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Bill Nye the Social Engineering Guy Saves our Woke World - The Sexual Spectrum/Sex Junk

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I had the horrid misfortune of this masterpiece coming back into my memory for some reason, so I thought I'd share the nightmare. The ice cream flavored sexuality isn't as bad as the SEX JUNK hit, but the new "science" on gender spectrums, which he openly states needs to be taught to children, is dangerous. I'd forgotten how much it hurt my eyes and ears the first time I saw it.



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FFS what on earth did I just watch - this stuff creeps me out. "My vagina has it's own voice" - yeah right, what's it saying love? "Please clean me cos people are screwing up their faces when they come near me" HA!

Seriously this transgender bullshit and corrupting the minds of the young and innocent has to stop - these are by far the strangest bunch out of all the NWO nut jobs.


If you can convince a man that he is in fact not a man but a woman - you can convince him of absolutely anything!


Peace, thanks for sharing as distasteful as this crap is: it's important to know what we are dealing with out there.

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