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Sidney in the Bay Area, SF


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I've been trying to get your personal email address so that I can send you a large attached file of my journal/book. In my opinion, it's full of spot-on research and my personal insight as a Source Player, so you might be interested in it. You've been a great source of inspiration to me for more than 6 years, since I "woke up". I'd love to get your opinion of anything in my journal/book. If you don't mind, send your address to my email.    - Sidney

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2 minutes ago, SidneySourcePlayer said:


.....  If you don't mind, send your address to my email.    - Sidney


LOL ...in your dreams .... David shows no interest in the work of others ... Many quality high profile researchers like Pane Andov , Karl Mollison have reached out to David , believing their findings will further his perspective , all with no response ...

David is not even up to speed on the SSP even though there are dozens of whistleblowers .


So David is stuck and  has not moved forward from where he was in 2000...


Still we love him and owe him a great debt.  

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21 minutes ago, ThunderFace said:



The amount of researchers David has cited over the years throught his books & talks...


Do you ever know what youre talking about?



You're right ... but have selectively quoted me ...I said since 2000 he appears stuck ...


So up to and including  his main work (Biggest Secret) he develops his world view with the help of many other researchers , but since then it's not moved .


It is that there is a wealthy cabal elite who conspire together to more and more tightly enslave humanity .... That's David Icke , and Alex Jones in a nut shell ... David also touched on the reptilians although rarely mentions them now . He says the conspiracy originates outside the planet , but usually implies this is other dimensional ,he  is not clear and seems to imply , by rarely mentioning it  , that it is not important  ...


So from this main premise (Highlighted above ) ..it naturally follows that events like 9/11 and covid  are created by the cabal to further the plan to enslave/exterminate humanity ... And this is what Jones and Icke spend most of their time on , obsessing over the details of these events , trying to convince the public .


That's all very well but it does not refine and perfect the whole picture , they only deal with the surface.   Only a whole picture will deliver the solution! 


So I'm saying by going off reservation into those lines of enquiry I mention in my first post does a full picture emerge .....Which is....


In this free will Universe experiment the possibility to turn away from Creator arises . And this was the path chosen by the "Fallen Angels"  Billions of years ago , they went spiraling down into depravity . Being non physical 'spiritual' beings their energy for life  came directly from Creator , when they moved away from him they had to find another source , and this they did by leaching off the many physical life forms on many planets ..this energy flow is increased by conflict and strife , the Angels can psychically influence physical life , over billions of years they infested and corrupted many advanced civilizations who now roam the galaxy ... The Annunaki   found Earth and humanity and decided to torment us ...They allowed the Reptilians and Arcturians (physical ET's) to join the fun , and the rest is history , the control has been going on for thousands of years from behind the scenes and Alex Jones and most truthers think it's just the human cabal , who actually only follow orders from the ET's ....


So that's the whole picture , and from it comes our only way out ...We cannot defeated advanced ET's millions of years ahead of us , , they have mind control and options we cannot imagine ...


Only by Calling on Creator to heal and remove this scourge from humanities back can we win ... We have to re find a belief in God and Pray for help!  





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