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Modern Christmas Movies


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When I was a kid they used to horde all the blockbuster movies in a cupboard then screen them on the telly at Christmas.


Superman, Star Wars, Raiders of the Lost Ark, etc


What with 200 channels of effluent flooding peoples living rooms 365 days a year, is there still a christmas movie thing?

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I would say no!


The concept of sitting down to a movie at Christmas or Easter (in the UK at least) was it's what my parents did.  I would run in to watch the Xmas movie, much advertised during November onwards on tv, and watch as a family.  Then I'd watch some stage entertainment like Bruce Forsythe and just sit there playing with my stash if it were Xmas or go outside and play in the sun if Easter.


Families don't do that much anymore I've discovered.  It's not just me but most if not all those I know.  There is not a history for my kids at least for family entertainment on TV.  Yes I might force the kids to sit through Chitty chitty bang bang but they won't enjoy it like I would because they can go and do something else.  So much variety.


I think it's all about advertising.  When I was a boy it was newspapers and telly.  The paper told you what to expect and the telly provided.  It was for all ages.  Now the advertising is geared towards one or two particular demographic.  


Look at this year's complete lack of advertising for movies.  This year proves that we don't want or miss the movies.  Oh when it comes back next year it will be like they were never away, but I'm not going back personally.


Demographical advertising is why I think that there is now no Christmas movie!

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xmas movies were a big thing until everyone got a vhs, and later dvd and blue ray machine.  Then christmas specials like only fools and horses sort of replaced the star wars movie as the big thing to look forward to on telly.

Last year I was at a house with a load of people and we all watched gavin and stacey xmas special together.

But this year I don't think there was anything that would get the massive 20m veiwing figures of 1986's eastenders dirty dens divorce.

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