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Bildaberg Agenda - The Importance of Space - Covid


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I am new to this forum as seems to be blocked on certain browsers these sites.

I want to share something with everybody.

Ever since the Virus came about at the beginning of the year.

Ive been looking at the Bildaberg Agenda.

If you look down the 2019 list.. " The Importance of Space"

From an Scientific point of view, you could say how great the Importance of Space is to humanity. 

But the subject which is not disclosed from BIldaberg only the subject line of what they were talking about.

Think about it from an economical point of view. Cause an economic crash, restriction of trade, the lockdowns during Transition. Every where we go in our lives, gyms bars, shops.

The importance of space.. Then it clicked.. The true meaning is not little green men on Mars... Hands Face Space, Keep your Distance, stay 2 meters apart...

The Importance of space, no crowds in football matches etc, I then look at the other agenda, China, Wuhan... A stable strategic order, maybe this is the order of these events of 2020. Weaponisation of Social media, the Trump Twitter stuff about Bleach...

But most of all The importance of Space. Hands face Space.....

I wonder if David can bring this up on his website... Or has anyone else figured this as part of the Planned Covid virus.







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