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Woke madness

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I just post for the pattern recognition mostly. E.S.T.


Shit like that Bizarro NHS rules tho is full on, one flew over..loons running the aylum & whoever is behind it needs help not to be encouraged..


Mostly Tavistock social engineered, Lucifer trust kinda shit.


Always trying to steal the innocence of young children through terror & turning them into monsters, as in vampiric sexual predators.


A lot of this actually stems from religion or power trippers like Prince Charles is a good example, how he go's to Saudi to bugger young boys which is very popular in the Arab world for some reason.

That Yahoo article I posted, nobody commented, but is classic example of how these demons gaslight you non stop in their media. "Coming for your children"  the left are using to try & say crazy people are worried about gays. Just because they made a video singing "COMING FOR YOUR CHILDREN." 🤦‍♂️Not a blatant coverup atall.

(Im not saying all gays are sexual predators or identity politics loons. These are organised & funded social engineers.)

And they try to paint the idea, that if you spot their grooming & perversion & highlight it..then you must have a twisted mind to notice.

This is what Hollyweird do in all their movies & cartoons of course. Double meanings JEWALITY!

Its a predatory thing again.

Most seem to have lost their sense to notice this danger mahhhh.

Hence the onslaught of groomers.


Its obvious tho with trans humanist sexual predators..they are clearly possessed through being abused. Just like someone with alts, most of them do claim to be alts also.

They are also majority infected with AIDS. Yet we are being groomed to accept them as the norm now & so called normies, who watch the shitbox, or football. Seem to be okay with it.


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7 hours ago, EnigmaticWorld said:




I reached that "you won't need to check earlylife Nero" meme some time ago, but I still like to do a simple twitter check.





And 109 times out of 110, EST.




*The jew cries out in pain as he strikes you*





For the record, despite my postings here, I personally don't "not like" jewish people. However, I relate to this post because once this snowman starting noticing how much the elves hate him and are destroying his North Pole home.. he just couldn't stop noticing.... and noticing... and noticing... and there's no going back from it..


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This woman is a vile, dangerous POS... but hilarious.

I actually believe she's straight up real: like not-fake-acting, just thick as two sh!ts and thinks she's amazing -  pure Dunning-Kruger Effect;  Harvard scholar, but in the "gender studies" of 1991 - "film."


She describes Tucker Carlson’s new series on men as a “hyper-masculinity flex” that is “blatant, fascist posturing.”



All I can say is that I've never heard of hypermasculinity before, but I've heard of Lia Thomas.

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BBC have some nerve doing that, considering their history. Sickening to talk about masturbation with children. I'm not sure if you even have to talk about it with teens. What's the point. They discover it anyway and talk about it with each other.

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9 minutes ago, Firebird said:

BBC have some nerve doing that, considering their history. Sickening to talk about masturbation with children. I'm not sure if you even have to talk about it with teens. What's the point. They discover it anyway and talk about it with each other.


Its all part of the communofascist social agenda to blow up the family structure by causing division and disgust within it, so the ever so loving and caring state run by pedophilic mentalists can then rape and mind control future generations into servitude of their god like existence!!!

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On 4/18/2022 at 12:04 PM, skitzorat said:

But the couple were horrified to discover that they were actually having a boy, with Heather since saying learning she had a male fetus inside her was ‘just like rape.’


What fcked up shizz is this?!?!?!? In my 48 years, I have never met a lesbian who wasn't every single stereotype they were at great pains to say they weren't. 

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44 minutes ago, JJ73 said:

What fcked up shizz is this?1?!?!?

Apparently she was sexually assaulted (by a man.)


I'm not sure which one, or who's who as I'm not a biologist.


44 minutes ago, JJ73 said:

In my 48 years, I have never met a lesbian who wasn't every single stereotype they were at great pains to say they weren't. 


In my 38 years, I have never met a jew who wasn't every single stereotype they were at great pains to say they weren't.


/sorry couldn't help myself.🤭


More often than not lesbians/feminists/intersectionalists are mega lefties, if not full blown communists in this day in age, and according to the article:


These people are utterly retarded. A brief perusal of their academic work in the links below will reveal that they are fanatical, well connected and financially rewarded SJW’s


So they're even more predisposed to being certifiable.


New study shows that leftists, and especially those who identify as Marxists, suffer from mental illness more often.



The odds really aren't in their favour...




That's not anti-Semitic either, their own studies showed they're extremely prone to being nutty as a fruitcake😁


What drove this "woke" "leftie" sh!t?






Dennis Prager, a right-wing jew, explains it well...



Marx-ism (jew)

Lenin-ism (jew)

and their evil, murderous outcome: socialism (Bernie Sanders (jew) and Communism.


Racism - coined by Trotsky (jew)

Sexism - coined by Pauline M. Leet 









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Anti-Tranny Gentleman Arrested for Threatening a Dictionary

We have to protect the sanctity of our tranny dictionaries.




A California man has been charged with making threats to commit violence against Massachusetts-based Merriam-Webster, publisher of the authoritative dictionary. The man left what officials described as “hate-filled” and “despicable” messages under the dictionary’s entries for “woman,” “female,” and “girl,” which have recently been changed to account for ‘gender identity.’


Jeremy David Hanson, 34, was arrested in California on Tuesday and charged with one count of interstate communication of threats to commit violence, the US Attorney's Office for the District of Massachusetts said in a statement released on Friday.

According to the complaint against him, Hanson sent various threatening messages last October through the dictionary’s ‘contact us’ form, and in comments sections below several contentious entries.



“It is absolutely sickening that Merriam-Webster now tells blatant lies and promotes anti-science propaganda. There is no such thing as ‘gender identity’,” he allegedly wrote under Merriam-Webster’s entry for "Female," which since 2020 describes not just “the sex that typically has the capacity to bear young or produce eggs,” but also “having a gender identity that is the opposite of male.”


In a message to the site’s administrators, Hanson allegedly called for Merriam Webster’s offices to be “shot up and bombed,” accusing the dictionary of caving “to the cultural Marxist, anti-science tranny agenda” and participating in “the Left’s efforts to corrupt and degrade the English language and deny reality.”

“Hate-filled threats and intimidations have no place in our society,” said US Attorney Rachael Rollins. “We believe Hanson sent a multitude of anonymous threatening and despicable messages related to the LGBTQ community that were intended to evoke fear and division.” 


Hanson is also accused of posting similar messages under the entries for “girl” and “woman,” and investigators said that “numerous related threats” were made to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), Amnesty International, Land O’ Lakes, Hasbro, IGN Entertainment, several university professors and a New York City rabbi.


While the statement did not specify the nature of these threats, all of the above companies and organizations have been noted for taking ‘woke’ positions on social issues in recent years, such as when Land O’Lakes removed a drawing of a Native American woman from its butter packaging in 2020.


On Merriam-Webster’s site, the terms “female” and “girl” have both been changed to incorporate gender identity, or a person’s “internal sense” of being another gender. “Woman” has not been changed, however, and is defined as “an adult female person.” Prior to making these changes, Merriam-Webster has been roasted by conservatives for seemingly pushing a ‘woke’ agenda, having added the terms “genderqueer,” “non-binary,” and “Mx.” (a gender-neutral honorific used instead of “Mr.” or “Mrs.”) in 2016.




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2 hours ago, skitzorat said:

In my 38 years, I have never met a jew who wasn't every single stereotype they were at great pains to say they weren't.

I can't say I disagree with you.  I absolutely don't get Jewish 'humour' either which seems to be saying the bleeding obvious but doing so with a trace of irony and a shrug of the shoulders then adding a Jewish turn of phrase straight after.


I often wonder what the world would look like without the J influence.  A lot less depraved I would imagine.


3 hours ago, skitzorat said:

More often than not lesbians/feminists/intersectionalists are mega lefties, if not full blown communists in this day in age


I agree. Utterly humourless as well. 

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Bit of pushback...


23 Apr, 2022 16:20

‘Stop WOKE’ act becomes law

The measure gives Florida parents the right to sue educators teaching ‘Critical Race Theory’ to their kids

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis on Friday signed the ‘Stop WOKE’ act into law. The law, which allows parents to sue educators if their kids are being taught ‘Critical Race Theory’ in school, and employees to sue if they receive such training in the workplace, comes amid a high-profile showdown between DeSantis and Disney over LGBT issues.

“No one should be instructed to feel as if they are not equal or shamed because of their race,” DeSantis said in a statement on Friday. “In Florida, we will not let the far-left woke agenda take over our schools and workplaces. There is no place for indoctrination or discrimination in Florida.”

Under the law, teachers and employers who promote the idea that one race or sex is superior to another, that a person’s “moral character or status as privileged or oppressed is determined by race, color, national origin or sex,” or that anybody should be discriminated against to achieve “diversity, equity or inclusion,” would be participating in unlawful discrimination.


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