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The number of people infected by covid-19 in the first two months from January 1st 2020 at a conservative R-rate of 2.


How many column inches of rainforests have been dedicated by the media this year to utter claptrap?


The mainstream media is a false religion for the mentally impaired!

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I'd say the number of people infected is zero. There has been no evidence produced that shows Covid-19 to exist. I do agree with the term "utter claptrap" though. Just as the NHS has re-designated other deaths as covid-19 (using a PCR test not testing for a virus), I have decided to re-designate the term R-rate. The R in R-rate now stands for retarded, as in anyone who believes any part of this scam goes on the R-rate figures as being completly retarded. The figues for the UK R(etard)-rate are currently in the millions (mostly BBC news watchers).

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The narrative says '2' and it also says '+2' (do the math yourself) then it say '=5'.


Those who don't see the glaring truth not only lack a bullshit detector but ognore the truth when its proven from the facts in the narrative. The narrative doesn't agree with the narrative and they all think we behave as they do going wehey to men on youtube like they go wehey to men on tv. We just dont go wehey at all. We think for ourselves and share our thoughts in an increasingly censored world held together with lie upon lie upon lie.


We need to give the lunatics in power an eviction order and safe passage to an uninhabited land where they can start from scrarch getting the help of more intelligent less corrupt people as the charitinle see fit. Their remaining in power in europe isnt just leading to genocide its already going on.

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