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Saving Information

Saving Information Or Not?  

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  1. 1. Are you actively saving information?

    • Yes I save all I can!
    • I save my own posts but nothing else!
    • Bits and pieces here and there!
    • It's in my computer bookmarks and thats enough!
    • I save nothing. It will always be there!
    • Other.

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I don't save idle chit chat, so no posts get saved.  But I do save PDF's and the like as they take little space.  Pictures and images are saved.  You tubes and bitchute Vids get downloaded and kept.


I also keep books.




I've edited to add;    I save Purley for personal future reference.  If I need it, like a post-it note, it's there for me without having to search.

If it has gone from the web like some YouTubes do then I have a copy.

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I'm a tit and didn't answer the question.
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I downloaded a snipping tool and now can just screenshot all of my posts. I have admittedly screenshot a few other person's posts that either I want to further research or I just think are deeply important topics and don't want any of it disappearing in the near future (I read on some posts that this site had some hacking attacks) I don't know if everyone is copying their posts so I have literal full threads snipped....I have way too much time on my hands and a stack of usb storage drives so this is my life now. 😅

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YES !!


We are starting to gather information on all subjects .


Knowledge is power !,  and if a group needs to walk away from society then they will have all necessary informatiin to start again.

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