who they are.

If you do that then you have imprisoned yourself. 

You cannot take joy from life.  You cannot give joy to life.

Your only virtue is to hate yourself more until you end up chopping your genitals off and playing with the rainbow toys of your youth and hoping someone will save you.

What Nonsense !




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communism seeks to create a blank slate which they call a 'tabula rasa'


it means that they wish to disconnect you from everything.....from your past, from your ancestors, from the land, from the seasons, from your spiritual beliefs, from your dreams and from your culture because then you become a disorientated child that looks to the nanny-state to provide you with everything you need to exist (exist but not really live)


if the dictionary definition of slavery is to become the helpless victim of a dominating force then they most definately intend to make you a helpless slave

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