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CV1984 You need more proof?


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Mainstream media article:






What was the R rate in March?

At the beginning of March, when COVID-19 became a global pandemic, the R rate was at its highest.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) estimated it fell between 2 and 2.5.

The rate was nearly double that of the seasonal flu, which has an average value of 1.3.



Only in mid-march were any measures used to reduce the R rate which was 'at least' doubling the number of infected people every day.


Lets ignore the "covid-19 medical equipment" traded on the world bank in 2018 and say "that's a nutty a conspiracy theory" because the world bank doctored its own records while it was going viral and there is only the word of "nutty conspiracy theorists" to go by since only archived copies of the original exist.


Lets say a rather non-controversial start date of 17 November 2019 from the mainstream media here:



Mid november to mid march. Like mainstream media consumers, I can't be bothered counting but thats roughly 90 days. It wasn't a big story until mid-march just after the stock market went into free fall after a failed attempt to prevent a freefall. Around then they were saying it was in December it arrived in the UK. Lets say the 1st of January. Lets say we suddenly locked down at the start of march and only 60 days passed before measures were taken.


The R-rate was at least 2. If only one person had it on January 1st when it was at least doubling each day ... how many people were infected in 60 days...


2^60 ... you do the maths on your 32 bit calculators. Its off the scale before the measures were even put in place:


Shame unto those who think badly!

Honi soit qui mal y pense!


Now stick your statistics up youre arse covidiots!



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Ignoring the proof proves nothing.


You live in a surveillance state built by lunatics who declared ignorance of the proof while cooking the pudding but we know who's to blame though...


The 'nutty conspiracy theorists'.

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