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The Script starts all over again, and they can do this forever!

Net Curtains

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Early on in the pandemic random articles would talk about mutations of the virus, even put to as a question to scientific advisor as he addressed the nation (Il use the terms given to them in the media because if i use the name Lying Cunt for every person im referring to it might get confusing). So the seeds have been planted. I figure just incase theres a resistance from people to getting the vaccine.( By Vaccine i mean at some point MASS MURDER)


Rushi Sunak announces the furlough scheme is extended to APRIL, alarm bells should be ringing...... stating it gives businesses confidence....LMFAO! WHAT!..... somethings coming!


Matt Hancock talks about a possible mutation found in London, obviously like Hollywood, people were wondering how come London the busiest city in the world is half open when us in Yorkshire are in the tiered lockdown system, then the veil is lifted, they have plans for London.....the city enters the world stage.


Then the nation is addressed, strictest lockdown for london on route, but obviously with this been a full blown Zombieland virus roads and routes out will be shut with immediate affect......NO..... wel give you a day or two to spread your wings, Boris whispering in his head....go go go go my people spread this invisible lie.


Reporters waiting patiently at taxi ranks, train stations and other public meens out of the city. In the morning i had my daily look through the swamp propaganda, i mean public relations, and has me and wife joked about it the night before, low and behold....1st 4 news stories.......


Train to Liverpool full as people flee LONDON


Uber driver taking multiple trips to nottingham( note not taxi driver....UBER driver, whats next...... UBER DRIVER DRINKING AMAZINGLY REFRESHING CAN OF CHILLED COCA COLA WHO RECENTLY HAD THE PERFECTLY SAFE PFIZER VACCINE)


Leeds fury as london train full with people from London


Uber driver takes londoners all the way to Newcastle


The stage has been set........new virus.....new strain.....spread across the country and into france.......docks closed.....channel shut.


Youve got to take your hat off and say well played......a new lie enters the game....and it starts all over again.......



its time for ACTION

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What happens if the uber driver pulls up his car at an empty beach and sits down on a spot where someone with the rona just left 1 minute ago and picks up a virus on his clothing, sits in his car then picks up passengers assured he was covid safe. Isn't he a murderer like every other psychpathic killer who went rambling during the global pandemic? Well thank god the global war on terror is now forgotten, pity about the global war on common sense.

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completely agree.


Look lets say for arguments sake the virus is real, and lets just say vaccines are the greatest invention ever created, and lets just say,despite their flaws and links to peodophilia rings, creation of inheritance taxes, the lies about invading countries and mass killing of men women and children in the middle east and world wide,lets just say for arguments sake goverments do all they can for our health and well being........




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