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Never in my life did I imagine I would see a bisexual couch. But that thing has indeed been brought into reality as part of IKEA’s line of homosexual couches. The bisexual couch is by far the funniest of all of the homosexual couches. It features disembodied hands, including ones that seem to pop out, and it reads “no one believes you.”


I want to get this couch, and when people start bitching about their problems in my house, I will just point to it and then start laughing maniacally.



No photo description available.

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These liberals are mentally ill:

Former college professor charged with starting four wildfires in California

1 day ago
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On 11/19/2021 at 10:50 AM, skitzorat said:

Never in my life did I imagine I would see a bisexual couch. But that thing has indeed been brought into reality as part of IKEA’s line of homosexual couches. The bisexual couch is by far the funniest of all of the homosexual couches. It features disembodied hands, including ones that seem to pop out, and it reads “no one believes you.”


I want to get this couch, and when people start bitching about their problems in my house, I will just point to it and then start laughing maniacally.





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On 11/15/2021 at 4:26 PM, ink said:

I don't even know if this is the correct thread for this .... as I don't know wtf this is ????




.... in mental health recovery .... which is not going well one may think?

No....wait wait wait wait wait...she have not enough non verbal cues to be a real woke mess....fake woke!!! hope that is a satire. look like it to me...for now.

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This makes me so angry..




Plans to replace the gothic ambience of Notre Dame cathedral with a softer vibe of modern art and warm lighting have raised a few eyebrows, but the priest in charge denies any radical transformation is afoot.

With the cathedral set to reopen in 2024 -- five years after a fire devastated much of its roof and spire -- church authorities are putting forward new plans on December 9 for how the public will experience the iconic Parisian landmark.

They include Bible quotes to be projected in multiple languages on the walls and new art installations in place of its little-used 19th century confessionals, said Father Gilles Drouin, who is charged with reworking the interior, in an interview with AFP.

Gone would be the traditional straw chairs, to be replaced by more comfortable benches with their own little lamps to brighten the gloom -- perhaps even able to disappear into the floor when not in use to leave more room for tourists.

Rather than lighting cast down from its cavernous ceiling, there will be "softer lights at head height" to give a more intimate feel to the 2,400 masses and 150 concerts held annually.

The National Heritage and Architecture Commission will hear the detailed plans next week, but already some conservative hackles have been raised.

Britain's Spectator magazine warned of a "politically correct Disneyland" that would be full of "emotional spaces" and cosmopolitan "discovery trails".

Drouin denied the plans were radical, however.

He said the objective was to preserve Notre-Dame as a religious place that can better welcome and inform the public "who are not always from a Christian culture".

"Chinese visitors may not necessarily understand the Nativity," he said.

The lesson from the cathedral's existing chapel dedicated to 19th century Chinese martyr Saint-Paul Tchen is that visitors from that country will stop and light candles because there are banners in Mandarin, he added.

One major change for visitors will be that they enter from the large central door, rather than the side entrances.

The altar will remain in place but other items such as the tabernacle and baptistery will be rejigged, while most of the confessionals will move to the first floor, leaving only four in the main section.

Side chapels, which were in a "terrible state" even before the fire, will be entirely renovated with a focus on artworks including "portraits from the 16th and 18th century that will be in dialogue with modern art objects."

He said this would include a "cycle of tapestries", without giving details.

"The cathedral has always been open to art from the contemporary period, right up to the large golden cross by sculptor Marc Couturier installed by Cardinal Lustiger in 1994," he said.

Notre-Dame cathedral dates back to the 12th century.

It was largely adapted in the late 1800s by architect Viollet-le-Duc, though in keeping with the Gothic style that was having a renaissance at the time.




Modernised Notre Dame would turn cathedral into ‘ecclesiastical Disneyland’



7min. video





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On 12/2/2021 at 9:49 PM, Itsjaybigjay said:

Id like to see just one commercial staring a white couple with a couple of white able bodied children.

I'll try to remember today, but there's the a couple of adverts on the side of my local shopping centre that baulk the trend - I'll take a photo and share it later. Brings a warm glow to the heart in the face of the fake war on racism.

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On 7/28/2021 at 11:29 PM, skitzorat said:

University of Auckland professor relinquishes role after claiming mātauranga Māori is 'not science'


A University of Auckland professor has resigned from one of his roles following a backlash to a letter he signed publicly dismissing mātauranga Māori.


In response to a working group's proposed changes to the Māori school curriculum, which would ensure equality for mātauranga Māori with other bodies of knowledge.



Prof. disagreed with the detailing of a new course, which was described as promoting “discussion and analysis of the ways in which science has been used to support the dominance of eurocentric views (including its use as a rationale for colonisation of Māori and the suppression of Māori knowledge); and the notion that science is a Western European invention and itself evidence of European dominance over Māori and other indigenous peoples”.


The letter, published by The Listener, said that although indigenous knowledge may play some role in the preservation of local practices and in management and policy, it “falls far short of what can be defined as science itself”.

Further on, the authors claimed that shedding light on mātauranga Māori would spread “disturbing understandings of science” and lead to mistrust in science.


The news comes after the University of Auckland announced a change to its Māori name, in the name of “building respect” for Māori knowledge.


Critical Race Theory via the backdoor in New Zealand.








Myths Do Not Belong in Science Classes

Letter to the Royal Society of New Zealand



After Richard Dawkins posted the below tweet a few days ago to his 2.9 million followers, he yesterday tweeted the text of his letter to the NZ Royal Society. We have reproduced it here on The BFD as it is highly unlikely that the MSM will cover it as they will consider it too inflammatory and controversial for publication.



Dr Roger Ridley


Royal Society of New Zealand


Dear Dr Ridley

I have read Jerry Coyne’s long, detailed and fair-minded critique of the ludicrous move to incorporate Maori “ways of knowing” into science curricula in New Zealand, and the frankly appalling failure of the Royal Society of New Zealand to stand up for science – which is, after all, what your Society exists to do.


The world is full of thousands of creation myths and other colourful legends, any of which might be taught alongside Maori myths. Why choose Maori myths? For no better reason than that Maoris arrived in New Zealand a few centuries before Europeans. That would be a good reason to teach Maori mythology in anthropology classes. Arguably there’s even better reason for Australian schools to teach the myths of their indigenous peoples, who arrived tens of thousands of years before Europeans. Or for British schools to teach Celtic myths. Or Anglo-Saxon myths. But no indigenous myths from anywhere in the world, no matter how poetic or hauntingly beautiful, belong in science classes.


Science classes are emphatically not the right place to teach scientific falsehoods alongside true science. Creationism is still bollocks even it is indigenous bollocks.


The Royal Society of New Zealand, like the Royal Society of which I have the honour to be a Fellow, is supposed to stand for science. Not “Western” science, not “European” science, not “White” science, not “Colonialist” science. Just science. Science is science is science, and it doesn’t matter who does it, or where, or what “tradition” they may have been brought up in.


True science is evidence-based not tradition-based; it incorporates safeguards such as peer review, repeated experimental testing of hypotheses, double-blind trials, instruments to supplement and validate fallible senses etc.


True science works: lands spacecraft on comets, develops vaccines against plagues, predicts eclipses to the nearest second, reconstructs the lives of extinct species such as the tragically destroyed Moas. If New Zealand’s Royal Society won’t stand up for true science in your country who will? What else is the Society for? What else is the rationale for its existence?


Yours very sincerely

Richard Dawkins


Emeritus Professor of the Public Understanding of Science

University of Oxford


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On 2/13/2021 at 5:14 AM, EnigmaticWorld said:

Race-faker Rachel Dolezal who now goes by African name Nkechi Amare Diallo says she hasn't been able to find a job in SIX years after being exposed


Why would anyone need to pretend to be a minority if there is white privilege?


That's a great question 🤔


Also, I was reminded of an interview with Yuri Bezmenov where he stated that when the powers that be have used the useful idiots to get what they want, they are usually just rounded up and shot. They think because they helped destroy the culture which bizarrely helped to give them a voice, that they're going to get a seat at the table. They won't. Their cards are already marked.

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