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Their new plan - launch a bio terror attack and force people to get vaccinated for it


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I think when covid is finished, Bill Gates may launch a few bio terror attacks and blame them on ISIS.


To prevent further biological terrorism, we must get vaccinated against it. 



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Sure they will but it still won't allow them to make it mandatory. The point of no return will be when they'll allow themselves that too, then clearly meaning that you'll get compelled by force of law to comply to the media propaganda like most European peoples are already through mask wear, and once one gets to legally force people to believe any propaganda and act accordingly then there's no more limit to what may be imposed on them : it's absolute power...


Most people went to the front by their own will in 1914 out of 'patriotism' and to 'defend' their nation but also because desertion was a crime. Same with people wearing masks today, and they prefer so much to obey and comply just to be left alone and allowed to carry on their life that they might be brought to death camps while still pretending it's 'no big deal' and hoping to be back home soon... There's no limit to what can be done to people who comply...

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