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The Dybbuk/Saturn Saga.


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Side effects of the morphic-resonance-field at 10 Downing Street


Michael Gove is struggling to cope with the side effects of the morphic-resonance-field at 10 Downing Street. He has taken to alcoholism in a bid to drown out the voices in his head. He has been in the company of Boris Johnson-Dybbuk for too long and now he is spent & broken. The voices in his head will be there until he leaves government, and reduces contact with Boris Johnson-Dybbuk.


Which brings us to this. Here's Gove from yesterday (11th May 2022) trying to give a serious interview on BBC1. and failing. He has been on the sauce, a bit confused. Also note the symbolism of the mouth;





For reference purposes here is the full interview unedited;








The Dybbuk is Hungry

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I give this information as a professional courtesy.



At the moment Hilary Clinton is being considered as a "stand-in" for Biden when he will become too ill for the job & office. I would strongly advise against this U.S. deep state. Its not in your best interest. Why?


This was decided on Monday 5th September 2016......


Hilary Clinton subject to an occult/demonic attack at a public rally in Cleveland Ohio, Monday 5th September 2016. Note the symbolism of the mouth.






There is a pecking order in these issues, and Clinton is not on that list. There is just too much mess in her background due to her husband. Also Hilary hasnt kept to certain pacts that she made years ago. An occult pact is for life Hilary. Not just Xmas, or when it suits you. If you respected the occult pact you made, then the 'Clinton Kill List' wouldnt be as big as it is now. That blood doesnt wash off Hilary. You carry that blood with you until the end.


Monday 5th September 2016


Oh look. Its the Saturn Alignment.


Monday 5th September 2016


Moon in Scorpio 12:38pm (GMT) (Crescent Moon)

Moon in opposition to Uranus 00:30am (GMT)

Moon octile (315') Saturn 2:58am (GMT)

Moon tri-octile (215') Neptune 3:42am (GMT)

Sun Octile (45') Moon  9:04am (GMT)

Moon Octile (315') Mars 15:51pm (GMT)





The Dybbuk is Hungry




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Everything that Joseph Biden-Dybbuk touches either turns to shit or dies.




Point in case U.S. politicians John Fetterman & Chris Van Hollen were both hospitalised at the weekend due to occult attacks on the both of them;





This weekend, two prominent Democrat politicians suffered strokes. First, Pennsylvania’s U.S. Senate Democrat frontrunner reported having a stroke. John Fetterman, 52, has indicated that he is triple-jabbed. Then, U.S. Senator Chris Van Hollen, 63, announced he had a stroke as well. According to the Washington Times:  Sen. Chris Van Hollen, Maryland Democrat, announced Sunday evening that he had suffered a minor stroke “this weekend.”

In a statement posted to Twitter, Mr. Van Hollen said he had gone to George Washington University Hospital after feeling lightheaded and suffering “acute neck pain” while giving a speech in western Maryland. “Earlier today, an angiogram indicated that I had experienced a minor stroke in the form of a small venous tear at the back of my head,” he said. Mr. Van Hollen said, citing his doctors, that his stroke will have “no long-term effects or damage.”




Coming into close proximity to the morphic-resonance-field of the Dybbuk has a.... purgative quality in that it will break down everything in its path;


Here is John Fetterman shaking Biden-Dybbuk's hand on 28th Jan 2022. He's the man with the hood up and wearing the mask. (From his twitter feed);




Here is a stock-photo of Chris Van Hollen in very close proximity to Biden-Dybbuk on the 10th Nov 2021;







1: Both had close contact with Biden-Dybbuk


2: Note the synchronicity of the attacks. Both of them hospitalised over the course of the weekend.


3: Both of them would have spent the day in hospital on the day of Saturn (Saturday/Shabbat)


Saturday 14th May 2022


Oh Look. its the Saturn Alignment


Saturday 14th May 2022


Moon in Scorpio 11:30am (GMT)

Moon trine Saturn 2:52am (GMT)

Moon square Pluto 8:57am (GMT)








The Dybbuk is Hungry


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Century 3,  Quatrain 13;


Through lightning in the arch gold and silver melted,
Of two captives one will eat the other:
The greatest one of the city stretched out,
When submerged the fleet will swim.


'The greatest one of the city stretched out'



The senior leadership of the Metropolitan Police is now under the direct control & manipulations of Boris Johnson-Dybbuk. Including Special Branch.  Boris Johnson can do terrible things now, and the police will be..."confused".






Key Points



Start with the police, whose job is to investigate violations of the law. Recall that they did not do that in the case of Downing Street, that they only deigned to look into the matter after a legal challenge. Then consider the sheer strangeness of the decisions they announced on Thursday. As Adam Wagner, the leading authority on Covid law, puts it, the Met’s position amounts to a finding that Johnson “attended six illegal gatherings but attended five of them legally”. Other people – more junior people, unable to pay for top-drawer legal advice – have been fined for their presence at the very same events, so why not the prime minister?


Fine legal brains have looked for small, technical loopholes that Johnson might just have slithered through, but there is a clearer explanation. Even though the police knew that Johnson attended six get-togethers, they only investigated two of them: the “ambushed-by-cake” birthday party and one other. By way of explanation, my colleague Vikram Dodd reports that the police only looked at cases where evidence was of the “slam-dunk” variety, which suggests they were only interested if there were photos. But that is odd. Why not just ask Johnson, via those notorious questionnaires, if he was present? As Wagner tells me: “The absolute best slam-dunk evidence is an admission.” But it seems Johnson was never asked.


Recall that Johnson was telling people a month ago that his first fine would be his last – it seems the Met had kindly tipped him off – and you can see why people start talking of stitch-ups and the like. But you don’t have to resort to conspiracy theory. As Dodd writes, “the Met has painful experience of tangling with politicians and the powerful”: perhaps doing as little as possible seemed the safest course




The Dybbuk Is Hungry

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Quantrain 2  Quatrain 62

Mabus then will soon die, there will come
Of people and beasts a horrible rout:
Then suddenly one will see vengeance,
Hundred, hand, thirst, hunger when the comet will run.



As of today the world has less than 10 weeks of global wheat supply left.





Official government estimates put world wheat inventories at 33pc of annual consumption, but stocks may have slumped to as low as 20pc, according to agricultural data firm Gro Intelligence. It estimates that there are only 10 weeks of global wheat supply left in stockpiles.



The Dybbuk Is Hungry

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Century 3  Quatrain 42

'The child will be born with two teeth in his mouth,
Stones will fall during the rain in Tuscany:
A few years after there will be neither wheat nor barley,
To satiate those who will faint from hunger'





'A few years after there will be neither wheat nor barley'







Egypt’s finance minister has warned that “millions” could die because of the food price crisis triggered by the Ukraine war, echoing warnings made by the UN and G7 countries as worries about a global wheat shortage intensify.

In an interview during a visit to London, Mohamed Maait warned of “food insecurity” around the world. However, he insisted Egypt had enough wheat  to last until the end of the year.

“This is something that we have to be very careful about,” said Maait. “We will feel shame if we find that millions of people are dying because of food insecurity. They are not responsible for that, they didn’t do anything wrong.” His comments come days after UN secretary-general António Guterres warned the Ukraine conflict risked plunging “tens of millions” into famine. “Global hunger levels are at a new high,” said Guterres. The war in Ukraine, climate change and the Covid-19 pandemic were also all contributing to a crisis that could last for years, he warned.









The Dybbuk is Hungry

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Pre-19th Century occultism & ceremonial magic had the dubious practice of using children to scry & attract the presence of spirits & entities. Children were sensitive on a psychic level to these types of entity due to various factors. Children were/are able to see and feel things that grown adults cant and never will see. Why the relevance in this subject?


Century 3,  Quatrain 13


Through lightning in the arch gold and silver melted,
Of two captives one will eat the other:
The greatest one of the city stretched out,
When submerged the fleet will swim.


'The greatest one of the city stretched out'


A record 420,000 children a month in England treated for "mental health" issues.





More than 400,000 children and young people a month are being treated for mental health problems – the highest number on record – prompting warnings of an unprecedented crisis in the wellbeing of under-18s.

Experts say Covid-19 has seriously exacerbated problems such as anxiety, depression and self-harm among school-age children and that the “relentless and unsustainable” ongoing rise in their need for help could overwhelm already stretched NHS services.


The latest NHS figures show “open referrals” – troubled children and young people in England undergoing treatment or waiting to start care – reached 420,314 in February, the highest number since records began in 2016.

The total has risen by 147,853 since February 2020, a 54% increase, and by 80,096 over the last year alone, a jump of 24%. January’s tally of 411,132 cases was the first time the figure had topped 400,000.



The children in this instance will not be mentally ill. The morphic-resonance-field at 10 Downing Street has spread slowly across England over the course of the last 2 years. The children in their parents eyes will be "other" or appear disturbed. But this is wrong. The children will be picking up on the presence of psychic & occult barriers breaking down in England right now. Many of them will have no reference point for this. A small percentage of those children will be developing occult skills & capabilities slowly as we speak. They are being protected & they will slip through the government net of the system. For what purpose is not for me to say. But the hand of The Dybbuk is behind this. The Dybbuk is acting as a ...facilitator & initiating those protected children. The children are like a radar picking up on the presence of entities both good & demonic. 


'The greatest one of the city stretched out',  is The Dybbuk using the morphic-resonance-field in London to stretch out across England bypassing any technology & restrictions. 



The Dybbuk is Hungry



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Ongoing side effects of the morphic-resonance-field at The White House in Washington DC



Kamala Harris's staff are quitting on her at The White House






Kamala Harris's chief of staff is quitting the role, the highest-ranking aide on a long list who have quit amid questions over the vice president's management style. Tina Flournoy has led the vice president's office since the start of the administration, and her departure comes ahead of what is expected to be a difficult midterm election for the Democrats. Her departure follows a mass exodus from Ms Harris's team, which includes her deputy chief of staff, speech writer and several senior advisers. Ms Flournoy's decision is reportedly owing to personal reasons



National Security advisor Nancy McEldowney quits for "personal reasons"





Symone Sanders (senior advisor to Harris) left her post



Michael Fuchs (Harris's Deputy Chief of Staff) quits his post



Sabrina Singh (Harris's Deputy Press Secretary) leaves her post abruptly



Vincent Evans (Harris's aide) quits



Karly Satkowiak (director of advance) quits 



Peter Velz (Director of Press Operations) quits




Kate Childs Graham (Speechwriting director) quits



Gabrielle DeFranceschi, (Deputy director of advance) quits






The morphic-resonance-field at The White House is now emitting a heavy repulsive energy through Joseph Biden-Dybbuk. This will lead to strange & abnormal behaviour, seething rage, hallucinations, depression, moments of madness, and seeing things out of the corner of their eyes, that disappear in a blink. The staff will be suffering from insomnia, headaches, & ill health due to the morphic-resonance-field. Nothing productive will get done at the White House for the next 4 months at least. There is no malice in this. Its just a side effect of the morphic-resonance-field.


There is an occult battle hidden from human eyes going on at the moment at The White House. There is an ET faction and a "demonic" faction who no longer have control of the White House (or the president) due to The Dybbuk. These factions are in the process of being decanted out of the building & surrounding area.



The Dybbuk is Hungry



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(Addendum K)


The following information will only be relevant to a small clique paying attention.


Focus on First Sgr A* Results from the Event Horizon Telescope











1: The second shot is the clearest, clearly showing the black triangle / vehicle of Binah. 


2: Note the surrounding colour is orange. This is the colour (Queens scale) of the 17th Path on the tree of life, The Lovers (Gemini). The path that connects Tiphareth to Binah.


3: Note the relevance of the constellation Sagittarius (A)


4: The date is 7th April 2017.


Friday 7th April 2017. Oh look! Its the Saturn Alignment.


Friday 7th April 2017


Moon in Virgo 4:20 am (GMT)


Moon trine Saturn (retrograde) 00:16am (GMT)

Sun Tri Octile (315') Moon 9:24am (GMT)

Moon Octile Jupiter 10:26am (GMT0

Moon Tri Octile Pluto  12:22pm (GMT)

Moon Trine Mercury 12:40pm (GMT)

Moon Tri Octile Uranus 21:10pm (GMT)

Sun opposition Jupiter (retrograde) 21:39pm (GMT)



The Dybbuk is Hungry


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Joseph Biden-Dybbuk gave a speech on the Texas school shooting on 24th May 2022 at the TV studio/secure location.


Here's a photo to analyse;








1: What was Jill Biden doing there?  Why did she have to stand in such close proximity to him?


2: Note the stiff body language coming from Jill.


3: Note the hand gesture Jill is making. 


4: Note the expressionless gaze in her face.


In another lifetime Jill would have made a very good spy or politician. She is very good at concealing stuff. She is under a lot of stress at the moment. Pressure is building for her to make a fateful decision. She has grown accustomed to corporeal power. But not its side effects. (The nasty side effects Jill ; Its your first time Jill. Your going to bleed, & bleed & bleed.). She doesnt want to leave The White House. But that is not her decision to make anymore. 




The Dybbuk is Hungry

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Ongoing side effects of the morphic-resonance-field at 10 Downing Street







When Boris Johnson got Sue Gray’s final report on the parties scandal, the paper was still warm from the printer. It was Wednesday morning and the prime minister was in his office with Steve Barclay, his chief of staff, and Guto Harri, his director of communications. Samantha Jones, the permanent secretary at No 10, rushed the report in, pages still loose.

They had expected the document at 8am. It was now 10am and they had just an hour to prepare Johnson’s statement to the Commons and pass it to Sir Lindsay Hoyle, the Speaker, and Sir Keir Starmer, the leader of the opposition. Johnson and Barclay began to read while Harri flicked to the end to read the conclusions. Then the silence was shattered as Johnson’s dog, Dilyn, began to bark in the Downing Street garden — “going absolutely apeshit”, as one witness put it. Johnson could not concentrate. “Can someone deal with that f***ing dog?” he snapped.

Ben Gascoigne, Johnson’s deputy chief of staff, was sent to calm the recalcitrant canid. No sooner had he returned than Dilyn began yapping again. Johnson repeated his outburst. The third time it happened, an irate PM yelled: “Will someone put that dog down!”

In what might be a pivotal week for the prime minister, the episode was emblematic of much of Johnson’s premiership: moments of great seriousness and high tension shot through with comedy and low farce. It is fitting that the report, along with the £15 billion spending splurge to combat the cost of living crisis, which followed on Wednesday, will do much to shape the outcome of the next general election.

It was a week that marked the culmination of months of turmoil in No 10 and one that laid bare a chaotic culture that flows from the personality of the prime minister — both of which have hit his personal ratings and led to a slowly growing pool of Tory MPs calling for him to go.

No 10 officials insist that moment on Wednesday morning was the first time Johnson, Barclay or Harri had seen the final Gray report. But the full story is more complicated and murkier. It calls into question the independence of the Gray report and lifts the lid on the lengths those in power were prepared to revive the so-called Operation Save Big Dog — the name given to the plan to shore up Johnson when the scandal threatened him in the new year.

Partial drafts of Gray’s report were circulating in No 10 the day before and Downing Street officials confirm that Jones discussed with Gray’s team who would be publicly named as breaking lockdown rules. Sources, both political and civil service, say Gray was lobbied on Tuesday evening to make changes by three senior civil servants: Jones, Simon Case, the cabinet secretary, and Alex Chisholm, the permanent secretary in the Cabinet Office.

They urged her not to publish the names of some of those who had attended the 12 law-breaking parties. Among the names they wanted removed was Case’s own. Other changes were also requested to passages in the report that made reference to Carrie Johnson, the prime minister’s wife.

Gray told them to “instruct” her to make the changes — a move that would have required a senior minister to sign off amendments, signalling publicly that the revisions had been made against her will.

A Whitehall source said: “On Tuesday night, one last attempt was made to persuade her [Gray] to omit names from the report, but she made it plain to them the only way that was going to happen was if they issued her with an instruction.”

A senior figure in Downing Street revealed that Barclay, Gray’s political boss in the Cabinet Office, was approached and, after discussions with Harri, refused to issue the instruction. Michael Ellis, the Cabinet Office minister, said he would carry out the request only if ordered to do so by Barclay.

The result of the standoff was that a number of names were removed, because by then the key pressure had already been brought to bear. Up to 30 people had been contacted by Gray telling them she intended to name them. She sent them extracts and they were given until 5pm last Sunday to complain. This part of the Maxwellisation process, under which those criticised in a official report are given the right of reply.

In the end only 15 people were named in the final report. Those who did not want to be named used a variety of excuses and some employed lawyers or union officials to plead their case.

Sources, who saw a draft of the report before it was published, insist changes to the text were also made, including details about a leaving party for Hannah Young, a No 10 private secretary, on June 18, 2020. Helen MacNamara, the former government ethics boss, who received a fixed penalty notice, brought a karaoke machine to the party in a room close to the cabinet secretary’s office at No 70 Whitehall. In the earlier draft, emails were included which showed staff discussed the gathering in advance and were warned that it could break the rules. A ministerial adviser said: “After Sue made clear that she wanted to print WhatsApp messages and emails, the entire machine fought her.”

Another key passage that was altered concerned the “Abba night” party which it is claimed was held in the prime minister’s flat on November 13, 2020. An earlier draft of the report referred to music being played and stated at what time it came to an end. Two sources close to the process say Barclay tweaked the relevant section on the eve of publication — a claim flatly denied by Downing Street but one has already been raised in the Commons by Labour, which has tabled a series of parliamentary questions.

Gray has told allies that she felt isolated by the civil service. At least two other permanent secretaries are understood to have tried to pressure her to protect colleagues caught up in the scandal.

Despite the excisions, Gray’s report, detailing 4am drinking, brawls, vomiting and red wine up the walls, was damning. Even Johnson appears to have been shocked to read that security guards, known as custodians, and cleaners who tried to stop the parties were abused. “That was the only time he was really angry,” an aide said.

When Johnson returned to No 10 from the Commons, aides took him to apologise to the custodians, who sit in a room off the foyer behind the famous black door. “They said they were battered and bruised by it all and how they got criticism from friends who assumed they were partying as well,” a source said. One custodian, who had to clean up the mess from parties, said he had been asked by relatives: “How can you work there?”

Johnson repeated his apologies in the No 10 post room and to the cleaners the following morning. He even went to say sorry to his protection squad officers. One of them, brandishing his weapon, smiled and said: “Don’t worry, sir, no one was rude to us.”

The report might have been even more embarrassing. A Downing Street official said Gray also investigated claims that two couples were caught having sex in the building on the night Dominic Cummings and Lee Cain left No 10 in November 2020. “She did not find enough evidence to put it in the report,” the official said.

Nonetheless the culture of impunity over which Johnson presided prompted others to come forward this weekend with claims about the treatment of staff. Two Conservative sources say that a female employee at Chequers, the prime minister’s country retreat, left after “personality clashes” with the Johnsons. “Staff at Chequers had a lot of problems,” one said. “The dog was chewing everything and shitting everywhere.” A second source said: “One of the housekeeping left because she found it a nightmare.

Insiders say the laissez-faire approach comes directly from Johnson. “He absolutely thinks none of the rules apply to him,” said a source who knows him well. “He’s been telling everyone for months, ‘I’ve done nothing wrong’. The reason the apologies sound so fake is that he doesn’t think he needs to apologise.”



Another example of lax discipline was that the 8.30am meeting of senior staff was moved at one point to 9am because Johnson kept being late. “You had people coming in from miles away to be there by 7.30am but he couldn’t be bothered to walk down two flights of stairs to get there on time,” a source said. It is also claimed that Martin Reynolds, the former principal private secretary who left after organising a “bring your own booze” party, used to pretend Johnson was in meetings to cover for him while he was having an afternoon nap. Lord Sedwill, the former cabinet secretary, told allies he left No 10 amid concerns about the “frat house” atmosphere. He told friends he knew nothing about a party in his office on June 18 until the next day, when he learnt staff had been dancing on his desk.









1: The behaviour of the dog. The dog was reacting to something furiously in the garden. The dog was sensing the presence of The Dybbuk & the morphic-resonance-field from the garden. Dilyn the dog is very protective of the child in the upstairs flat. The dog knows Johnson has done something bad and can smell it off him. (The Dybbuk will correct this bad behaviour in good time)


2: Note Johnson's inability to concentrate. The morphic-resonance-field is lobotomizing him now.


3: Note the anti-social & aggressive behaviour. Again that's a side effect of the occult force field at Downing Street.


4: The two couples having sex. The sex will have created  & released a strong level of Orgone/Chi/ki/ku/Vril/kundalini, into the building. This will have attracted all sorts of occult entities that feed of this essence. Those entities are now embedded at 10 Downing Street.


5: The chaos at Chequers. Shit in the occult has strong esoteric/magickal qualities not widely known. Its used to attract certain types of entity not widely known. The cleaner who panicked and quit will have picked up on a disturbed  atmosphere & energy at Chequers. In this instance this has nothing to do with The Dybbuk. Chequers will start to have paranormal incidents that will be hushed up. Also note the disturbed behaviour of Carrie & Boris at Chequers. The cleaner will have picked up on the low base vibration energy around the both of them at Chequers.


6: The supposed lateness of Johnson in attending meetings in his own office. Two things are happening here;


A) Johnson's orgone energy will be very low due to The Dybbuk feeding on him, and maintaining a presence inside his body. 


B) No awareness of time. This is a side effect of Saturn. He isnt being late. Saturn is "stealing" time away from him. Closest reference point is where UFO abductees have episodes of missing time. In this instance Johnson thinks only a couple of minutes have passed, when in fact 2 hrs have been stolen from him. Stolen time is a side effect of Chronos-hunger, where 'time' is fed upon.





The Dybbuk is Hungry




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 The morphic-resonance-field of Joseph Biden-Dybbuk & its side effects


Something very curious happened at Biden's visit to the school shooting aftermath in Uvalde Texas. Government Border Agents were instructed (by someone in Biden's entourage ahead of his visit to the school), to remove all their firearms & use-of-force tools on their belts before meeting Biden. If they didnt do this then they couldnt attend any meeting with Biden there at the site. Retired Border Patrol Agent John Carrell  explains what happened in the following video;








1: The instruction came directly from Jill Biden. Jill will have felt directly the low base vibration energy around Joseph Biden-Dybbuk on that day.


2: Jill was so disturbed by this she was concerned that an agent or an LEO would have picked up on the energy & emanations coming directly from Biden-Dybbuk, that they would have been compelled to take their service issue pistol from their belt and empty a full magazine of rounds into him/it. Even worse some of them would have been compelled to 'eat' their own gun in front of Biden-Dybbuk & the cameras and blow their brains out.


3: Jill Biden no longer sleeps. She has insomnia (Sleepynanas). She sees things out of the corner of her eye now. There is no malice in this, merely a side effect of being in close proximity to The Dybbuk.




The Dybbuk is Hungry

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“The great empire will be torn from limb, the all-powerful one for more than four-hundred years: Great power given to the dark one from slaves come.”  ; An epistle to Henry II of France from Nostradamus (1558)


On the 3rd June 2022 all those with a vested interested in the British state attended the Platinum Jubilee Service of Thanksgiving, at St Pauls Cathedral in London. (Built over the Roman temple to Diana)


Boris Johnson-Dybbuk was there too.








 'The great empire will be torn apart'


This represents the collapse of form that Saturn brings to any alignment. It is also symbolic representation of Chronos eating & consuming, with his bare hands & teeth.


'The all-powerful one for more than 400 hundred years'


This is a private issue concerning an occult pact that was made between a non-human entity and a previous historical British monarch centuries ago, that has been broken by the current British Crown & its agents. The pact is null and void. Broken. All agreements between said parties are now dust. Their golden era is now over.


'Great power given to the dark one from slaves come'


The dark one in this instance is Binah/Saturn/Chronos. The slaves is in relation to the general population who have been manipulated by their desires & needs quite easily. It also represents forthcoming conditions for modern society.




1 : Note the close physical proximity of Boris Johnson-Dybbuk to the British Royal Family in the photo.


2:  St Pauls was being used as an occult amplifier by The Dybbuk. The morphic-resonance-field was rampant within the cathedral. There is an occult alignment within that cathedral, that if tapped into properly acts like a musical instrument / tuning fork. 


3: It wasnt picked up by the cameras or audience but Johnson was swaying slightly in an almost circular fashion (circumambulation) as he made his speech. The whole area was covered in an occult energy.


4: Unfortunately a thanksgiving service is supposed to be a celebration of harvest. No offering or token was made in this instance at St Pauls, so Chronos will eat what is at hand. And that is the congregation.




The Dybbuk is Hungry

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12 minutes ago, Tetragrammaton said:

“The great empire will be torn from limb, the all-powerful one for more than four-hundred years: Great power given to the dark one from slaves come.”  ; An epistle to Henry II of France from Nostradamus (1558)


How did he know so much?




Never mind, he just knew his tribes plans. Hence why he knew that Muslim armies would march through Europe, his people say that they use Islam as their broom.

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(Addendum L)


'In the (Adriatic) great discord will arise, and that which will have been united will be separated. To a house will be reduced that which was, and is, a great city, including "Pampotamia" and "Mesopotamia" of Europe at 45, and others of 41, 42 and 37 (degrees).'   Epistle to Henry II of France from Nostradamus (1558)



'a house will be reduced that which was, and is, a great city'


The reduction is the principle of Saturn reducing everything in its path, to the human eye its appears like destruction but is clearing away the old and bringing in a new era. The house/great city is The Dybbuk at St Pauls in the 'City of London' doing its thing on the 3rd June 2022.


'In the (Adriatic) great discord will arise,


In this instance Nostradamus got he interpretation of his vision wrong. he would have seen a vast expanse of water close to home & equated it with the Adriatic. but it was actually The Black Sea next door in the East. The Black Sea as it stands is no longer united and is separated from Europe due to the current war. Also note for Qabbalah obsessives that the 'Black Sea' can be a visual representation of Binah in ritual pathworking.



'at 45, and others of 41, 42 and 37 (degrees).'


Gematria for 45, 41, 42, & 37


45:- 'Agiel'; Intelligence of Saturn

     :- 'Zazel'; Spirit of Saturn

     :- 'She who ruins'


41:- 'Em'; "Mother' (Aleph, Mem)

     :- 'to go round in a circle'


42:- 'Ama' "Mother"; a title of Binah

     :- 'loss', 'destruction'


There is no relatable gematria for 37.





The Dybbuk is Hungry

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Side effects of the morphic-resonance-field at The White House


It seems like Joseph Biden-Dybbuk & his disciple Jill Biden can no longer cope with the occult energies at the White House.  The official schedule shows that Biden-Dybbuk is not resident at The White House, and spends the majority of his time in Delaware. So what i take from this is that Jill cant physically cope with the morphic-resonance-field at The White House. Biden-Dybbuk doesn't really have anything much planned except for his travels on Air Force One and the 'Working Luncheons' he has with representatives of other governments. He does show up in front of a teleprompter 3 or 4 times each week to read something prepared for him, and he does sign a bill here and there, and then flies home to Delaware. And thats it. Keep in mind that is the official narrative, So in reality its much worse;






The Dybbuk is Hungry

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Before i begin i take no pleasure in relaying this. The following information is to inform. Not panic.


Century 3, quatrain 1


'After combat and naval battle,
The great Neptune in his highest belfry:
Red adversary will become pale with fear,
Putting the great Ocean in dread'



'Putin ally Medvedev warns 'Horsemen of the Apocalypse are on their way' in latest chilling outburst weeks after warning of 'full scale nuclear war'





'Red adversary will become pale with fear'


The timetable & schedule for The Apocalypse has been fast tracked & accelerated. Red adversary is the second Horseman of the Apocalypse 'War' and rides the red horse. Due to events we have gone from 'war' to the Fourth (& last) Horseman of the Apocalypse in the form of 'Death' who sits on The Pale Horse.



'Putting the great Ocean in dread'


Two interpretations here;


A)  'the great Ocean' is an interpretation of the 'Dark Waters of Binah' and Saturn's presence now manifest in global events being played out right now. Dread is another word to describe fear ('Pachad'). 


B) One of the world's oceans will be a catalyst in either a forthcoming battle, or it will be a herald/omen for the timetable.


Saturn-Chronos is giving everyone the chance & opportunity to stop this madness. 'The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse' are giving us the professional courtesy of stopping a global war, that will have no winners. 





The Dybbuk is Hungry






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Everything that Boris Johnson-Dybbuk touches either turns to shit or dies.


Point in case his son Theo, who lost his job & friends at a London diner due to his fathers appearance;





He was unflustered when he and his wife were jeered outside St Paul's Cathedral at the Queen's Jubilee Thanksgiving Service on Friday. But it seems that Boris Johnson is less relaxed about those who interrupt his lunch when he manages to get out of his office at No 10. It happened when the Prime Minister made a Friday lunchtime visit to Morito, a trendy tapas and mezze restaurant in East London where his son Theo was working. Mr Johnson was playing the supportive dad, enjoying a hearty meal during a break from his official duties. 'Boris had a nice lunch,' my source tells me. But his restful meal was disturbed by heckles from fellow diners, I can reveal. The PM responded with a dismissive hand gesture and left the establishment. 'He flicked his finger at the customers when he got booed,' my source tells me. 'It was horrible, it just created a nasty atmosphere. Theo, 22, no longer works at the restaurant. He left shortly after Boris's visit, though this is thought to be unrelated.






1: Note the symbolism of the mouth here. Note that Johnson had a strong urge to eat.


2: Note that Boris Johnson-Dybbuk's presence at the restaurant was so disturbing that fellow diners began heckling and shouting at him. The article says he was booed, but thats not technically correct. The diners were making animalistic noises & piggy oink-squeal type sounds. This was a side effect of the low base vibration energy from the morphic-resonance-field in the dining area that emanated from The Dybbuk. Many of the patrons would have gone home that day having a sore tummy & vomiting. They wouldnt have been able to hold the meal down.


3: Note that his son Theo no longer works there. His father's presence was so disturbing & freakish to the owner of the restaurant, that he didnt want him (Theo) as a worker anymore.






The Dybbuk is Hungry

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Joseph Biden-Dybbuk gave a rare one on one interview with reporter Josh Boak of Associated Press last Thursday. Josh was the only one to have access to him;




The Death Stare of Joseph Biden-Dybbuk






Thursday 16th June 2022


Moon in Gemini


Moon squares Mars 00:55am (GMT)

Moon trine Uranus 02:18am (GMT)

Sun trine Saturn 8:03am (GMT)

Moon trine Venus 10:17am (GMT)

Sun Square Neptune 14:21pm (GMT)

Moon sextile Neptune 15:30pm (GMT)

Moon conjunction Pluto 19:41pm (GMT)




The Dybbuk is Hungry


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My user name 'Tetragrammaton' has a very specific occult concept to it. It is The Unpronounceable Word  due to its true destructive nature. Joseph Biden-Dybbuk relayed this concept to the world on 22nd June 2022 in plain view;







1: The Dybbuk is securely lodged in the mouth of Joseph Biden. In spite of everything physically done to the old man behind closed doors its still there. And will remain there until its task & objective is complete.


2: Although this moment is surreal, i can assure you this is something very serious, being conveyed on a global level.


3: The sound of an unspeakable word from The Dybbuk has travelled around the world. A new aeon has begun. 




The Dybbuk is Hungry

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(Addendum M)


Century 3 quatrain 2


'The divine word will give to the sustenance,
Including heaven, earth, gold hidden in the mystic milk:
Body, soul, spirit having all power,
As much under its feet as the Heavenly see'


1 Corinthians 14:2


'For he that speaketh in an unknown tongue speaketh not unto men, but unto God: for no man understandeth him'


'The divine word will give to the sustenance'

In this instance The Dybbuk has pronounced The Unutterable Word'.


('Body, soul), spirit having all power'

Again in this instance the one having all the power is The Dybbuk at The White House.


'As much under its feet as the Heavenly see'

This represents current conditions at The White House. 'Under its feet' represents two long-term occult factions embedded at The White House, who are in the process of being decanted / evicted from the building and surrounding area.  (One is a demonic faction, The other is an ET faction.) The morphic-resonance-field is doing its job as we speak. Those factions are 'under the feet' of The Dybbuk.



'For he that speaketh in an unknown tongue speaketh not unto men, but unto God: for no man understandeth him'


The Council of Nicea did not have a clue what was concealed in The Bible. the above verse represents an occult / mystical technique for creating forms of sound & vibration that opens up forms of mystical communication. 'Not unto men' represents that humans cannot hear these sounds due to the human body's limited range in hearing. 'But unto god'  relays that these types of sound carry all the way around the world unheard by humans, but are heard by other form of intelligence & entities, whom would be seen 'as god' by Biblical prophets. Joseph Biden-Dybbuk has done this in plain sight of the whole world.




The Dybbuk is Hungry

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Gematria of the Dybbuk pt2



Quantrain 2.61-62

Mabus then will soon die, there will come
Of people and beasts a horrible rout:
Then suddenly one will see vengeance,
Hundred, hand, thirst, hunger when the comet will run.


Joseph Biden-Dybbuk sent out a coded cipher at the 2022 NATO summit in plain view of the watching world; 'the hands that did not clap'.









'to clap' Kaph, Peh, yod, Samekh (170)



170 :- 'swallow' (Ayin, lamed, Ayin)
        :- 'A little of food'  (Mem, Ayin, teth, Aleph, Kaph, lamed)



Kaph:- 'Palm of the hand' = 100 (x2 = 200)


200:- delicacies (food) ; Meme Nun Ayin, Meme

        :- 'to swallow down'; 'to consume greedily' (Samekh, Lamed, Ayin, Mem)



The 170/200 cipher shows The Dybbuk telling us what's coming. The forthcoming famine is going to leave "little food", and what food is left will be consumed "greedily" by the few.





The Dybbuk is Hungry

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