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Covid Zombie Apocalypse ... Ben Emlyn Jones


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20 minutes ago, Athenry04 said:

I feel something be in the air with all this, or of course more distraction. But people coming round your gaff to do you harm is easily believable in the current climate.

It’s seems to unbelievable for me too to have zombies walking about. Metaphorically most people walking around, masked up and glued to their phones are in a similar state of consciousness. One thing maybe worth noting is that during the Russian famine of around 1921, people resorted to cannibalism. Not the same thing as a zombie, but still willing to kill and eat humans. This is from pure famine alone, not even with all the mind control we are subject to today. A food shortage of this level would maybe be too much to handle for the elite, people would finally get off their arses and do something  

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A recent scientific article raised the possiblity of the protiens coded for in the mRNA vaccines causing prion disease.


Link to document


For those that don't know prions, a type of infectious protien can cause neurodegenerative diseases like scrapie and mad cow diseases in animals as well as CJD in humans. Chronic Wasting Disease in deer has been nicknamed the 'zombie deer virus'.


Prions are often used as a "scientific" explaination for zombies in fiction (e.g. Patient Zero). As higher brain functions are destroyed animalistic tendencies take over and, while they might not be traditional 'undead' zombies, their behaviour is very "zombie-like".


So putting this together. If the vaccines lead to an epidemic of neurodegenerative prion disease we will possibly have a epidemic of zombie like symptoms on our hands, one that can be spread and for which there is no cure. Prions are also notoriously difficult to destroy unlike bacteria/viruses. Those suffering from this affliction will be dangerous and will have already been dehuminised by decades of zombies as dangerous adversaries in fiction and movies. This makes their plight less sympathetic and their elimination more acceptable than if they were to be seen as seen as simply patients with a disease.

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... it works like this , ... they install  psychopats ( just like their puppet SS Hitler or ISIS AL Baghdadi or  just like latest banksters oligarchy climate puppet psychopat Greta Thunberg ) they design psychopats and install them  into leading political positions and they design viruses and install them  into societies  and  they design conflicts between people so people start to fight between each other instead of fighting against savilian padeophilian crown  aroman empire and criminal moneyprinters .

And they did it again and again , it already started ,  they again  finance  nazis and terrorists and now they imported those terrorists as immigration to attack and rape european children , 

same way they also installed Corona Virus   so   people and all neighbours are now attacking each other on a streets because of idiotic masks , conflicts between people and mass discrimination have already started . 

Imperial oligarchy doctrine is to divide people and then to  control and enslave them , criminal  imperial oligarchy is taking global control by corona dictate.

 And now  instead of people fighting against united slaveowners paedophilian empire , people are divided and fighting between each other because of  moronic masks and predesigned banksters project named Corona Virus  .




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