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BBC article on "how to talk to" conspiracy theorists


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Not sure if this article has been covered in another thread, but this article by the BBC instructs the normal people how to deal with 'conspiracy theorists'.


As it turns out, they promote the 'speak to the person in the manner of a patient but wearied psychologist' approach


Number three was particularly hilarious; 'encourage critical thinking'. 😆😆😆





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When the BBC is more important to a member of a family than the thoughts, views and experiences of another family member it is as if their talking furniture is more important than family. These collectivisms like family, democracy, team, society, tribe, etc. There's no use in being part of something as a zombie. You lose your very self. These collectivisms as a uniting mutual protector thing is right but as a mutually destructive thing they are wrong.


People who believe the bbc, have no concept of democracy or right and wrong that cant be overturned in an instant by the psychological techniques now telling them how to engage in dialogue with their own family members suckered into a system of empty promises and lies providing they engage in the abuse and marginalisation of those who refuse to listen to the terrorist regime which remains seated above the will of the people while pointing the finger at the lords as being unelected. The lords have traditionally enslaved mens bodies with complex bribes and blackmails but the media enslaves peoples minds and thats why divorce rates are high, abortions are through the roof, mental 'confusion' is everywhere while the confused obey the bbc, stick tgeir fingers in their ears and scream "Im not listening" (to a friend? to a family member?) and can only see that person through a very warped lense placed in front of their eyes by a morally bankrupt media class determinned to destroy anything that calls it out for its rape and pillage of the nations it occupies. The media need to be "wiped off the face of the earth", its adherents need to be councelled or criminalised for supporting and engaging in crimes against humanity the same as any other genocidal expansionist war monger destroying families and blaming their massive abuse and collective slander cult on the very people they initiate their war against.


Good will to all men, but corporations? Go fuck you!



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It's worth quoting as much it's gross, twisted and insidious because these people don't know vice from intelligence…


You're dreading the moment.


As your uncle passes the roast potatoes, he casually mentions that a coronavirus vaccine will be used to inject microchips into our bodies to track us.

Or maybe it's that point when a friend, after a couple of pints, starts talking about how Covid-19 "doesn't exist".[…]


Catherine from the Isle of Wight understands that better than most. The 38-year-old used to be a big believer in conspiracies about vaccines being used to deliberately harm people. She's since rejected such claims.


Although the other way round does, this never happens… By fear of a second one you don't fall back asleep upon having waken-up from a bad nightmare…


Remember that people often believe conspiracy theories because deep down, they're worried or anxious. Try to understand those feelings - particularly in a year like the one we've just had.


Yes because there's actually nothing to worry about… an invincible 'virus' threatening the mankind with death, people being locked down and forced to wear masks outdoor, jobs and businesses getting lost and not the slightest hope of seeing it all ever stop… turn your brain off and be 'happy'…


"Many people who believe in conspiracy theories see themselves as healthy sceptics and self-taught researchers into complex issues," he says. "Present this as something that, in principle, you value and share.


"Your aim is not to make them less curious or sceptical, but to change what they are curious about, or sceptical of."


Now you got the laughable picture of a pledged conformist who's wrong and probably knows it but is doing a dirty 'job', or even a complete idiot who firmly and blindly swallows everything he gets spoon-fed by the media, and who's explaining you how to let people think that you agree with them while you're actually being thinking about how to have them change their mind… and as suggested you end-up telling them let's change the subject...


"Focus on those who are pushing these ideas, and what they might be getting," says Claire Wardle. "For instance, financial gain by selling health supplements, or reputational gain in building a following."


Yes because everyone must earn a living isn't it Mr 'psychologist at the Open University' ?


"By asking questions and getting people to realize the flaws, you ultimately get people to doubt their own confidence and open them up to hearing alternative views," says former conspiracy believer Phil.


One good example of how vicious and perverted these people are, first because that improbable 'Phil' wasn't given a last name, and then because it's something he'd have said BEFORE to become a 'former conspiracy believer'… it's a nearly 'scientific' attempt to make you lose your landmarks…


"Be realistic about what you can achieve," psychologist Jovan Byford warns. "Conspiracy theories instill in believers a sense of superiority. It's an important generator of self-esteem - which will make them resistant to change."


Not the least connection between self-esteem and resistance to change but here's a translation in logical thinking : the professional liars and propagandists most media people are have snobbism and despise for the mass in their 'DNA', and the authors of these lies and propaganda work at diverting or preventing the natural course of things because they're what's called 'reactionaries' aiming to keep their privileges forever…


For fact-checker Claire Wardle, it's not just about bruised egos. This year has been scary - and for many, conspiracy theories have been a source of comfort.


So they're now saying conspiracy theories are 'comforting'... I thought they were unsettling and harmful on the contrary ?


"Conspiracy theories tend to be simple, powerful stories that explain the world. Reality is complex and messy, which is harder for our brains to process."


I let you folks react to this one because really….


And the article ends with : Subscribe to the BBC Trending podcast or follow us on Twitter @BBCtrending or Facebook...

where to meet more conspiracy theorists... 


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I saw this article I read one line and wanted to vomit in disgust. Whats worse is the fact many people actually believe this drivel. Its a shocking time to be alive. I am a Black Man but despite that would rather go through 1960's Britain than current day Britain. Its blood boiling how stupid people are.

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Muhammad Saeed al-Sahhaf

(Also known as "Comical Ali")


Was the Iraqi minister for propaganda up until the day Saddam Hussein's Baath Party lost their lead at the polls to a batallion of coalition tanks parked round the corner from the Iraqi Mainstream Media headquarters that Saeed not only failed to mention but deliberately lied about to the Iraqi audience. His denial of reality became comical and on a par with the British ministry of propaganda make believing the war was legal even after the secretary general of the security council declared "It is the view of this council and that of the UN Charter that the invasion is illegal."


All of NATO was sent into a quagmire in the middle east which exists to this day due to misinformation being produced by the European Union which used the second gulf war to consolidated the grip over the sovereignties of Europe it had achieved while Russia was in turmoil due to the collapse of the USSR. The British Member state played an enormous role in pushing for the war, with the famous "Dodgy Dossier" being key evidence that Eurofascists controlling the UK and it's media needed that war more than NATO.


Archive footage of racism, lies and psychological war by the British media against both Islam and advocates for democracy smarting at the loss of their own sovereignty can be found across the internet recalling the final days of mainstream media as a platform which could not be questioned. We are perhaps at the very climax of the mainstream medias last days as they not only engage in overt propaganda but now fund censorship and promote websites which deliberately disfavour those relating the news that "the news" is no longer the news anymore but a big greedy webring with a big pile of cash which makes the carding and hacker communities look tame.


The BBC and its counterparts across the world are into slavery, mass murder, war mongering, eugenics and the kinds of international crimes against humanity that would make Hitler proud. It's no accident that when you look on websites like google, facebook, twitter, yahoo and all those sites the media promote that Alex Jones is a Female Welsh TV celebrity on a new profiless internet connection. "Net Netrality" pushed for by the MSM causes MSM results to always top the search engine lists causing an assured situation of propaganda saturation tommorow and a predictable war against knowledge itself by the loser generation of genocidal maniacs who hate that the fuhrer media is rejected as the last waves of truth tide in across a flat earth which will remember the towers of power that were the msm in infamy.


As for democracy, lets see what happens when there's no more fear of speaking or thinking.


Until then, may the spirit guide your paths to the sacred places and may the comical ali's be brought to shame.


Having gained control over central banks and parliaments

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PSSSHHHH the bloomin cheek of them.


We've seen Panodrama - they've been exposed time and time again for being lying corrupted elite puppets and they are giving advice on how to deal with people. I think they've spent too much time in adoration of that little boy statue they've got moulded to their building the bloomin weirdo's.


Anyone who hasn't seen Panodrama - check out Tommy Robinson's page over at Banned.video - in particular his speech at parliament of free speech and the Panodrama expose. The media literally lie repeatedly about this chap but he has both sides to the story and all the evidence to back up his claims. 


The media in this day and age is a complete joke - the alternative media are the only one's holding it down out ere. 


Peace be upon you. 


Edit - thanks Steph for the post above.

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This kind of false news masquerading as "Just delivering the Truth", has been going on forever, but has indeed increased it's output immensely in the past couple of years and most definitely this last Scamdemic Year. I say this, because in some form or other, it's allways been there throughout the ages, trying to change public opinion as if we are all braindead morons, or too asleep due to their constant attempts at poisoning our body's & minds along with their collaborators in Medicine and Food Production.


Yet, the same has, and still is, just as applicable as always... you can chose to switch off the TV Channel, Radio Station, Internet Page/Site,or whatever else you find is pumping out these damaging messages and opinions they want to turn into public perception. I personally find it just another insult to our intelligence to be thought of as so easily swayed and as a consequence, this will end up showing them just how little the majority trust them or accept their false/slanted news reporting.


They only have reach and power if we give it to them.


I used to consider writing a letter was another alternative way to express your discontent, demand retribution, get shows cancelled, etc and apply some back pressure on these culprits, but that was decades ago now and ended it's usefulness when they shifted their game to showing how little they really cared about our own opinions, yet we are supposed to take theirs onboard as if they were our own.


I certainly understand the need for information, especially at a time like this when staying informed is of utmost importance to us and our families and luckily enough for us there are still some credible places of information out there. It's no longer as simple as just removing the bad one's from our view though i find, as the almost complete takeover and deceit inherent in media these days has made most of us question the validity of any news outlets, making us wary of all, including alternative media [something i'm sure they wished for in their plans and defiance of the viewer]


If we don't protect ourselves by boycotting MSM and ultimately showing our distrust and unsupportiveness towards thEM, then we are just allowing ourselves to be triggered, confused, upset, angry and they sure as hell want that too. Opportunists always take whatever they can get, so why not give them nothing!

In this day and age, it is hard to find any one place to get your factual news from, wherever you are in the World, im sure, trust is a hard thing to regain once lost.


Too many opinions and not enough truth, one of the many reasons i consciously decided to diconnect from TV altogether a little over 18 months ago and you know what, the worry and strain i used to feel, along with the anguish all the terrible things going on in the World that used to get beamed right into my brain lessened to a large degree after the switch off.


I'm far from suggesting my way is the only way, but i think it's way past time we find better, safer, truthful news sources, or even just give up on the media business altogether and go out and speak to real people instead, something that has sadly been on the decline for such a long time now. Connections to real people, debate, alternative viewpoints and much much more can and usually are much more rewarding for us than staring at a screen waiting for MSM to come smack us into oblivion with their doomsday spin.


As for anyone still attempting to use that outdated disproven term "Conspiracy Theorist", it's their own fears and lack of intelligence and independent research that has left them so far behind they still think this is a real thing, anyone left now who doesn't know that it was a term coined and used by the CIA to attempt to publicly dicredit any and all claims of wrongdoing and cover up's is beyond reason and help at this late stage and unfortunately that means loved one's too, as i found out very early on to my dismay.

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People tend to forget about facts behind govern ment ( Control mind)  - so long as they can go on vacations, watch movies and spend money they dont seem to care about the control. Its almost expected. These articles are actually very sinister in that they are singling out relatives and friends to be ridiculed, frowned upon and generally viewed as imbeciles. The reverse psychology ploy at work. This is mind control and using the people to scan and judge someone based on an opinion. There is an email to email the so called writer of the article - Im guessing they want people like us to write so they can add us to their list of 'imbeciles'. Sometimes i feel like shaking some sense into people but in truth it wouldnt work...many are so far indoctrinated, they would convulse at the sight or mention of anything that wasn't from the TV.

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Sad but true, fear, doubt, lack of knowledge and ignorance does that to so many. I feel for those unable to free themselves or even see what is truly happening here and has done for so long. Come on, David Icke has been telling us, showing evidence of and painting the picture of all this having started and never ceasing over the last 2000 years and if that stretches the imagination a little too much, lets not forget the sacrifices and warnings of very rare and wonderful people like JFK


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16 hours ago, CharlieBoy78 said:

Sad but true, fear, doubt, lack of knowledge and ignorance does that to so many. I feel for those unable to free themselves or even see what is truly happening here and has done for so long. Come on, David Icke has been telling us, showing evidence of and painting the picture of all this having started and never ceasing over the last 2000 years and if that stretches the imagination a little too much, lets not forget the sacrifices and warnings of very rare and wonderful people like JFK



What a brilliant man - I must say I have learned so much truth over the years by looking at the information and warnings put forth by people who were assassinated.


Good people don't kill people unless defending their own lives or the lives of their families. 


When people are killed for exposing something or for teaching something you can bet your bottom dollar that the information they sacrificed their lives to get out is of immense value.


In recent years for me this means two US Presidents, Rashad Khalifa, Gadaffi (for wanting to bring in gold currency and end the power of the petro-dollar) and several other truthers. 


Like I said: good people don't assassinate people - if they did this elite cabal simply would not exist. 



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On 12/28/2020 at 4:17 AM, Beaujangles said:

Sometimes i feel like shaking some sense into people but in truth it wouldnt work...many are so far indoctrinated, they would convulse at the sight or mention of anything that wasn't from the TV.


in my indispensable writing on People's Temple and the Joestown 'events' I more than suggested that in the aftermath of the mass execution (by 'unidentified' assaillants) the bodies had been left to rot in the sun before to be photographed so that to make the public have a 'gut' reaction instead of feeling for these people, meaning that you were then supposed to find it all disgusting and turn your eyes away rather than revolting and seeking to know what had really happened... the media wanted the public to be shocked rather than moved, and I later noticed this view had been taken over by a chronicler on the website dedicated to PT's history...


sorry to say that but people were brought to such a mindstate and general attitude in the last two decades that you might no longer even care about their blindness and compliance at their own expense including when seeing them rushing in mass to get the shot maybe hoping they'll be left alone then... either way and whether or not they keep firmly believing in ghosts and magic in 2020 you tend to no longer feel for such people... which was the point and you may bet neither them or yourself will ever be 'left alone' again anyway...



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