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Pixar movie Soul (2020)

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Just watched this movie, and was blown away.


It showed many "metaphysical concepts" including the tunnel of light, and how you "escape it", encountering lost souls etc. 

It's truly amazing how they did this, and it has some really nice messages about living life.


Go have a watch! I love it.

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I watched this movie a few days ago. Here are my somewhat rambling thoughts on it (and others may of course disagree with my interpretation). 

It is pure Hollywood programming stuff. Hollywood is the illusion production factory of this realm. This is Devil’s advertising machinery, his pitch to pull us back in. And it is not even subtle anymore. But they have hidden some truth in the propaganda- I guess they need to do that as a law of nature or something..

We have cute baby faces (souls) laughing and giggling as they fall to earth. Trying to tell us that it is so much fun to be born on earth again. And what draws one of the characters to earth is the taste of pizza and the sound of music. It is all a spell. The story of the Pied Piper was not a fairy tale. It is happening all around us.  

All the sensory enjoyments make this prison liveable, so instead of trying to break the walls of the prison, we just spend time decorating our prisons and hanging picture frames of memories on its walls. And if we grow bored or lonely, we can always invite someone to join us in our cell, or even bring to life another being,  to justify to ourselves, why we are still hanging around in the prison. 

We have beautiful music playing and pizza slices with wafting appetising smells, autumn leaves rustling and a cool gentle breeze—how about the camera panning out and showing the rest of the city and the rest of the world where human existence is barely surviving at abysmally degraded levels, while this system keeps pushing them to  work, work, and work and degrade themselves for earning money and to feed themselves, because there is something to be had at the end of the race? 

The only true depiction of reality in the movie was the subway scene with the dead faces of all the people, being transported from one block to the other block of this open air prison. Because, and for a reason I don’t fully understand and therefore can’t explain convincingly, they need our consent to be in this realm, they can’t just throw us in, but they are allowed to trick us and lure us etc..Otherwise, why would they need to go to all the trouble to program us or convince us? Why not just use brute force?

We are the rat on the street with the pizza slice between its teeth- reduced to a sub human existence of struggling for food, shelter, self respect, dignity, always asking for these things like beggars while the Divine in us sleeps untapped and unnoticed and unacknowledged.  

The reason addictive chemicals are added to our food and drinks is to keep us in a state of unsated hunger perpetually, and our ‘cells’ retain the memory of the food, so that link is maintained to the devil’s realm. So we can never be in the NOW. 

Ideally it should be something like the following—eg. when a wild animal eats, it is sated and forgets about food and is in the NOW, but as humans we are never sated, the food we eat is dead, a hunger for something keeps gnawing at us, we seek it in food, s*x, company, entertainment even good stuff like classical music, or these days in spiritual practices, yoga etc. We move from session of consumption to the next but never ever reach complete satiety. 


Dead food barely keeps us sated until the next meal, the p**n industry and cinema and netfx movies keep feeding into unsated feelings of love that have been mistranslated into the physical, a deep disconnect that keeps seeking social validation through social media, fake socialising, drinking ourselves mindless in pubs, music that numbs us, etc. 

The movie seems to be a programming attempt to invite us to return to earth. But one may ask, why are these things being produced? As DI says somewhere--the AI we talk about, is actually already there, not least because past, present and future are all already there, and AI is already working through this cabal and therefore it is amping up its propaganda machinery so nobody escapes this realm or to look from a positive perspective offering us an opportunity to awaken. I have read people’s comments on a YT channel, where they actually say that finding moksha or enlightenment actually does not appeal to them and they just want to enjoy life, drink, travel and post photos on fb, etc. 

The movie was trying to depict that lost souls are the ones who have lost their purpose on earth, LOL!! The only purpose of us in this prison is to keep the machinery of this prison realm active, as they showed in that very old 1927 German movie Metropolis. The symbolism of lost souls is those who have lost their divine connection, in whatever name they may visualise the divine, so they are forever hungry and need to find ways to pacify the hunger of their sensory perceptions and among such hungry beings are also those who are trapped in dimensions we cannot see, who are even feeding on the energy of emotional trauma, anger, pain etc.

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Enjoy the world !!!  Sing and dance and party with everyone else.


In previous eras it was exactly such people who were understood to be doomed.  They were lost in the world and would never awaken.

The first instruction from any spiritual teacher is to separate yourself from the world and it's noise.


We live in extremely evil times.

All spiritual paths are being destroyed.

Children are being trained to do everything to prevent a soul being born inside them.


This society is so ungrounded and phoney it is likely it will be gone soon.


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