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The Dybbuk/Saturn Saga.


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Vehicle of the Dybbuk Priti Patel & Revelation 12:1-3




"a woman clothed with sun, with the moon under her feet and a crown of twelve stars on her head. She was pregnant and cried out in pain as she was about to give birth."


From 13 to 25 August 2017, Priti Patel visited Israel on a family holiday paid for by herself. (https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-41904459 / https://www.gov.uk/government/news/statement-from-international-development-secretary-priti-patel)


During that time there she had many meetings with many members of the Israeli government & its military too. At one point Patel was manipulated to attend what was supposedly a "field hospital" on the Golan Heights. Technically it was but it was actually a location close to the stone circle on Golan Heights that was used by non human entities pre-BC. It was here that Patel was used as a vehicle for The Dybbuk. In fact Patel was carrying The Dybbuk as her "child".


She was pregnant & cried out in pain as she was about to give birth.


Revelation 12 sign prophecy






On April 7, 2011, William Tapley's channel ThirdEagleBooks published the first video about the alignment entitled "Stellarium" giving the 2017 date of the great sign and explaining how the planetary alignment that year matched the text of Revelation 12 better than a 2011 alignments, which he said three earlier videos from other people had mentioned.[5] A few months later, on July 30, 2011, Scott Clarke from ERF Ministries posted a video on YouTube describing the alignment. 


Proponents of the Revelation 12 Sign say that the woman represents the constellation Virgo and the crown of twelve stars represents the nine stars of the constellation Leo in conjunction with Mercury, Mars, and Venus. The moon appears to be under the "feet" of the constellation Virgo in September 2017 and the sun will be passing through the constellation, which proponents interpret as the woman being "clothed with the sun".[4] The second verse of the twelfth chapter of John's Apocalypse goes on to say that the woman "was pregnant and cried out in pain as she was about to give birth." Some people suggest this will be fulfilled because the planet Jupiter will be traversing the constellation after having undergone apparent retrograde motion after entering what they perceive to be Virgo's "womb" around November 20, 2016.[8] Jupiter exits the lower part of the "womb" 42 weeks later, which is the approximate length of a human gestation (normal gestation periods lasting from 37 to 42 weeks). It was also discovered that the apparent retrograde of Jupiter in the womb of Virgo was preceded by C/2017 E1 (Comet Borisov) which is being called the Conception Comet. This comet traveled from the loins of the constellation Leo to the womb of the constellation Virgo on November 17, 2016,[8] just before the entrance of Jupiter into the womb. Some proponents of the Revelation 12 Sign are suggesting that this comet represented the divine insemination of the woman, which subsequently produced the male child (Jupiter). This will be the comet's only trip through our solar system as it is not a solar orbital. The complete astronomical alignment occurred on September 23, 2017, over Jerusalem .



The Revelation 12 Sign may have coincided with the High Holy Day of Rosh Hashanah on the Jewish calendar, which is also called the Feast of Trumpets. The Feast of Trumpets is the first of the Fall Feasts and its timing is traditionally based on the visibility of the new moon,[9] which in 2017 is began on the evening of September 20 and ended on the evening of the 22nd .[10] Rosh Hashanah is the Jewish New Year celebration, in this case marking the end of the year 5777 (sometimes abbreviated to the significant number 777) and the beginning of 5778. (Note that the Trumpet is an instrument of the mouth)






If my private sources are correct Patel was near Jerusalem on Mon 21st August 2017. Strangely enough it was a solar eclipse on that day.


Mon 21st Aug 2017


The Saturn Conjunction


Moon in Virgo 20:25 (GMT)


Moon sextile Jupiter 3:32am (GMT)

Moon conjunction Mars 3:55am(GMT)

Moon trine Saturn (retrograde) 5:26am (GMT)

Sun trine Uranus 6:22am (GMT)

Moon trine Uranus 17:39pm (GMT)

Solar Eclipse 18:30pm (GMT)


The Trine of the moon with Uranus & Saturn on that day was a "birthing". A pregnancy long awaited 


The birth of The Dybbuk came on 23rd September 2017 as the alignment took place over Jerusalem.


Saturday 23rd September 2017


The Saturn Conjunction


Moon in Scorpio

Moon Octile Mercury 0:43am (EET)

Moon sextile Venus 3:35am (EET)

Moon octile Saturn 9:44am (EET)

Mars octile Jupiter 10:25am (EET)

Moon sextile Mars 18:53pm (EET)

Moon trine Neptune 20:22pm (GMT)


(Time calculated in EET; Eastern European time to get the exact time over Jerusalem)


It was on Saturday 23rd September in the UK that The Dybbuk was earthed and born. It transferred itself from Patel into Boris Johnson. The "child" was born.






The Dybbuk is Hungry


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Boris Johnson-Dybbuk ignores & walks past hunger striker Richard Ratcliffe, who was literally starving himself to death on Whitehall;





British Prime Minister Boris Johnson stood accused of a personal snub to a hunger strike in support of Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe, as his government on Tuesday said her predicament would not provide leverage for the release of £400 million ($537m) the UK owes Iran.

Foreign Minister James Cleverly vowed that while the government would work to free political prisoners such as Ms Zaghari-Ratcliffe it would not allow the regime to use jailed UK citizens for “diplomatic leverage”.

During a packed Westminster Hall debate in Parliament, some MPs reacted with shock when it was disclosed Ms Zaghari-Ratcliffe’s husband Richard had seen Boris Johnson walk past him while he was on hunger strike outside Whitehall.

The British Prime Minister — accused of inflaming the situation in 2017 when he stated that Ms Zaghari-Ratcliffe was in Iraq “simply teaching people journalism”- has only met the family once, MPs heard.

“The prime minister did not visit me on hunger strike, though he did pass me one day without coming over”, Mr Ratcliffe said, in a letter read out by his MP Tulip Sadiq following his 21-day protest.

But the British government appears to be intent on not paying the cash to Tehran, despite both America and Germany doing so to free jailed citizens.

Following a cross-party torrent of pressure for the government to do more to secure her release, Mr Cleverly insisted he would not conflate the two issues.

Richard Ratcliffe said he was ignored by Boris Johnson during his 21 days camped outside the UK Foreign Office, protesting for his wife's release. PA. “The UK government recognises we have a duty to legally repay this debt and we continue to explore all legal options to resolve this 40-year-old case,” he said referring to the pre-revolutionary Iranian government’s deal for 1,500 Chieftain tanks.

“I want to make it absolutely clear that we do not accept British dual nationals being used as diplomatic leverage.”

He insisted that the government would pressure Iran and would not relent “until she is fully and permanently released”.

Mr Cleverly said he was also seeking international co-operation to stop states from “arbitrarily detaining foreign nationals for commercial purposes”.

That view was echoed by former foreign secretary Jeremy Hunt, who said that no country should make citizens “a pawn in a diplomatic game”, and there needed to be an international agreement to “end the vile practice of hostage diplomacy which needs to be consigned back to the 19th century where it belongs”.

Ms Siddiq said that the £400m debt and her constituent’s release were linked. “What frustrates me so much is that every time I speak to the government they seem to be burying their heads in the sand, and denying the fact that there's a link”, the Labour MP said.





1: Again note the symbolism of the mouth in this case.


2: In the occult & mystical practices when one engages in fasting it produces certain side effects in the physical body. One side effect is that it raises the vibration in the person & their body. It also acts as a magnet for beings/entities of Light. Mr Ratcliffe's vibrational state would have been very high as he came to the end of his hunger strike. In occult terms he would have had "company" with him during the hunger strike, that no one could see. Such a high vibrational state is repellent to low base vibration energy entities.


3: Boris Johnson-Dybbuk ignored and walked past Mr Ratcliffe because he/it was repelled by the high vibrational state. He wouldnt be able to be physically near Ratcliffe. At that moment Johnson would have felt extreme rage & frustration. In simplistic terms Ratcliffe would have had an angelic "force-field" around him from that emanating vibration.


4: Interestingly no one from the British State or in Whitehall came to see if Ratcliffe was actually ok. Whitehall is stunk out with a significant amount of low base vibration entities in the government.  If you know what your looking for then they stand out quite easily. (empty hollow eyes, repulsive energy around them, control freak tendencies).


5: Mr Ratcliffe's hunger strike would have acted as a catalyst on the occult level. You are going to see a lot of weird stuff happening in Whitehall between now and early 2022. His raised vibrational level would have acted like a ....."lighthouse" that will have attracted all sorts of  interesting occult beings & non human intelligences to the area of Whitehall. The Dybbuk will be having a family reunion this Xmas...




The Dybbuk is Hungry



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In this long term thread i have repeatedly said that no one in the modern era has physically survived for any length of time being possessed with a non human entity inside them. It causes great damage to the body on multiple levels and leads to complications that cannot be resolved.


A side effect of this is that it destroys hand/eye coordination of the person making it difficult to function on a day to day level. This is where we are with Boris Johnson-Dybbuk now.


The hand-eye coordination of his body is degraded to such an extent, he cannot even properly shake the hand of a visiting dignitary;






Boris Johnson raised eyebrows on Friday when he greeted Poland's populist prime minister by grabbing his thumb.
One Downing Street photographer to witnessed the incident described the greeting as "very odd".
The Dybbuk is Hungry
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 I have previously stated that Boris Johnson-Dybbuk has cast a "glamour" over the British government & the country. This has led to people being unable to see truth and unable to know what is reality & what is illusion. It has also led to there no longer being any functioning British government. There is no government. What we have is a "cult" (along the lines of say Scientology or Jim Jones's Peoples Temple),  under the control of Boris Johnson-Dybbuk.


Which leads us to this bizarre event;




Old Bexley and Sidcup: Conservative Party holds the safe London seat at by-election.



The Conservatives have held the safe suburban London seat of Old Bexley and Sidcup in a by-election.

Their candidate, local councillor Louie French, won more than half the votes, with Labour's Daniel Francis second.

Mr French paid tribute to the area's former MP, James Brokenshire, whose death from cancer in October triggered the contest.

The Tories' majority has been cut from nearly 19,000 to 4,478, with a 10% swing to Labour.

Although votes at mid-term polls are usually lower than at general elections, the 34% turnout was the lowest at a by-election since 2018.





1: In spite of the chaos, the stupidity, the sleaze, the misery, the food shortages, the petrol shortages, the 160,000+  COVID deaths caused by Johnson's purposeful inaction, (and even openly telling the world that more people are going to die because he deems it), the glamour cast by Johnson-Dybbuk was so strong that it caused his cult of followers to go out and vote for him en masse. And many of those voters will have had loved ones who died because of Johnson's actions. Let that sink in.


2: Note the lack of analysis from the UK media today. The glamour cast, is so strong that even the British media can no longer see the difference between reality & illusion.


3: Note the 34% turnout ion the vote. Around 66% of the voter base couldnt even be bothered to vote. Again this is the power of the glamours cast by The Dybbuk at 10 Downing Street. Instead of going out to vote they were enthralled to the glamours cast. (Oh look! There is a movie on! Oh look! I need to go to the shops to buy clothes i dont need! Oh look a talking cat meme on Facebook! I'll just vote later after tea! Next thing its 11pm at night.)


4: So Britain is in the position now, where Boris Johnson-Dybbuk can kill has many people he deems fit, and his victims will willing go out and vote for their own misery & deaths. The country literally has a death cult at 10 Downing Street, presenting the illusion of government that doesnt actually exist, where governance has been replaced by the fickle whims & will of Boris Johnson-Dybbuk.



The Dybbuk is Hungry

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Whilst going through his Satanic phase in Brussels 1989, Boris Johnson somehow managed to track down, stalk, and threaten Louisa Gosling in the belief that his traumatised first wife Allegra Mostyn Owen would reveal his true nature to Gosling;





A close friend of Boris Johnson's first wife has revealed how he threatened her over serious allegations about the couple's private life.
Louisa Gosling, now a consultant on data privacy, was a 21-year-old Cambridge graduate in 1989 when she says Johnson's first wife Allegra Mostyn-Owen sought refuge in her flat late one night.
There had reportedly been a fierce row between Mostyn-Owen and the odds-on favourite to be the next Prime Minister after he had moved to Brussels to become the European correspondent for the Daily Telegraph.
The couple had met as students at Oxford and Gosling was also working in Brussels as a trainee for the European commission. 
It is understood Mostyn-Owen fled to Gosling's house red-eyed and distressed and said she needed a haven away from her marital home according to The Sunday Times.
She ended up staying at Gosling's flat for a number of weeks.
Gosling said: 'She looked like she was in shock.
'And she said she needed somewhere to stay and could not go back to the flat she shared with Johnson.' 
Gosling says that days later, Johnson followed her down a street and grabbed her arm and took her into a bar where he accused his wife of spreading 'lies' about him.
When she refused to give him the answer he wanted, Gosling says Johnson said her account was 'bulls***' and then accused her of also being a liar.
She then alleges he made a threat to her saying she had better watch out if she repeated anything Mostyn-Owen had told her about their relationship.
Gosling has labelled his behaviour as 'bullying' and aggressive.
She said: 'Thirty years later - and now I am 51 - I am still scared of Boris Johnson.'  Gosling said: 'I just have to speak out to support what others have said about him - that he is a very unfit, unstable, unpredictable, potentially angry, fly-off-the-handle kind of guy.'







1: How was Johnson able to track & stalk Gosling through Brussels?! This was pre-internet. So either he was given help or he already exhibited certain "skills" even back then.


2: Note Johnson was trying to control his "narrative", He wanted to make sure that his true nature wasnt getting revealed so that he could develop his presence & career in politics. So someone or "something" was helping him even back then


3: In satanic rituals when exposed to death, torture, & demonic entities , it overstimulates the muladhara chakra, increasing aggression, violence & the sex drive. So given his behaviour Johnson would have attended /  been exposed to these rituals in Brussels during the time of his break up from Allegra. She would have seen the side effects of these rituals with him being cohabited/possessed by something demonic.


4: Any detectives out there in Belgium, we need muckraking done on Johnson (or his father Stanley) getting access to Chateau Des Amerois between 1989 -1992.


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Back in the thread i have stated that  when a non human entity cohabits in a human body for any length of time it slowly destroys the human body from the inside. One side effect is to destroy hand/eye coordination. Boris Johnson-Dybbuk can no longer read or write now. Heres a letter from his office dated 14th Dec 2021. A 5 year old child with a pack of Crayons, has better hand-eye coordination than the British Prime Minister;






The Dybbuk is Hungry

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The Brides of The Dybbuk





This is a photo taken of Carrie Johnson & Rachel Johnson together at the Conservative Party conference in Manchester last year (6th Oct 2021). First note the madness in the eyes of Carrie. Then note the body language & awkwardness of Rachel Johnson. Note how Rachel is turning her head away and pushing slightly away from Carrie. This is a side effect of the morphic-resonance-field from 10 Downing Street. Due to Carrie's proximity to The Dybbuk at the flat she is emitting a repulsive energy that affects anyone who comes into close proximity to her. Then note how contorted & pained Rachel looks. She is literally feeling the repulsive energy emitting from Carrie digging into her.


There is a reason why Rachel Johnson never married. She is a product of the conditioning that comes from SRA.  Note how badly aged she is without TV studio makeup. Rachel will never be able to speak about the abuse she went though; she has compartmentalised it. Rachel had a very difficult & wretched childhood. Rachel knows her brother too well.  Rachel was never able to conceive or get pregnant due to that historical abuse.

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Century 3,  V 13;


Through lightning in the arch gold and silver melted,
Of two captives one will eat the other:
The greatest one of the city stretched out,
When submerged the fleet will swim.



Through lightning in the arch gold and silver melted,

Subconsciously Carrie Johnson was manipulated to buy wallpaper with prepared gold leaf on it for the Downing Street flat renovations (costing around £840 a roll). In the occult gold is a conduit to allow non human entities to manifest & communicate.


Of two captives one will eat the other:


The Dybbuk & Boris Johnson occupy the same space in each other. Johnson is a "captive" to The Dybbuk. And the Dybbuk will not give up its food source willingly. Johnson's body is starting to feel "eaten up" from the effect of carrying The Dybbuk inside him. The eating refers to the Chronus/Saturn aspect of eating & destroying.


The greatest one of the city stretched out,


This refers to the occult glamours of The Dybbuk literally having control of the city of London. The glamours stretch over the entire city and all in it. To the point where even the police see no wrong in Johnson as evidenced by the lack of police prosecutions over Johnson breaking his own government rules.


When submerged the fleet will swim.


This refers to the Dark Waters of Binah (aka Saturn). Johnson-Dybbuk is immersed/submerged in the Dark Waters of Saturn/Binah now. To some this will be horrific due to the chain reaction it is going to cause, to others well versed in occult lore it represents a turning point of certain occult doors opening and beginning a new era/Aeon being ushered in. (Johnson neither knows or understands this. He is merely a mechanism in a much larger process).




The Dybbuk is Hungry

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Ongoing issues of the morphic-resonance-field at 10 Downing Street


Seems the demonic energy at 10 Downing Street is driving staff mad and causing extreme behaviour patterns in senior staff.







Boris Johnson and his wife, Carrie, are accused of attending a “booze-up” in the garden of No 10 that broke Covid rules during the first lockdown. The party on May 20, 2020, was thrown by Martin Reynolds, Johnson’s principal private secretary, the most senior civil servant in Downing Street. Three sources say Reynolds emailed officials inviting them to a drinks party and adding “BYOB”, which stands for “bring your own bottle” — removing any doubt that it was a planned party.

The email is key evidence in a sleaze inquiry being run by the Whitehall enforcer Sue Gray, which is now threatening to force the resignations of several senior members of Johnson’s team. The suggestion the prime minister himself attended the event — not denied by No 10 — makes this allegation more serious for Johnson than other recent revelations. He did not join a Christmas party organised by the Downing Street press office, and even his bitter enemy Dominic Cummings admits that pictures of Johnson drinking wine on the terrace of No 10 simply show an outdoor work meeting. A witness said: “There were 40 people in the garden, including Boris and Carrie. There were long tables laden with drink, crisps, sausage rolls and other picnic food. It was a proper booze-up.”


The first lockdown was introduced in late March 2020. It was only on June 1 that year that people were allowed to mix outside in groups of up to six, and it was not until July 4 that two households were permitted to mix indoors or outdoors. One of those who received the emailed invitation said: “Martin said everyone had been working hard, so it was a good opportunity to get together in the garden. He concluded by encouraging people to bring their own booze.” The details of the event prompted speculation last night that Reynolds might be forced to resign. One colleague said: “Martin was loose with the rules. That’s why Boris likes him: because he doesn’t challenge him or stop him having fun.”


When Reynolds sent his email Cummings replied saying that it was ill advised. At least one other senior official told him it was a bad idea. Johnson has already begun looking for a replacement for Reynolds. “He has approached two other senior civil servants and asked them if they would be interested,” a senior Tory said. “Both took advice and politely declined.” Insiders believe a third civil servant, Jess Glover, is now being lined up for the role. In a further blow to Johnson, questions are being asked about Dan Rosenfield, the Downing Street chief of staff, who is accused of presiding over an “overbearing” culture that contributed to the departures of six women from the No 10 office towards the end of last year. He is accused of making them buy sandwiches for his lunch, collect his dry-cleaning and buy presents.


Johnson himself is understood to have remarked at a leaving do that the departures “aren’t good for the gender balance”. One incident involving Rosenfield was referred to in a tweet by Nikki da Costa, the former head of legislative affairs, who quit No 10 in August. In December she wrote that there had been an incident in which “a young woman” was “bawled out in front of people for not doing something precisely when the chief of staff wanted it, even though not part of her job description”. Rosenfield is also accused of exhibiting a “culture of entitlement” over his office. A source said: “He insisted on having a wardrobe put in his office so he had somewhere to hang his suits, because he cycles in. When a wardrobe was found, he didn’t like it, so he insisted something was custom-built overnight. Facilities moved heaven and earth to sort it out; the next morning he was angry because his office smelt of wood stain.”


Downing Street declined to comment on whether Boris and Carrie Johnson attended the May party. A source said Rosenfield “is well respected and gets on with people across the building. Suggesting otherwise is a total mischaracterisation.”







1: Again note Johnson's obsession with food/eating. As people died in the pandemic instead of doing his job, he spent his hours at Downing Street finding reasons to eat & drink consumed by a hunger. 


2: The increasing madness of Dan Rosenfield. As the morphic-resonance-field overwhelms him, career spook Rosenfield loses the ability to function at Downing Street. Note his inability to leave the office due to paranoia. Also note the repulsive behaviour towards his staff. Also note him becoming disturbed by a "smell" coming from a wardrobe he had installed. The smell comes from The Dybbuk. Its an occult form of secretion similar to pheromones. This will have increased his paranoia, anger & rage. This smell of the secretion is all over his suits he keeps in the wardrobe at Downing Street. Only he can smell this, which will lead to even more abnormal type OCD behaviour. By the time The Dybbuk is finished with him, he will be buying bottles of bleach to keep in his office. When Rosenfield leaves Downing Street, he will struggle to find & keep a job.


3: Note that Downing Street is now so grotesque & repulsive in its energy & atmosphere it has led to the loss of (at least) 6 female staff (at the end of last year), who couldnt cope or deal with the abnormal behaviours or disturbing environment they found themselves in.


4: Note also that nobody wants to work at 10 Downing Street. Johnson approached at least 2 people to replace Martin Reynolds (principal private secretary), and those people have declined the offer to work at Downing Street. Nobody wants to be near that building on Downing Street.



The Dybbuk is Hungry

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A synchronicity of concealment

So we have this moment where Boris Johnson-Dybbuk hid in his ride from waiting photographers trying to get a shot of him in the vehicle;





And then we have this narrative given by the media that He is going to be out of sight of the public eye over the next 7 days due to a fabricated COVID test;





Boris Johnson is unlikely to be seen in public for the next week after a member of his immediate family tested positive for Covid, Downing Street has said.
While self-isolation for contacts of coronavirus cases is no longer mandatory, Johnson’s spokesman said the prime minister would heed guidance to limit outside contacts as much as possible for seven days after the test.
The spokesman declined to say whether it was Johnson’s wife, Carrie, or one of the couple’s two young children who had tested positive, saying only that it was an immediate family member with whom the PM lived




The story is fake. There is no COVID. The Dybbuk is starting to physically manifest in Johnson now. It changes & contorts his face (transmogrification). Johnson has no control over this. This is one of the reasons why Johnson has always been absentee/hiding in his job. And why his wife Carrie has serious a mental health issue now. Carrie will have seen the true form of The Dybbuk out of the corner of her eye. Ironically one of the photographers might have got a photo of The Dybbuk in the car. (If you have it photographer dont advertise this; you will be disappeared).


Also to all the close protection officers (CPO), if you are in close proximity to the Prime Minister, dont allow yourself to be left alone with your service piece/loaded firearm. You will have a compulsion to "eat" the gun. Also if you see the PM's face "morph", say nothing. Dont advertise this. Trust me.



The Dybbuk is Hungry


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Boris Johnson-Dybbuk has weaponised the Mercury retrograde conjunction this month (Jan 2022) to stifle debate, movement, & communication. Mercury retrograde is January 14 – February 3. Starts in air sign Aquarius, ends in earth-sign Capricorn.


The Dybbuk is using the retrograde alignment of Mercury to create limbo & confusion amongst his own MPs. There is real fear & confusion amongst Conservative Party MPs at the moment. It is like a ...'brain fog' over their heads at the moment. Real mindfuck type stuff. There will be no functioning British government until after 3rd Feb (at least).


There is also a horrific revelation waiting to be revealed about Johnson. Someone out there is holding back on something terrible that has happened. They are uncertain about whether or not to release it to the public. This is a side effect of Mercury retrograde.



The Dybbuk is Hungry

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Century 3  Verse 42

The child will be born with two teeth in his mouth,
Stones will fall during the rain in Tuscany:
A few years after there will be neither wheat nor barley,
To satiate those who will faint from hunger.


On the 15th Jan 2022 an eruption destroyed the island of Hunga-Tonga-Hunga-Ha'apai, (https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-australia-60027360


The island before it was destroyed was in the shape of a mouth (the mouth of Chronos).

'The child will be born with two teeth in his mouth',





you will note that after the eruption only two bits of the island were left. Like teeth.


(Gematria ; Tooth; Shin 300/  3 Is the number of Binah (Saturn), 42 is the number of Ama; 'mother' a title of Binah)



'Stones will fall during the rain in Tuscany'


Stones did fall like rain on the region. Nostradamus will have misheard Tonga during his trances. Tonga didnt exist during his time so he would have tied it up with a location he knew.


'To satiate those who will faint from hunger'


In this instance the one who is hungry is Chronos. An aspect of Chronos (or one of his messengers) was released into this world through the eruption. An occult door was opened in the Pacific on the 15th Jan. That door will remain open.


The catalyst of the eruption was the day before on the 14th Jan 2022;


Oh look! Its the Saturn Alignment.


Friday 14th Jan 2022


Moon in Gemini


Moon trine Mercury 1:12pm (Pacific time)

Moon trine Saturn  7:25pm (Pacific time)


The moon was the doorway for Mercury to push through allowing Saturn/Chronos messenger to erupt through. This is very very powerful stuff manifest in this world right now. A new spiritual era/Aeon is now coming into the world. This will be horrific to some & wonderous to others. Ironically Boris Johnson-Dybbuk has been the catalyst & mechanism for this.


The Dybbuk is Hungry



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Everything that Boris Johnson-Dybbuk touches either turns to shit or dies.


Here is the only photo of Tory MPs James Brokenshire & David Amess together at an event;





David Amess was murdered on 15th October 2021



James Brokenshire died on the date given of 7th Oct 2021



More or less a week between the untimely deaths of both politicians.


Brokenshire didnt die on the 7th Oct. That was recorded on his death certificate. But he passed-on, on the 6th Oct 2021;


Wednesday 6th Oct 2021


Oh look. Its The Saturn Alignment


Moon in Libra (New Moon 12:05pm)


Moon trine Saturn 1:16am (GMT)

Moon conjunction Mars 1:03 pm (GMT)

Moon conjunction Mercury 10:42pm (GMT)

Pluto direct motion 1:07pm (GMT)


This is just a reminder that Chronos ate and consumed his own children. The Dybbuk is cannibalising his own MPs now.



The Dybbuk is Hungry



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As i stated in my post of 15th Jan on this thread, that once the Mercury retrograde alignment lifted on the 3rd Feb we would start to see developments. On the morning of the 4th Feb 2022 the morphic resonance field done its job, and we had a clear out at Downing Street;






The mass exodus of senior No10 officials has continued this morning, with a fifth aide resigning from their Downing Street role. Four senior aides to Boris Johnson resigned within hours of each other in a series of bombshell revelations last night, piling pressure on the embattled Prime Minister. They were followed by a No 10 policy staffer on Friday morning. Munira Mirza, Jack Doyle, Martin Reynolds, Dan Rosenfield, Elena Narozanski, have all resigned



What's the matter Dan? Was it the smell?



The Dybbuk is Hungry

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So today we have some articles about Lord Ashcroft's book concerning Carrie Johnson. (Edit; Ashcroft is a person of interest to this forum due to his control freakery & his constant use of private detectives to get muck on his supposed "enemies")


Now in one of the articles it is being claimed that Downing Street aides could "hear" Carrie on the phone "whispering" things to Johnson;






Others paint an extraordinary picture and allege that Mrs Johnson had Mr Johnson so under her thumb she was at times directly briefing the Prime Minister during his phone calls. It was even alleged that, on occasion, Mrs Johnson could be heard whispering prompts to Johnson while these phone calls were in progress.



The aides didnt hear Carrie. Because Carrie wasnt in the room. They were hearing a voice of The Dybbuk coming through the phone. Its a sort of side effect of The Dybbuk co-habiting inside Johnson's body. It is a sort of spectral / occult form of ventriloquism, where the entity use the human body as the "dummy". This is called Gastromancy;



Originally, ventriloquism was a religious practice. The name comes from the Latin for 'to speak from the stomach: venter (belly) and loqui (speak). The Greeks called this gastromancy (Greekεγγαστριμυθία).The noises produced by the stomach were thought to be the voices of the unliving, who took up residence in the stomach of the ventriloquist. The ventriloquist would then interpret the sounds, as they were thought to be able to speak to the dead, as well as foretell the future. One of the earliest recorded group of prophets to use this technique was the Pythia, the priestess at the temple of Apollo in Delphi, who acted as the conduit for the Delphic Oracle.


Because of the Chronos-Hunger, The Dybbuk resides in the belly ever consuming what comes through the mouth. And the mouth is used as a gateway to communicate.



The Dybbuk is Hungry



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Before i begin, i take zero pleasure in relaying this info at such a stressful time. But it needs aired for the world to see. This is not to panic. But to inform. To bring awareness. I held back on this for long enough;


The President of the United States Joe Biden is now a proxy / mechanism of The Dybbuk


The Dybbuk introducing itself to the President of the United States Joe Biden at a political rally in Long Beach College Los Angeles Monday 13th September 2021








1: Again note the symbolism of the mouth.


2: Again note that The Dybbuk made its presence felt at a political rally full of people in plain view (Just like Theresa May).


3: Note the confusion in Biden's eyes. Thats the side effect of The Dybbuk sifting through all the crap in Biden's damaged mind.


4: The Dybbuk hasnt left Boris Johnson yet. Whats happened is that Johnson "pressed the flesh" with Biden at the G7 summit in Cornwall behind closed doors. (just like he did with Benjamin Netanyahu in London). So the occult energies will have penetrated into Biden's body in plain sight.


5: The Dybbuk is using an occult version of quantum entanglement, to maintain a presence inside Johnson & to "nanny" Biden. 


6: I am not revealing the exact astrological conjunction for that day due to tactical reasons. For any long term astrology students out there you will know what to look for.


7:  The American Deep State has nothing to worry about. Biden-Dybbuk will not interfere with your agenda (it doesnt need to). The Dybbuk is merely there to tie-up some loose ends, that should have been resolved years ago. Don't interfere with its work.




The Dybbuk is Hungry



(For reference purposes here is the full speech from the C-SPAN live feed;

www.c-span.org/video/?514610-1/president-biden-campaigns-california-governor-gavin-newsom-ahead-recall-election )

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Century 3 v:36
"Buried apoplectic not dead,
He will be found to have his hands eaten:
When the city will condemn the heretic,
He who it seemed to them had changed their laws".



Buried (but) not dead.

For all intents Biden is half dead right now due to the Alzheimers and his body shutting down.


Apoplectic; Biden has had serious brain surgery done on him in the past (which hasnt helped). He has had one, or two mini strokes in the past. This has led to his brain being rewired making it easy for The Dybbuk to occupy him when needed.


He will be found to have his hands eaten.

This represents Biden having no control over his own body. "His hands eaten", again note the symbolism of the mouth. Biden's hands have been "eaten" metaphorically by Chronos/Saturn. The Dybbuk has control of the hands now.


When the city will condemn the heretic.

All of Washington DC knows that Biden isnt fit to hold office, but the city is full of hypocrites silenced by their pensions, and want a quiet life.


Changed their laws.

This is actually in relation to occult laws and practices that have been up-ended by the appearance of The Dybbuk. Many occult treaties & pacts agreed centuries ago in private are now void & broken. This is a private issue and doesnt concern the general population. This matter will be of relevance to a small clique who are versed in these issues.




The Dybbuk is Hungry

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Before making its presence felt at the political rally, The Dybbuk introduced itself to the U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris when she was on a trip to Singapore via Hanoi on Tuesday 24th August 2021;





US Vice-President Kamala Harris's flight to Vietnam was delayed by several hours due to an "anomalous health incident" with similarities to so-called Havana syndrome, reports say.

The mysterious syndrome first affected people at the US and Canadian embassies in Havana in 2016 and 2017. It may be caused by directed microwave radiation.

Ms Harris was in Singapore ahead of her visit to Vietnam at the time of the incident in Hanoi.

It is unclear who was affected.

CBS News reported that the incident in the Vietnamese capital is similar to previous incidents of Havana syndrome reported elsewhere.

In a statement, the US State Department said that Ms Harris's departure from Singapore to Hanoi was delayed after reports of a "possible anomalous health incident" there.

The department added that "after careful assessment", Ms Harris and her delegation decided to continue the trip to Hanoi, where she has now arrived.

A senior official quoted by CBS News said that at least one official had to be medically evacuated over the weekend. He added that the incident is not the first case of Havana syndrome reported in Vietnam.






1: Its not clear in the article but it was two staff who were given medivac out of Hanoi, and hospitalised. They were temporarily incapacitated.


2: Due to Harris' close proximity to Biden she is now subject to the effects of the morphic resonance field now developed at the White House and at Biden's private office located elsewhere from the White House.


3: The incident was not an effect of Havana Syndrome.


4: Being acclimatised to a non human entity takes time, and causes side effects.  It doesnt help that Kamala has mental health issues either. And that she has had panic attacks. So she isnt going to speak truthfully about this incident.


5: In occult terms The White House is a clusterfuck. The area surrounding the building has many types of microwave & electronic equipment all intermingling creating electronic smog. Then add in the concealed ultraterrestrial/ET/Archon/demonic/ interdimmensional presence at the White House all keeping tabs. (All with their own competing agendas) This creates all sorts of weird side effects & issues that will remain unresolved. Context? The White House is not fit for purpose anymore. Now add in the morphic-resonance-field & The Dybbuk. 


6: I will say the same thing to the U.S. Secret Service that i have said to Boris Johnson-Dybbuk's Close Protection Officers (CPOs); Do not allow yourself to be left alone with your service issue firearm after your work shift. You will have a need to "eat" the gun. Always remain in the company of a work colleague as you hand in your firearm. If you feel "low" or "down" after a day with Biden, advise your boss to give you a day off or to swap assignments. All of this is a side effect of the morphic resonance field emanating from Biden now.




The Dybbuk is Hungry




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There has also been, just like Johnson, plenty of his closest aids (Harris as well) that have handed in their notices in recently. Not sure if it is a coincidence, but it's certainly a pattern that appears to have emerged between all of them. Do you have any comments on that? I assume it is a similar sign to the others in terms of this morphic field you speak of. 👍 

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Yesterday at 2:22pm on the 22/2/22 Joe Biden-Dybbuk began his teleprompter speech given to him by his staff. The Dybbuk manipulated Biden's staff to give him a speech laden with code & ciphers. To send out an occult message to the world.  The staff think they were sending out a code to the state sector/military. They werent.


Biden-Dybbuk was being "ridden"/controlled from London. So the timing is in GMT.


Tuesday 22nd Feb 2022


Oh look. Its the Saturn Alignment.


Moon in Scorpio


Moon opposition Uranus 5:13am (GMT)

Moon trine Jupiter 6:46am (GMT)

Moon square Saturn 4:52pm (GMT)

Moon sextile Venus 9:58pm (GMT)

Moon sextile Mars 11:01pm (GMT)

Moon trine Neptune 12:00am (GMT)





222:- Barakh; "To Kneel" (to) bless

        :- Ravkar; "to ride", "to drive" 

      :- Rekev; "Vehicle"

      :- Ravakh; "to be mixed, "mingled"


The Gematria is quite clear in this. The Dybbuk now has full access to Biden in every respect. 222 is also an occult cipher that represents a certain process. This process has now begun.






The Dybbuk is Hungry

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Addendum (E)


For reference purposes i include the live feed from Sky News's coverage of Biden-Dybbuk's speech on the 22nd. Note it was 7:22pm in the UK as the speech commenced, so there is a difference of 5 hrs.








The Dybbuk is Hungry

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The good old man buried quite alive,
Near the great river through false suspicion:
The new old man ennobled by riches,
Captured on the road all his gold for ransom.


(Century 3; Verse 72)





"There is no way we were ever going to unite Ukraine" : Joseph Biden-Dybbuk  (Thursday 10th Feb 2022);





The interview took place on Thursday 10th Feb 2022 for the following day.


Thursday 10th Feb 2022


Oh look. Its The Saturn Alignment


Thursday 10th Feb 2022


Moon in Gemini 


Moon square Jupiter 12:33am (EST)

Moon trine Saturn 3:21pm (EST)




1: Note Biden-Dybbuk openly telling the world about what was coming to Ukraine. A good 12/13 days before the event. 


2: Note the surreal look on the interviewers face. He doesnt have a clue whats going on. The glamours cast upon him.


3: Note the use of the term "we".  "We are not uniting Ukraine". This is The Dybbuk telling the world he has full access to Biden now.


4: 'The good old man buried alive'; refers to all aspects of Biden being subsumed by The Dybbuk. Technically Biden is already dead being propped up by various drugs to prolong him. Also it represents a terrible horrific act Biden committed decades ago, that he has kept secret for the sake of his career.


5: 'Near The Great River through false suspicion'; The great river is the Dark Waters of Binah (Saturn), the waters washing away all false illusion and fakery. Illusions dont survive point of contact with Saturn.


6: 'The new old man ennobled by riches'; Refers to the Dybbuk giving Biden a "second life" in his final story on this planet. Also suggests the fallacy of thinking money will save him. All the money in the world, and he cant even wipe his own ass.


7: 'Captured on the road all his gold for ransom'; Biden captured by events beyond his control & captured by The Dybbuk for a greater purpose. Again all his 'gold'/material wealth doesnt count for anything now. Biden knows he has wasted his life coming into contact with true spiritual power that he will never have or understand.




The Dybbuk is Hungry

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Last night was Joe Biden's last coherent State of the Union speech that he will ever give.


(Tuesday 1st Mar 2022)







1:  Note Nancy Pelosi's erratic behaviour in close proximity to The Dybbuk. The morphic resonance field has been cathartic towards her. The medication she has been taking for various things will stop working now.


2: Note the emptiness of Kamala Harris. She knows her place now.


3: Note the trippy, zombie-like, brainwashed behaviour of the crowd. This is the morphic resonance field taking effect over the crowd & the hall. Even when Biden-Dybbuk says nothing they still applaud him like members of a cult.


4: There are just too many moments where The Dybbuk intervenes in the address.


5: There is a cryptic moment at the end of the speech, where Biden tries to declare WWIII & The Dybbuk confuses/befuddles  him.



The Dybbuk is Hungry

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