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UK Revolution - 50,000 needed to march. Join the telegram group

Daniel East London

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Guest Gone Fishing...
10 hours ago, Arcanum said:



Just checked. 

It is now unavailable. 

I guess there'll be an update at some point. 


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Do street party protests actually ever effect real change or just temporarily embolden people to express themselves, aimlessly where their energy is most wasted and upon the deaf ears of the Police as if by doing so you're really fighting 'The Man'.


It took Liberals 80 years of infiltrating and educating in order to get to where they are able to change the world. If all it took was lots and lots of people to march around a city to effect change in the high places then the defence that 'Proper Channels' offer all levels of government would be undone by anyone who could bolster a crowd.


I'm all up for standing up and uniting but when its aimless and to no end but to feel expressed then energy is finite and where you aim it becomes very important. Deflecting the energy of large groups to where it be safely and harmlessly expressed and diffused is never more true with the new laws on how, where and when you may protest.


The moment a protest requires organisers to get permission to protest from the very powers they're protesting you no longer have a protest, you have been granted the liberty to moan and should you get out of line......



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