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The Lineage of My People

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Environmental Destruction Comes From Environmentalists

When these people talk about the meaningless human destruction they speak of what they see in the mirror in the morning because they live in a soulless cultureless world, they have not been raised to love themselves to love their nations people or their past activities.  They do not extend the lineage of their ancestors, they live severed from life.

They have a philosophy of self-hatred ... and try to make meaning out of it, the more they hate the better, it is the only thing they have.

But the entire foundation of their life comes from being taught to loathe who they are.

If you do that then you have imprisoned yourself. 

You cannot take joy from life.  You cannot give joy to life.

Your only virtue is to hate yourself more until you end up chopping your genitals off and playing with the rainbow toys of your youth and hoping someone will save you.

What Nonsense !




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communism seeks to create a blank slate which they call a 'tabula rasa'


it means that they wish to disconnect you from everything.....from your past, from your ancestors, from the land, from the seasons, from your spiritual beliefs, from your dreams and from your culture because then you become a disorientated child that looks to the nanny-state to provide you with everything you need to exist (exist but not really live)


if the dictionary definition of slavery is to become the helpless victim of a dominating force then they most definately intend to make you a helpless slave

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Guest Gone Fishing...
16 hours ago, EnigmaticWorld said:




I'm so burned out after years of seeing things be deleted.


I know you know this. 

But here's a reminder anyway. 



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I'm not a supremist, but just felt like sharing as an outlet due to the continued destruction of my culture.

Personally, I'm proud of NZ's modern society; being a unique peaceful co-existence of cultures. Not that I feel any akin to it at all as my spiritual ties are deeply connected to the British Isles, but I think the Maori language "Te Reo" is beautiful (it's been our official second language since the very early 90s and began to be taught when I was in primary school.) I would even advocate for "New Zealand" to be officially named "Aotearoa-New Zealand" the same as our highest peak in the Southern Alps is called Aorangi-Mt Cook, but I've they're at it again.


Hamilton or "The. Tron." is a shitty small city about an hour & half south of Auckland that I try and drive through as fast as possible without stopping, but this shits me..



Petition trying to dump Hamilton's colonial street names builds support

25 Mar, 2021 06:18 AM2 minutes to read

The petition seeks to change street names with a colonial history. Photo / Supplied The petition seeks to change street names with a colonial history

"remove all colonial names on street signs in Hamilton that do not reflect integrity".

Some want these signs to be pulled down immediately. 



Killed my people, blah blah... it's getting really old. I realise wounds are soul deep and past down through DNA which is especially relevant to Maori people because they still orally recount their genealogy or 'whakapapa' going back centuries, but if it wasn't the British, it would have been the French or Dutch, which potentially would have been far worse.  - And they were KILLING EACH OTHER over land and resources before white man even came here in modern times. In fact, they were so good at killing each other they became one of the fiercest tribal warrior cultures still alive today, so good that after decades of trying to conquer them outright with superior technology, the British ended up compromising with them and signed the Treaty of Waitangi to pacify the colonialization - where else did colonial powers do that instead of just using continued force.  BILLIONS of dollars in reparations still being paid for the injustices of the British Crowns deeds - from my future taxes - and they're still not happy. It's not New Zealanders of European descent who have funnelled all that money to the Elite cast leaving the rest of their people in poverty. 


lol we used to sing this in primary school in the 80s - its our second National anthem and make and swing the poi. You can see that our cultures were peacefully coexisting even then, it only in recent times that they've become totally infected with this insistence at wiping all the facets of European culture off the map...everywhere.


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On 3/21/2021 at 7:04 PM, Grumpy Owl said:


I do see this a lot on many videos shared here:



And I've often wondered who/what 'LDS' is. A church?


Sorry, I must have missed your comment before, Grumpy.


It's the first time I have seen that LDS notice to be honest. I'm guessing it's the Latter Day Saints or something?


On 3/22/2021 at 9:06 AM, Basket Case said:


I know you know this. 

But here's a reminder anyway. 




An underrated video on the importance of not going down the path of hatred. Watched this a few times recently, thanks for sharing.


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The History of Rome Podcast by Mike Duncan -  one of the best podcast series ever..





After THoR he's produced a series on Revolutions..


English Civil War

American Rev.

French Rev.



currently finishing up on the 10th and last Russian.







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