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Woke madness

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On 7/3/2021 at 12:14 PM, EnigmaticWorld said:


*Looks up Chesa Boudin*





Where the fuck do they find these people, the pits of hell?



We're heading for full Brazilification. They will live in their gated communities with security, and we will live in crime-ridden shitholes.


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University of Auckland professor relinquishes role after claiming mātauranga Māori is 'not science'


A University of Auckland professor has resigned from one of his roles following a backlash to a letter he signed publicly dismissing mātauranga Māori.


In response to a working group's proposed changes to the Māori school curriculum, which would ensure equality for mātauranga Māori with other bodies of knowledge.



Prof. disagreed with the detailing of a new course, which was described as promoting “discussion and analysis of the ways in which science has been used to support the dominance of eurocentric views (including its use as a rationale for colonisation of Māori and the suppression of Māori knowledge); and the notion that science is a Western European invention and itself evidence of European dominance over Māori and other indigenous peoples”.


The letter, published by The Listener, said that although indigenous knowledge may play some role in the preservation of local practices and in management and policy, it “falls far short of what can be defined as science itself”.

Further on, the authors claimed that shedding light on mātauranga Māori would spread “disturbing understandings of science” and lead to mistrust in science.


The news comes after the University of Auckland announced a change to its Māori name, in the name of “building respect” for Māori knowledge.


Critical Race Theory via the backdoor in New Zealand.








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2 hours ago, Shy Talk said:


If its that confused then shouldn't be competing in male/female sport in a sane world of course, that would be an obvious.


How she used to look before she was mind fucked. Tragic.


Go woke turn bloke.



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4 hours ago, Itsa said:

Is the average retard that scared of being called a transphobe they won't call out this bs.

'hospital trusts' just isn't good enough, It's time for names and faces.

Beyond abhorrent - so sick of this woke madness. WTF is wrong with some people?

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2 hours ago, Bee said:

Beyond abhorrent - so sick of this woke madness. WTF is wrong with some people?

Yeah and only the telegraph seem to be mentioning it and that's behind a paywall.

I just think it's time the people who are behind these decisions are named so they can be debated and questioned in the public arena. They shouldn't be allowed to hide behind their respective trusts.


They should be held accountable when it inevitably goes wrong  and someones life is ruined as well.

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