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When they pull the internet


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According to the Rock -e- feller script, Lock Step document 2010 (deleted PDF link below), it is the next step after the 'pandemic'.

It is inevitable that they will do this at some point soon.


What are you doing to prepare for it?

Some of you have like a year supply of food & booze. I'd say, have some cash because cashpoint won't work, then you can't fill your car up etc.... may be get some extra prescription because you don't want the pull to happen when you need to order your medz. We will be in total darkness....possibly no electricity which means no Zoom, no iphone to keep each other updated, Royal Mail won't be working either and lastly no deliverloo or JustEat. nada Zero. tbh, I don't know how they'd pull the internet globally. Blackout is one way, another is to disable DNS so that we have electricity at least. Even the elites need to communicate with each other which requires electricity.


Anyway, there are far too many people out there who think these kind of topic is bat shit crazy. 🤪 While clued up people know that it has already began.

"The SolarWinds cyber attack. It has penetrated all 4 branches of the US military and the White House"


Is this a fearmongering? Knowing the track record/history and recognise that they first tell you and proceed....so it's not something 'I' created. It's out there already.

I think we need to be like people of Southern America or Phillipines where they know disastrous flooding will occurr at some point but they don't live in fear. If they did, they wouldn't be living there.


We are surrounded by the web but there is ALWAYS a weakest link(s). Just as they can target the internet web, there is/are weak link(s) in the cable.



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I wouldn't call it fear mongering brother - more like predictive programming.


This internet going down thing has me so curious - people seem to think that crypto is anonymous when it is in fact the opposite - I have a gut instinct that the crypto market will crash completely and but blockchain will be the technology that the new banking system is built on, owned by the banks for sure. 


My gut also tells me that the technology Kim Dotcom was working on years ago to build a second internet which runs off everyone's devices will be used to build the next internet - it's just a feeling. 


As for what we are doing to prepare I must confess I haven't been doing anywhere near as much as I need to - but I'm telling you this now: I'm turning repentant unto God and I'm putting my faith and trust in Him. The stories of the prophets and righteous who were saved by the grace of God when evil nations were destroyed inspires me for this.


Peace be upon you.

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I think connecting to the internet  when the 99.9% are on the reservation generally wont be possible. When private property is banned the internet wont be available for rent  so people will need to avoid the A.I sentries posted around the perimeter and escape to find a wifi hot spot connection somwhere to join too. Think resistance ,WW2 and that the reservation is in nazi germany with spies posted outside and in and a computer has been dropped by paracute into a field for a rebel IT user to look outside to see whats going on in the free zone and you get the picture.

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Won't make it with the same internal values most of us share. Have to start giving without the expectation of receiving back. Take what you need and give the rest. Once people start placing faith in each other instead of something external to symbolise value, they become powerful. Until then we're all under the influence of values that exist outside ourselves. Some people will just take but the only currency left to exchange is to give from within. Basically realise there is no value outside ourselves except whatever we project onto the world or agree to give power or meaning to.

Money never made itself or had much use beside going on a bonfire, making paper planes or playing a game of heads or tails. The source and faith of it's value came from within. Some say seeing is believing, I say believe first to see.

Take care of each others basic needs, take care of the sick, strengthen the weak and the rest will take care of itself. Don't build anything so big that it becomes desirable unless everyone is capable of handling their desires. Once that ego decides it wants it for itself, it only takes one to sway a part of the group and convince them it's worth taking for themselves. But the group that takes then has to deal with policing their own amorality and so they can't even trust each other any more. Happens with or without money.

People can prep and stock all they want, if they don't have faith in each other everything runs out eventually and those that want will come to take. People get desperate when they don't work together.....at it's worst, cannibalism. At it's best co-operation. You may have guns or weapons to defend yourself and your family but once you kill someone who is also desperate that changes you inside. It feels like the right thing to do at the time but presuming you aren't a psychopath it'll damage your heart and your mind. You've chosen to make monsters out of each other on both sides.

Just stick to the golden rule in every situation and every disagreement, treat others as you would have them treat you and no matter if you're strong or weak you'll be strengthened and taken care through the bond of each other.

Literally just serve yourselves as if you are kings and queens and that's what you will be to each other.

Think about. We go up to a random dog or cat and get comfort from stroking it, we even let it lick us after they lick their ass and everything but we're repulsed by the thought of embracing a stranger who has the capacity to co-operate, offer loyalty, love, care, provide, defend, secure, play, laugh, cry....everything a human needs. Why do we treat animals this way? because they don't really act with ulterior motives.

If you give yourself freely, without strings everybodys motive is each other.

We have it in us, we just seriously undervalue each other because some people want to play the king but pay somebody else to pat the servant lol
pretty sad really.

If we step back we're responsible for each other anyway just indirectly through using money so we don't have much of a relationship with each other.

I know it sounds unrealistic, maybe naive but if someone told you once upon a time a group of people decided to place value in some shiny stones called gold and they exchanged them in the faith that it's value could be shared all the way around the world, who would have believed it?

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