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I suggest a push to get David and co to  put Charlie Chaplins THE GREAT DICTATOR SPEECH on their feed. If you have not heard it go and youtube it now (4mins), then come back and put up a post in support, message David and share the video with those you know. So apt for this moment in history. REVOLUTION people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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For an alternative view of Charlie Chaplin, quite possibly a paedophile and open to

blackmail, I suggest members have a look at this thread. Best mates with Churchill and the

Rothschild, Sir Philip Sassoon.

"Charlie Chaplin Was a Sadistic Tyrant Who Fucked Teenage Girls"

"Although the British actor and director was beloved for his slapstick comedy, Charlie Chaplin was a selfish, raging megalomaniac
who treated his children and teenage wives with relentless cruelty."

"Perverted, degenerate and indecent acts’: Charlie Chaplin and the original A-list divorce scandal"





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On 12/23/2020 at 11:48 AM, Tirtha said:

Thats the 1 buddy, if we could get that on the main page I think it would inspire and help alot of people feeling lost and/or frustrated right now!

Thanks for putting it up. 


You're welcome. 

Regardless of speculation about the actor, the message in the speech remains what it is.. 


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This was just made for me, to feed into white peoples beliefs, there could one day be a perfect world.


I think they did such things, to con white people to drop there guard, while the people running anglo american empire had every intention of getting rid of white people.


The biggest mistake in human history for me, was that usa sided with uk, and jewish groups in ww2, over germany. Most people do not know how close america came to siding with germany in ww2.


Imagine the world where hitlers germany and usa came to dominate, and what it could of meant for a world. Todays world solves no problems, but if germans had won ww2, they would of drove to fix the worlds problems, instead of how it played out after ww2.


The perfect world is a pure fantasy for me. It was made up, and played too white people to con them to drop there defences.


The ptb of anglo american israeli empire, want white people gone, as they see them as there only competition. They want an ultimate world where there is no competition to the powers that run that empire.


Pure propaganda.


Germany was set up in ww2, and the world fell for it. White people did not appreciate how ww2 was only the start of ptb trying to destroy the white people, to get rid of there competition.


Look at america today, and tell us, how usa made the right decision?


Up your to hollywood people.

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