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Cheating at chess


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I'm two "long thick bits of string for controlling a boats sail" just loosed from me hand and dancing about as the wind will take them but it seems to me that ...


If its agreed that the "game" you thought wasn't a game but yer life is like a chessboard with extra rows and columns they didnt declare while telling you to play within rules they werent playing in, then you are really just down one move, realising that a con man has cheated you on the first move...


so theres no democracy ... that was just a lie ... check ... queens knight 2 to bishop 6 ... theres no spiritual reality ... the pawns are swans .. just live stock the knights havent captured yet. An 8x8x8 by grid that could become a shadowbeings world in an instant if you want to play for a 10x10 grid game but life isnt a game and your destroying peoples lives. Welcome to the dole! Communism because liberty was an issue to you, it remains an issue to the enemy at large. The (ahem) anarchists who wish to rule.

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