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On 1/5/2021 at 10:20 AM, Mr H said:


You want to start storing your cash in real money and real assets, not currency. I.e. Metals, property and land (although some would disagree with me on that but it will become cheap when people get evicted later this year) and if you have the knowledge arts, wines, rums etc....


Bitcoin hasn't really been tested as a store of value over time and it's too volatiile to be a store of value at the moment. E.G. It went down 10% in a short time frame yesterday. So you go to a store, you buy a loaf of bread, the shop keeper tell you it's one bitcoin (yeah I know!), then by the time he puts in the transaction the loaf of bread could be 10 bitcoins! It could be a store of value however in the future if it becomes less volatile. It's just getting a lot of airtime right now because it's on a giant bull run. And the only reason why BTC price goes up, is if those who bought in cheap advertise that it will go up to a million, then this fear of missing out catches on and everyone wants it and the price goes up. Then they sell, the price goes down, joe retail sells, the whales buy cheap again then start advertising bitcoin to a million and you get another bull run! This may change if major institutional investors start to seriously enter I guess. 

Yes, I did some research and you correct . My main focus will be precious metals.

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