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Woke madness

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8 minutes ago, Macnamara said:


Have you ever seen the film ‘the sting’ with robert redford and paul newman?


They play two conmen who want to rip off a gangster so they create an entirely fake betting shop in which everyone inside is an actor. The gangster goes in but doesn’t realise that the entire arena he is trying to operate within there is fake


Our world is run by corporate socialists who have taken control of the market place by creating monopolist cartels unopposed by government because they have captured governments


Those corporate cartelists have then created a fake-left of antifa and BLM to create a controlled opposition to state-capitalism


The public hears the fake left being critical of ‘capitalism’ and thinks they must be opposed to the corporate cartelists when in fact they are bankrolled by themselves


The public is operating in an arena that is completely fake and controlled by the same people. Any attempts to change things within that arena are doomed for failure. The only chance we have is to step outside of that arena in large enough numbers to avoid the longcon which is the remoulding of that fake arena into a top down control technocratic prison planet


I haven't seen it, but sounds interesting. I will give it a watch. Cheers!

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29 minutes ago, EnigmaticWorld said:





Subversive media is destroying us.

I saw that! The LA Times is disgraceful! (as they all are, but particularly the LA Times towards "the Black face of White Supremacy" Elder: who's a precious minority, but a republican) I've seen him pop up now and then over the years, but watched a few of his youtube vids lately. https://www.youtube.com/c/LarryElderwithEpochTimes/videos


Pity he's a shrill for Israel... but they all are - they HAVE to be to get anywhere.



LA Times quietly changed the picture.

Larry Elder is escorted by a security guard after the woman in the gorilla mask, at right, threw an egg at him.

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40 minutes ago, Macnamara said:

what a freak show....why do people even watch this mentally ill parade of narcissism?

Doja Cat , Lil Nas X and a leggy Kacey Musgraves pack the punch in purple as they lead the red carpet of the 2021 MTV VMAs




Not sure why people watch most TV at this point. This is overt shenanigans, but the more subtle subversive stuff is still a massive issue.


I feel like I sense how awake someone is just by gauging what kind of entertainment and pop culture they still enjoy. Sounds pretty judgemental I know, but I do have to wonder why people still consume entertainment that's created and financed by people that hate them when they claim to be awake.


Maybe I have just been down the rabbit hole more though as I used to make my money in the music industry and I hate how seedy and sinister it all is.

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13 minutes ago, EnigmaticWorld said:

I feel like I sense how awake someone is just by gauging what kind of entertainment and pop culture they still enjoy. Sounds pretty judgemental I know, but I do have to wonder why people still consume entertainment that's created and financed by people that hate them when they claim to be awake.


i don't think it is negatively judgemental; its just a way of seeing who is under the spell and who isn't

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But shivering female employees who have hit out at so-called sexist air conditioning may have won the battle.

This week, research showed that women’s cognitive performance is hampered by chilly conditions.


Old formula

Air conditioning is often set to a 60s formula based on the metabolism of an 11-stone man aged 40. A 2015 study suggested that women are comfortable at a temperature between 24°C and 25°C – 2.5°C warmer than for men.

While segregating the sexes in an office would trigger grave ramifications, could acknowledging female employees’ thermostat concerns be a step towards workplace parity? And, cynically, could it prove lucrative for businesses?




From police stab-proof vests that don’t account for women’s breasts and power tools which are too big for women’s hands to crash-test dummies modelled on adult male bodies, studies and testimonies have fuelled claims that men are the default standard of design and technology development.


In 2012, American computer scientist Nora Denzel highlighted the flaws of male-designed airbags which threatened the lives of women and children.


Male default

Last September, Ms Criado Perez took Apple to task by claiming its XS smartphones, which range in length from 5.8in to 6.5in, are too big for women’s hands. It came as the tech giant discontinued the 4in SE model, launched in March 2016.


She fumed on Twitter: “Apple has once again failed to update the only phone it makes that fits the average woman’s hand size. Weak applause all round from my arthritic hands. What the hell is wrong with you, Apple? Women. Buy. Smartphones. In fact, more women buy iPhones than men. Design for our bodies.



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It's a special kind of sad emptiness when you get gratification from looking at yourself through the reverse camera on a smart phone and just telling all kinds on nonsense lies to whomever you think maybe watching/listening to you. Fortunately, there's a brave lot that like to document the lives of these individuals so we can share the lolz.. if only they weren't teachers and/or raising children and/or being loud activists which have been giving the green light to destroy our civilisation



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That's not the great 'british' bake off, it is the great international bake off but that is exactly what the globalists want. They want to flood britain with people who will only be interested in their own heritage and not that of these islands and overtime this will water down the heritage of britain until it dissapears from history which is cultural genocide


This is all about over-writing british heritage and replacing its indigenous people and it will only get worse because these people have an agenda:


The Great British Bake Off 2021 unveils its 12 BRAND NEW bakers! From the Caribbean to Germany, Goa, Kenya and Greece... this year's line-up is more inspired by contestants' foreign heritage than ever

  • Between them, this year's cast come from far and wide, with family from Goa to Germany to Greece, as well as Cyprus, Kenya, Portugal and the Middle East
  • A vast array of professions will also be in the tent, from a Met Police Detective to a Software Developer to a retired Nurse and Midwife
  • The youngest of this year's wannabe winners is a 19-year-old vegan pyschology student from Yorkshire, while the rest of the contestants range between ages 26 - 70
  • Judges Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith are of course back, as well as hosts Matt Lucas and Noel Fielding
  • The show's season 12 debut takes place on September 21 on Channel 4 at 8PM

By Andrew Bullock For Mailonline

Published: 19:04 EDT, 13 September 2021 | Updated: 05:22 EDT, 14 September 2021





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On 8/22/2021 at 12:48 AM, Macnamara said:


Freemasonry and the Subversion of the Catholic Church

By John Vennari
Editor, Catholic Family News
Transcript of a Speech given at the Fatima Peace Conference in Rome, October, 2001

This talk will be a brief expose of the 19th Century Masonic document “The Permanent Instruction of the Alta Vendita”, which mapped out a blueprint, a plan, which will help us to understand what is the “diabolic disorientation of the upper hierarchy” of which Sister Lucy spoke. The Permanent Instruction of the Alta Vendita, I believe, explains the root of that diabolic disorientation.

The Alta Vendita was the highest lodge of the Carbonari, an Italian secret society with links to Freemasonry and which, along with Freemasonry, was condemned by the Catholic Church.1 Father E. Cahill, SJ, in his book Freemasonry and the Anti-Christian Movement states that the Alta Vendita was “commonly supposed to have been at the time the governing center of European Freemasonry”2 The Carbonari were most active in Italy and France.

In his book Athanasius and the Church of Our Time, Bishop Rudolph Graber quoted a Freemason who declared that “the goal (of Freemasonry) is no longer the destruction of the Church, but to make use of it by infiltrating it.”3

In other words, since Freemasonry cannot completely obliterate Christ’s Church, it plans not only to eradicate the influence of Catholicism in society, but to use the Church’s structure as an instrument of “renewal,” “progress” and “enlightenment” - as means of furthering many of its own principles and goals.



‘White martyrdom’: Mel Gibson blasts Catholic bishops for persecuting priests who preach traditional beliefs

13 Sep, 2021 18:39
Movie star and ‘The Passion of the Christ’ director Mel Gibson has blasted Catholic bishops for ‘canceling’ priests who dare to teach traditional doctrine, suggesting they represent a “parallel counterfeit church.”

Gibson delivered his rant in a video message posted on Sunday for a rally held by the Coalition for Canceled Priests (CFCP), a group set up to support clergymen who have been run out of the church or persecuted for teaching orthodoxy. The Hollywood star said it’s not hard to believe such a coalition exists because he personally knows many priests who have been canceled.

“But not for the reasons you’d think,” Gibson said. “It’s not like they did a hit-and-run drive and left the scene of the crime, or embezzled church funds, stole the altar wine, or committed some other heinous crime. No, not at all. And who’s persecuting them? Well, their own bishops.”

Gibson went on to describe the bishops as “a pack of men who generally, passively sit by and tolerate any kind of nonsense, but if one of their priests utters something that resembles orthodoxy, well then they spring into action, they reprimand him and they bully him and do their best to cancel him.”

Such crackdowns typically succeed, as the offending priest is forced out of the service, Gibson said, adding, “I’m really sorry about that. It’s a grave injustice, and it’s a kind of white martyrdom.”

The actor called the trend a “symptom of a very deep sickness that afflicts the Church.” He quoted Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano as saying the “seeds of erosion of the church” were sown with the Second Vatican Council reforms of the 1960s.

Gibson recalled that when he directed ‘The Passion of the Christ’, the 2004 box-office sensation that depicted the crucifixion of Jesus, he sought support from the US Conference of Catholic Bishops, but “those men couldn’t get away from me fast enough.”

“All but a few of them turned their back on me,” Gibson said, “and it was pretty telling about who they were – pretty insipid bunch. And it doesn’t look like anything’s changed.”

Catholics can discern “the good guys from the bad guys” by judging the fruits of church leaders, Gibson said. “Anybody seen any good fruit lately?” he asked. “It’s tough.”

He added that he’s “a pretty sinful guy, I’m as venal as the next guy, but I know the difference between a shepherd and a hireling. And I think that the vast majority of these bishops are just a bunch of hirelings.”

My question is, who’s hiring them? I don’t think it’s Jesus. Is it (Pope) Francis? Who’s hiring Francis? Is it Pachamama?

Gibson again quoted Vigano, saying, “There was a parallel, counterfeit church set up to eclipse the real one. He’s suggesting usurpation or an inside job. It seems that way.”

The message came amid rising tensions in the Church over prominent Catholic politicians, such as President Joe Biden and US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who have been accused of violating core teachings when they supported abortion rights. Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone of San Francisco earlier this month criticized such leaders, saying they sought to expand “a government-approved right to kill innocent human beings.”

The CFCP said 61 US bishops stood in the way last May when some church leaders sought to discuss withholding Holy Communion from politicians who support abortion. “Such churchmen bring to mind the image of a commanding officer who, when the battle turns against his troops, goes over to the enemy and betrays his men,” the coalition said. “Or perhaps the apostle who left the Last Supper early for urgent business elsewhere.”

Like this story? Share it with a friend! 


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4 hours ago, oddsnsods said:


Why is he wearing my granny's old net curtain? I trust he has one of those special baggie things ladies wash their delicates in in the washing machine...


What gets me is that he genuinely looks proud as punch.


It's not even creatively edgy... Civilization in its death throws...


Its a screwed up paper crown from the Christmas crackers - pretty fitting really.



Oh we have fucking shower curtain with a hole cut in the middle for the head.



No comment



We live in seriously dark times



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34 minutes ago, skitzorat said:

Why is he wearing my granny's old net curtain? I trust he has one of those special baggie things ladies wash their delicates in in the washing machine...


What gets me is that he genuinely looks proud as punch.


It's not even creatively edgy... Civilization in its death throws...




MK'ed ILLuminati monarch slaves..pushing their fakeness.

Grace Jones, David Bowie & Annie Lennox 80's coke.....// head vibes rehashed. Woke heads lol



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44 minutes ago, Anti Facts Sir said:


What the actual FUCK is that?!


No wonder Verstappen wanted to ram him off the track. Idiot.


Hamilton is nearly there.


Maybe he is fighting it.


This is how they break in the slave nowdays...they get in your head.




Lewis Hamilton Apologizes for Yelling 'Boys Don't Wear Princess Dresses' at Nephew (2017)








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50 minutes ago, oddsnsods said:

Hamilton is nearly there


he seems to be very good pals with philip green and i wonder if he takes direction from him. I would imagine green is well connected to the illuminati


steve coogan did a satire about philip green recently called 'greed' and about halfway through the movie a guy explains exactly how the con works with what he did with his clothes stores. The guy is a crook

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Surprised the cops didn't have a choreographed dance prepared to entertain the bored protestors. It's beyond Pythonesque:


'Just let us know if there's anything you need': Woke cops pander to eco-mob blocking M25 AGAIN and take two hours to move them on but grapple with fuming motorists as woman is seriously injured in crash.




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The Fake Left


The fake left are those people pretending to be working for the workers while in fact they are working for the billionaire oligarchic class. For the fake left marxism is simply a psyop to create a phoney conflict with the cartelist state-capitalism which their billionaire paymasters have already got sown up. The purpose of this phoney conflict is to create a completely stage-managed crisis out of which the oligarchs can offer up a new form of society which of course they will control but which they will claim offers all the solutions of the conflict they created with its 'culture war' and the racial tensions of 'intersectionality'. That new society will be a 'technocracy' through which everyone is controlled by the monitoring and regulation of every single kilojoule of their energy useage under the guise of 'combatting climate change' as well as the need for 'biosecurity' to combat the 'invisible enemy' of covid 19.


This is why we see the absurd scene of AOC dressed in a 'tax the rich' dress whilst attending a $35,000 a head party on a double date with a member of the BRONFMAN family who are part of the illuminati network of billionaire families.


Whitney Webb (see her website 'unlimited hangout' for more info) has covered the bronfman family and their connections to mossad run blackmail operations involving pedophilia which connects directly into the jeffrey epstein case. I've cut and pasted the start of one of her articles below upto the point she begins speaking about the bronfmans; click on the link provided to read the rest. The article below from the daily mail asks what Bronfman thinks of AOC's dress but the truth is that AOC works for that billionaire network:

What did HE think of AOC's 'tax the rich' statement?! Socialist firebrand went to Met in double date with billionaire Seagram's heir Benjamin Bronfman (despite her famously wanting to get RID of billionaires!)

  • Benjamin Bronfman is the boyfriend of AOC's dress designer Aurora James
  • The pair boasted about their 'tax the rich' message on the white carpet and interviews since then 
  • Bronfman's family founded the Seagram's drinks company and is worth $2.5billion 
  • His aunt Clare is serving 81 month in prison for her role in the NXIVM sex cult 
  • Before James, he dated the British rapper MIA and the pair have a son together
  • He filed a restraining order against her in 2013 to stop her taking the kid to the UK
  • She tweeted at the time: 'THE BRONFMAN'S WANT TO TAKE MY CHILD AWAY FROM ME'
  • AOC was also joined at the event by her boyfriend of 5 years, Riley Roberts
  • She claims she made a successful political protest with her statement 
  • Others say it's another example of her hypocrisy and have reported her for ethics violations  

By Jennifer Smith For Dailymail.com

Published: 15:17 EDT, 15 September 2021 | Updated: 15:37 EDT, 15 September 2021

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez attended the Met Gala on Monday night in what she claimed was a political protest against the wealthy guests whose dime she dined out on after being invited as a guest of the Metropolitan Museum.  And while she walked the red carpet with Aurora James, the designer behind her 'tax the rich' dress, the pair were seen leaving the event with their respective other halves.  AOC's boyfriend, Riley Roberts, was beaming as he escorted her down the famous carpeted steps, adorned in a blue tuxedo. His father is Edgar Bronfman Jr., former CEO of Warner Bros. Edgar's sister Clare Bronfman was one of the woman accused of funding the sex cult NXIVM. She is currently serving 81 months in prison for her role in the abusive sex cult that Keith Raniere founded. The Bronfman family are renowned for their wealth.


AOC leaves the Met Gala with Benjamin Bronfman, one of the heirs to the Seagram's family fortune of an estimated $2.5billion, dress designer Aurora James, and her boyfriend Riley Roberts on Monday night 


Hidden in Plain Sight: The Shocking Origins of the Jeffrey Epstein Case

Epstein is only the latest incarnation of a much older, more extensive and sophisticated operation that offers a frightening window into how deeply tied the U.S. government is to the modern-day equivalents of organized crime.

Despite his “sweetheart” deal and having seemingly evaded justice, billionaire sex offender Jeffrey Epstein was arrested earlier this month on federal charges for sex trafficking minors. Epstein’s arrest has again brought increased media attention to many of his famous friends, the current president among them. 

Many questions have since been asked about how much Epstein’s famous friends knew of his activities and exactly what Epstein was up to. The latter arguably received the most attention after it was reported that Alex Acosta — who arranged Epstein’s “sweetheart” deal in 2008 and who recently resigned as Donald Trump’s Labor Secretary following Epstein’s arrest — claimed that the mysterious billionaire had worked for “intelligence.” 

Other investigations have made it increasingly clear that Epstein was running a blackmail operation, as he had bugged the venues — whether at his New York mansion or Caribbean island getaway — with microphones and cameras to record the salacious interactions that transpired between his guests and the underage girls that Epstein exploited. Epstein appeared to have stored much of that blackmail in a safe on his private island.

Claims of Epstein’s links and his involvement in a sophisticated, well-funded sexual blackmail operation have, surprisingly, spurred few media outlets to examine the history of intelligence agencies both in the U.S. and abroad conducting similar sexual blackmail operations, many of which also involved underage prostitutes. 

In the U.S. alone, the CIA operated numerous sexual blackmail operations throughout the country, employing prostitutes to target foreign diplomats in what the Washington Post once nicknamed the CIA’s “love traps.” If one goes even farther back into the U.S. historical record it becomes apparent that these tactics and their use against powerful political and influential figures significantly predate the CIA and even its precursor, the Office of Strategic Services (OSS). In fact, they were pioneered years earlier by none other than the American Mafia.

In the course of this investigation, MintPress discovered that a handful of figures who were influential in American organized crime during and after Prohibition were directly engaged in sexual blackmail operations that they used for their own, often dark, purposes. 

In Part I of this exclusive investigation, MintPress will examine how a mob-linked businessman with deep ties to notorious gangster Meyer Lansky developed close ties with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) while also running a sexual blackmail operation for decades, which later became a covert part of the anti-communist crusade of the 1950s led by Senator Joseph McCarthy (R-WI), himself known throughout Washington for having a habit of drunkenly groping underage teenaged girls. 

Yet, it would be one of McCarthy’s closest aides who would take over the ring in later years, trafficking minors and expanding this sexual blackmail operation at the same time he expanded his own political influence, putting him in close contact with prominent figures including former President Ronald Reagan and a man who would later become president, Donald Trump. 

As will be revealed in Part II, after this figure’s death, the blackmail operation continued under various successors in different cities and there is strong evidence that Jeffrey Epstein became one of them.

Samuel Bronfman and the Mob

The Prohibition Era in the United States is often used as an example of how banning recreational substances not only increases their popularity but also causes a boom in criminal activity. Indeed, it was Prohibition that greatly increased the strength of the American Mafia, as the top crime lords of the day grew rich through the clandestine trade and sale of alcohol in addition to gambling and other activities.

It is through the bootlegging trade of the 1920s and the early 1930s that this story begins, as it brought together key figures whose successors and affiliates would eventually create a series of blackmail and sex trafficking rings that would give rise to the likes of Jeffrey Epstein, the “Lolita Express” and “Orgy Island.”


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