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The Dybbuk/Saturn Saga.


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Addendum (D)


Allegra Mostyn-Owen;  Johnson's first wife (& survivor).






The 1987 wedding uniting Boris Johnson and his first wife, Allegra Mostyn-Owen, in unhappy matrimony was a very posh, glamorous affair – described as a cross between La Dolce Vita and Brideshead Revisited. 

The daughter of renowned art historian William Mostyn-Owen and flamboyant Italian writer Gaia Servadio, Allegra was a socialite and former Tatler cover girl whose beauty had besotted young men falling at her feet at Oxford University.

Old Etonian Johnson, who had been awarded the Brackenbury Scholarship of Balliol for academic excellence, was the ambitious President of the Union who had beaten off rivals to win her – wooing her so stealthily over curries at a local Indian she didn’t at first realise he was interested in her.

‘Allegra had a lot of the Italian Botticelli angel looks: blonde and ethereal,’ one Oxford contemporary told the Mail. ‘That quality made her seem untouchable and to the rest of us – which is precisely what Boris would have wanted as trophy.

‘You could always see that she was the butterfly, and he the pin – she looked like she could break so easily.’  

Considered the brightest and most golden among their peers, these two striking blondes seemed the perfect match that September day 32 years ago as guests gathered at the bride’s family seat Woodhouse, a grade II-listed 1,500 acre estate in Shropshire.

The omens, however, did not bode well from the outset.

While Allegra looked radiant in white, her hair adorned with flowers, Johnson – in typically shambolic manner – arrived for his own wedding without his trousers. Or shoes.

He had to borrow trousers and cufflinks from Tory MP John Biffen for the ceremony. Sadly, Mr Biffen’s shoes did not fit, so he wore a shabbier pair. By all accounts, the bride’s father – chairman of Christie’s auction house – was not impressed.

Within an hour of his arrival, Boris had also misplaced the ring, and then lost their wedding certificate – which was later discovered by Mr Biffen stuffed into a pocket of the borrowed trousers.

During his speech, Johnson apparently misquoted PG Wodehouse and when he was heckled by a guest who pointed out the mistake, blustered ‘Good chap. Give the man a coconut’.  From there, it was all downhill. ‘When we got married, that was actually the end of the relationship instead of the beginning,’ Allegra would later say.


The romance, which started when Johnson turned up at her rooms at Trinity College with a bottle of wine on the wrong night for a party (‘oh, oh, oh’ he said in surprise when he found her poring over a text book), did not survive long after the exchange of vows.

But was there more to the collapse of their six-year marriage than Johnson’s charming buffoonery, vaulting ambition, all-consuming pursuit of career glory and notoriously elastic relationship with the truth?   Allegra, who does not have children, left Brussels for the last time in early 1992 and generously agreed to a divorce her husband in 1993 to allow him to marry Marina before the baby was born. She has since remarried Allegra, who does not have children, left Brussels for the last time in early 1992 and generously agreed to a divorce her husband in 1993 to allow him to marry Marina before the baby was born. She has since remarried

Today, his supporters might struggle to put a positive spin on yesterday’s revelation by Louise Gosling, a confidante of Allegra, who spoke of an alleged blazing row between Johnson and his first wife, which resulted in her seeking sanctuary at Ms Gosling’s flat.

Described by friends as ‘fragile’ and ‘sensitive’ in the years of her marriage to Johnson – she has barely said a derogatory word in public about Johnson in a quarter of a century since, not even to complain that – as his star rose – Johnson had callously omitted their marriage from his Who’s Who entry.

A source close to Allegra told the Mail that the unhappy end to their marriage had left her ‘a spent force’.

‘Her name means “joyful” in Italian which is what she used to be, though maybe with hindsight wistful is better description,’ said the friend. ‘Yes, she was a socialite but quite shy and thoughtful, extremely sweet and good-natured. You could see how she would be all too trusting with men.

‘She was among that generation of “Bright Young Things” at Oxford. I’m not sure Allegra was as clever as some are now claiming –and she certainly seemed dazzled by Boris’s intellect. But then, we all were.’

Two of Johnson’s biographers, journalists Andrew Gimson and Sonia Purnell, have each recounted the shambolic wedding day and Allegra’s subsequent loneliness after they moved to Brussels where Johnson, then aged 24, was the Telegraph’s European correspondent and rising star. Allegra’s own career as a journalist on the Evening Standard was obliterated by her husband’s; she said he was ‘married to the job.’  

Of his frequent absences and single-minded pursuit of glory, she once remarked, ‘You get past caring and you start drinking malt whisky’. Fearing she would have a nervous breakdown if she stayed with him, Allegra fled to London in 1990 – the year of the alleged blazing row.

After six months, she started returning to Brussels at weekends and then, according to Purnell, in one last attempt to repair the marriage, enrolled at the Universite Libre in Brussels for a master’s in EU Law.

‘For Boris, never a man to be alone for long, it was already too late. He had begun a dedicated pursuit of a childhood friend, Marina Wheeler, who had arrived in Brussels in 1990, just as Allegra was leaving,’ wrote Purnell, author of Just Boris; a Tale of Blond Ambition. 


Today, his supporters might struggle to put a positive spin on yesterdays revelation by Louise Gosling, pictured, a confidante of Allegra, who spoke of an alleged blazing row between Johnson and his first wife, which resulted in her seeking sanctuary at Ms Gosling¿s flat Today, his supporters might struggle to put a positive spin on yesterdays revelation by Louise Gosling, pictured, a confidante of Allegra, who spoke of an alleged blazing row between Johnson and his first wife, which resulted in her seeking sanctuary at Ms Goslings flat

In 2012 she said: ‘He suddenly blurted out that he wanted a quickie divorce. I said ‘is she pregnant?’ and he said ‘Yes, how did you guess,’

‘She (Marina) used to come to dinner before we split up. She’s a nice woman. Clever and I think she’s devoted to Boris. He has rather tested that,’ she said.

For a long time, she said, there was no contact between them, as she embarked on a new career teaching English and art to Muslim women at a mosque in east London.

In 2010, she married Pakistani immigrant Abdul Majid, who at 23 was 22 years her junior. Johnson, on learning the news, apparently sent his congratulations to the new Mrs Dilshad Farha Raji Shekha Jaan Khan Kali Gari, as she became known.

Her aristocratic family, however, were again disappointed by her choice of husband. ‘My mum accused me of spoiling her Christmas by announcing my marriage to ‘that one’. She is sure I am heading for a nervous breakdown and divorce, and the rest of the family will have to pick up the pieces,’ she wrote.


Certainly, Allegra Mostyn-Owen appeared to hold no rancour against her ex-husband, whatever happened between them, saying they got on better as exes than they had done during their marriage. When Johnson was seeking re-election as London mayor in 2012, she revealed that he had asked her to be part of his Muslim Engagement Task force – but in the end the job did not come to anything. Nevertheless, both she and her new husband remained supporters, wishing him luck in the elections and promising to canvas for him among the Pakistani and Afghan communities.

‘I can’t help but still love him,’ she told the Mail seven years ago. ‘The years we spent together in love in Oxford were some of the happiest of my life.’






1: Note she is childless. Her close proximity to Johnson, took away her ability to have children. There is a high probability that she miscarriaged during her marriage to Johnson and has kept it a secret.


2: Note it took her close to 17 years to trust another man enough to marry them. Johnson "done a number" on her.


3: Note again the same repulsive energy had affected Allegra. To the point she could not think straight and just ran away from him.


4: This might be just bad luck or synchronicity but both of them moved to Belgium at a time when the Belgian state was up to its neck in SRA , paedophilia, & child torture. Johnson would be sharing the same streets & social circles in Brussels as the people who used the services of Marc Dutroux. So Johnson would have attended the same type of social functions in Brussels as those Satanists. Over a year after Johnson finally left Brussels in 1994, Marc Dutroux was arrested on 6th December 1995. Brussels during that era  had a heavy nasty Satanic feel to it. And Johnson and his first wife Allegra were in the thick of all that nastiness.


5: Note the psychological damage to her. Even now in spite of what he done to her she will not say anything negative about him in public. So there is a heavy mind control trauma going on there. Or she still fears him that strongly after all those years.



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Addendum (C) pt 4


Gematria for 61 + 62= 123. (Quatrain numbers.)




:123; "Plague" (Nun,Gimel,Ayin.)


:123; "War".


We already have the artificial plague in the form of COVID 19. The war however is another matter. At the moment the Americans are looking for a fight on the global stage. Doesnt matter who it is. The current administration in Washington DC is under the control of non human entities. Probably Archons looking to feed. Biden has about 18 months of life left in him. So they have are trying to get the most out of him in public appearances. Very soon Biden will display symptoms very similar to CJD.  Pay attention to his hands. His hands will start to shake.


Where does Boris Johnson-Dybbuk fit in to all of this? Johnson will attempt to insert himself into a global dispute that doesnt concern him/it. He will say something or do something that will be taken out of context that will fast track a footing to war. A war that will lead to a global food shortage. 

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The Dybbuk likes its Shakespeare. Especially King Lear;  “As flies to wanton boys are we to the gods.
They kill us for their sport.”


Since Dominic Cummings has left Downing Street Boris Johnson-Dybbuk has become isolated & paranoid. The Dybbuk is feeding off Johnson's orgone on a daily basis now. Add to this the insomnia, and his increasingly disturbed future wife Carrie nagging him night & day, it was ever thus that uneasy lies the heavy crown on furrowed brow........







Dominic Cummings is to blame Boris Johnson personally for the UK's catastrophic coronavirus death toll, it was revealed today as the civil war surrounding the Prime Minister and his former top aide deepened. 

Mr Cummings is said to be preparing to hand 'kompromat'  - damaging private material - on Mr Johnson to MPs when he appears before a Covid inquiry in May, showing that the PM's intransigence contributed to the huge second wave of deaths last winter.

Downing Street furiously denies that Mr Johnson made a graphic remark – in which he is said to have ruled out any more 'f****** lockdowns', regardless of the 'bodies' – in front of what are said to have been 'shocked' political and civil service advisers. 

A No 10 source last night described the claim that the PM made the comment after ordering the November lockdown in the face of fury from Tory MPs as 'another lie'.

Nonetheless, one source indicated that Mr Cummings might repeat it when he appears next month in front of the parliamentary inquiry into the Government's handling of the Covid crisis.

An ally of the former aide told the Sunday Times: 'Dominic has copies of everything and knows where all the bodies are buried.

'He was pushing the Prime Minister hard to lock down sooner in the autumn and he has lots of evidence that shows that his decision to delay led to devastating consequences.' 

It came as No10 hit back at the former aide, who was forced out of his top role in December, after he attacked the regime over leaks and the renovation of Mr Johnson's private apartment.  

Allies of the Prime Minister levelled the damning charge that those loyal to the ex-aide had been behind 'nasty and sexist briefings' against Mr Johnson's fiancee, Carrie Symonds, in which they exaggerated the influence she wields in No 10.  


A source told the Sunday Times: 'After the departure of his closest aides last year, the Prime Minister has become increasingly isolated and paranoid. He has become known in some circles as the King Lear prime minister and we all know how that ended up.

In Shakespeare's great tragedy, King Lear is betrayed by those around him who covet his throne, goes mad and eventually dies.  


In the latest salvos, sources told The Mail on Sunday that during their final conversation in Downing Street, Mr Cummings told the Prime Minister that he hoped they would be able to maintain a constructive relationship – but would only do so if Ms Symonds agreed to stop briefing against him to the media. 'I can't control her,' Mr Johnson is said to have replied. 'It's impossible.'





1: The isolation & paranoia of Johnson comes from being attached to The Dybbuk for too long. This will continue as long as he remains in power at Downing Street. Under certain conditions when the human body is under a lot of stress it produces certain types of occult bio-chemicals unknown to science that demonic & non human entities can feed off like fast food. The Dybbuk is well fed at the moment.


2: The atmosphere that civil servants & aides at Downing Street are picking up on now is the morphic-resonance-field that The Dybbuk has been successful in "cementing" into the building. Political power ages people quite badly due to the stress. However multiply this by a million times to get an idea of the energy now emanating from 10 Downing Street. Anyone who works there will age biologically around 20 years quicker. Or they will have rapid illness and die very quickly.


3: To further show the effects of Downing Street energy field, Johnson-Dybbuk's main fixer & helper Lord Udnay-Lister has left government with immediate effect. He only took on the role early this year; https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-56868733


He only took up the government role on the 13th November 2020 last year. So he has been chewed up and spat back out by coming into contact with Johnson-Dybbuk. His life expectancy will have shortened by that contact. Some illness or ailment will have been accelerated by coming into contact with him/it.


Friday 13th November 2020


The Saturn Alignment


Moon in Scorpio 16:19 pm (GMT)



Moon squares Pluto 05:00 am (GMT)

Moon squares Jupiter 5:05 am (GMT)

Moon squares Saturn 11:32am (GMT)

Mercury Tri Octile Pluto  17:53pm (GMT)

Moon Tri Octile Pluto  21:25pm (GMT)

Moon conjunction Mercury 21:44pm (GMT)



Udnay-Lister's appointment was doomed to fail. the impression i get was that his job was designed to fail. He was put there to distract from other stuff. so Udnay-Lister's time there would have been unproductive with very little way in communication or clear goals.





The Dybbuk is Hungry








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As The Dybbuk remains inside Johnson and as time passes by he will become more incoherent & essentially lobotomized by The Dybbuk's presence.


A key example is from last year when Johnson couldnt even recall & remember his actual own political policy.









A new book by the EU negotiator reflects on the PM’s ‘baroque personality’ and trouble with details

Boris Johnson appeared to be confused about Britain’s position on key aspects of Brexit negotiations at a critical moment in talks at the end of last year, according to a book by Michel Barnier.

The book, which is billed as a “secret journal”, is being published tomorrow by the Frenchman who served as the European Union’s chief Brexit negotiator between the 2016 referendum and the end of January this year.

His diary focuses on how Conservative infighting shaped Brexit, especially after the departure of Theresa May and arrival of Johnson as Tory leader and prime minister.

As charmed as he is repelled by Johnson’s “baroque personality”, Barnier does not hide his astonishment and, sometimes, anger over British negotiating tactics.

At one point at a Brussels dinner on December 9 last year, as talks hung in the balance, Johnson stunned Ursula von der Leyen, the European Commission president, and Barnier by seeming not to know his negotiating position.

Amid deep disagreements on fishing and EU demands on “level playing field” regulatory alignment, the prime minister suggested a minimal deal on areas of existing agreement, with a new pact on defence and security to take the sting out of a “no deal” outcome.

“We could even, in the event of disagreement, show a willingness to co-operate with a treaty on foreign policy and defence,” he told them, according to the book, to “general astonishment”.

Barnier replied: “But, Boris, it was you who refused to open a chapter on defence, co-operation and foreign policy in the negotiations.”

Johnson looked at his officials as he replied: “What do you mean, me? Who gave this instruction?”







1: Barnier used a very specific term to describe Johnson, Baroque. Its a French word that over the years has taken on many meanings. But being ever the diplomat Barnier chose Baroque in its original meaning; "Irregularly shaped". Basically Barnier was saying in diplomatic-speak that Johnson was clumsy & stupid.


2: Interestingly Barnier uses the word repelled to describe Johnson. So Barnier would have picked up on the heavy repulsive energy that surrounds Boris Johnson-Dybbuk. So from that we can take, that The Dybbuk was present in the room during those negotiations. Nobody would have wanted to be near Johnson in that room. Including his own civil servants & staff.


3: Note that Johnson was sitting in his old hunting ground of Brussels. So The Dybbuk would have been making Johnson remember all the bad things he done there to his first wife and all the Satanic stuff that went on in Brussels during the early 1990's. So Johnson will have had a terrible rage inside him that he would have been trying to conceal during his time in Brussels.




The Dybbuk is Hungry

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Interesting piece in The Guardian. Boris Johnson-Dybbuk no longer has the mental capacity to sit down & read a book. Or even do basic research & take notes. So its suggestive that his ADHD & short term memory loss has become worse over the last year. Given this rate he will be like Joe Biden within the next two years. It took 20 years for  Arundahti Roy to write her 2nd book. So who knows when it will be finished. If ever.











One of the UK’s most eminent Shakespeare scholars has revealed that they were approached by a representative of Boris Johnson to help him write his very delayed biography of the Bard.
The book, titled Shakespeare: The Riddle of Genius, and Johnson’s failure to finish it, recently made its way back into the news after Downing Street was forced to deny rumours that the prime minister had missed important Cobra meetings during the pandemic in order to work on the manuscript.
In mid-2015 Johnson, who was then the London mayor, signed a deal with Hodder & Stoughton to write the book for a reported £500,000. Publication has been repeatedly pushed back, with Johnson saying in 2019 that being PM meant “that I won’t be able to rapidly complete a book on Shakespeare that I have in preparation. I honestly say that will grieve me.”
The Shakespeare academic, who did not wish to be named, said they were contacted by an agent acting for Johnson in late 2015 and asked to attend briefing meetings with him, where the academic would “supply Mr Johnson (and a dictaphone) with answers to questions about Shakespeare”.
They were told Johnson had used the same method – of recording extensive sessions with an academic dictating, then rewording the responses – to complete his bestselling 2014 biography of Winston Churchill, The Churchill Factor.
“The originality and brilliance, his agent assured me, would lie in Mr Johnson’s choice of questions to ask and in the inimitable way in which he would write up the expert answers he received,” said the Shakespearean, who went on to decline the opportunity.
According to a recent report in The Fence’s newsletter, historian Warren Dockter “acted as a sort of guide through the literature and evidence” for The Churchill Factor, but Johnson, a former journalist, was credited with having done “all the heavy lifting”. Johnson reportedly recorded himself “extemporising on scenes from Churchill’s life” early in the morning, sending draft chapters to Dockter by 5am for “fact-checking and review”. Dockter, who has been described as Johnson’s “research assistant” and assembled the book’s bibliography, is not credited in the book, but is thanked in the acknowledgments.
The leading Shakespearean said they had not been tempted to take on a similar role for Johnson’s tome on the Bard. “For one thing, the agent suggested that I would need to be perpetually available at short notice to come to meet Mr Johnson at points when he found space in his diary. The fact that I already have a full-time job and that I do it a long way from Westminster didn’t seem to have occurred to them,” they said.
Johnson’s politics did not help matters. “At the time Mr Johnson hadn’t yet betrayed his continent by choosing to advocate the UK’s departure from the EU for his own personal advantage, so he wasn’t quite as politically toxic as he is now; but I assumed he would be trying to enlist Shakespeare as a Tory nationalist, so the idea didn’t much appeal,” said the academic. “I suppose I might imaginably have tried one briefing out of curiosity, if the money had been huge, but even that wouldn’t have been very practicable.”
The Guardian approached a number of leading Shakespeareans this week to see if they had also been approached by Johnson or his representatives to work on the book. Most had not been contacted, but were somewhat scathing about the project’s prospects.
“Rather to my disappointment, I haven’t heard anything about this, directly or indirectly. Not stonewalling: I should be absolutely delighted to help puncture BJ’s undeserved reputation as a thinker,” said a second Shakespeare academic.
A third said that consulting with scholars was “a legitimate enough way of writing”, but hoped that Johnson “would acknowledge the assistance he got”.
“My feeling is that he’s got a perfect right to write a book about Shakespeare, and I feel that Johnson’s book shouldn’t be judged before it comes. But at the same time, it does sound from the rumours as if it’s going to be ghostwritten to a rather high extent,” they said.
Jonathan Bate, author of the biography The Genius of Shakespeare, had advice for Johnson: “Don’t waste everyone’s time with a sub-par biography based on secondhand research – write a more personal book about what Shakespeare has taught you about the important things in your life such as sex, ambition and betrayal. He has a lot to say about those great themes.”
Johnson’s book is now listed as due for publication in March 2022 by its US publisher Riverhead, although UK publisher said in 2019 that it has no plans to publish the book “for the foreseeable future”.
In a statement, a Hodder & Stoughton spokesperson said: “After the success of Boris Johnson’s The Churchill Factor, Hodder & Stoughton contracted him to write a book about Shakespeare, originally planning to tie in with the Shakespeare anniversary in 2016. When Boris Johnson became foreign secretary we agreed that we would delay publication until a more suitable time, and we have not scheduled the book to be released in the foreseeable future.”
A spokesperson for Johnson declined to comment.


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Everything that Boris Johnson-Dybbuk touches either turns to shit or dies.


Point in case we come to Johnson's former boss at the Daily Telegraph Max Hastings.  Hastings  covered up a quite a lot of Johnson's repulsive behaviour from the public, including beating his first wife. (Coming back from Brussels, Johnson developed a blood lust & he wanted Max to make him the war correspondent for the Daily Telegraph. Hastings deduced that Johnson wasnt up to the job & couldn't be trusted with such a role.)


And in response for helping to conceal Johnson's actions in London & Brussels, what happened?! His first son Charles committed suicide in Shanghai, China. He was 27.











The son of Max Hastings, editor of London's Evening Standard, has died in China, it was announced yesterday.

Charles Hastings, 27, died in Shanghai on Wednesday, a statement by Daily Mail and General Holdings Ltd said. He was believed to have been working as an English teacher after travelling in the country.


Max Hastings was contacted by the Foreign Office on Wednesday night and flew out to Shanghai yesterday to get first hand details of his son's death.

The Foreign Office said there were no suspicious circumstances, but the incidence of violence against foreigners is rising. Earlier this month, Shirine Harburn, a London backpacker, died after being stabbed 12 times on Paomao mountain in Sichuan, and a German executive and his family were murdered in their compound in Nanjing on April 2.





The Dybbuk is Hungry

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So we come to Johnson's former Daily Telegraph Brussels deputy editor, Sonia Purnell. It was Purnell who wrote all of Johnson's scribe when he was in Brussels. (Either because he was too lazy or that he couldnt read & write). Purnell covered up a lot of nasty stuff that Johnson done in Brussels (even the rape). And she has been rewarded with a minor career as being Johnson's biographer of sorts.


However... whenever a woman comes into contact with Johnson, a demonic attack isnt far behind. Here's Purnell talking about the time that her pregnancy almost killed her;





At first I could suppress the nausea with determined chewing of American hard gums - the harder the better for venting the frustration. I got through so many packets that I frequently jumped off the Tube mid-journey to work because I could no longer wait for fresh supplies.
By the time my pregnancy was confirmed, at about six weeks, the nausea was overwhelming and even two pounds of gums a day were failing to help. The gastric effects of sailing through a mountainous Bay of Biscay in a force 10 gale had nothing on the sickness engulfing me by now - not just in the morning, but afternoons, evenings and nights, too.
Then the vomiting began. Everything came back up - from dry toast, to plain biscuits, to a mere sip of water. I was sick not only through my mouth some 25 to 30 times a day - but often through my nose, too. I struggled in to see my GP, having been sick in her car park, her waiting room loo and very nearly on the yucca plant next to her desk, pleading for help.
Her response was that morning sickness was normal in pregnancy, and that, anyway, as I was moving, my new GP should take on my case. Chastened, I returned to work but barely surfaced from the ladies' loo once again. By the next day, eight weeks on, I had kept down no water for 36 hours, my limbs were trembling, my lips parched and my skin leathery.
I pleaded with the doctor, in the area where I was to move to in four months time, to see me. Just one look at the wreck in front of her and she sent me to a specialist emergency clinic at Queen Charlotte's maternity hospital in west London. I stopped the taxi during the short journey between her surgery and the hospital no fewer than eight times to vomit.
Once there, an enormously patient male doctor took my details from the other side of the door in the bathroom where I had had to ensconce myself. I emerged finally, looking 30 years older than usual, to be met with a flurry of doctors and nurses and the first acknowledgement that this might be a bit more than run of the mill.
First off was an emergency scan - interrupted twice by mad dashes to the loo - to try to find the problem. No, I wasn't expecting twins (which can cause terrible sickness) and nor were there any other visible causes. Indeed, there in the centre of the picture was a strong, regular, pulsating white light - my son's heartbeat, and a sight so wondrous, it convinced me that whatever happened would be worth it just to save it.
I was taken upstairs to a ward and connected to a saline drip to re-hydrate me, and was given powerful anti-emetic injections to stop me being sick. My tearful protests about the dangers of drugs in pregnancy, and particularly anti-morning sickness ones in the wake of thalidomide, were met with reassurances about the relative safety of modern versions - and a warning that I had no choice if I wanted to keep the baby.
In effect, they explained, I was allergic to pregnancy. My body was at war with the key pregnancy hormone Beta HCG and its line of attack was constant vomiting to try to get rid of it. The only way to go was to restrict potential damage to both of us by reducing the vomiting. Wired up to the drip and drugged to the eyeballs, I was later able to enjoy my first two-hour blissful break from being sick in a fortnight. Five days later, I left hospital weak and nauseous but with the vomiting under control. But over the next three weeks, it slowly built up again, even more corrosively this time. It felt like I was drowning in nausea.
Spring is my favourite season, but that year the colours of the spring flowers all faded into grey and beige and everything I tried to eat tasted of metal. Once again, water would not stay down and I was rushed into hospital for another bout of treatment. Now five months pregnant, I returned to work and prayed the phone wouldn't ring on my desk, as moving to answer it would make me sick. I prayed no one would speak to me, as speaking made me sick. And then I hoped I wouldn't have to leave my desk, as walking made me dizzy - until one day the floor appeared to rise up and a blackness descended.
Another trip to the doctor unearthed high sugar levels in my urine - a sign of diabetes, and possibly brought on by my unprecedented consumption levels of American hard gums, as well as the erratic nourishment my body had been getting.
At 34 weeks, feeling like a zombie and at my wits' end, my waters broke. It was one of the most dramatic moments of my life. Not only was there water everywhere but the nausea and the vomiting stopped instantaneously - that very second. I felt hungry for the first time for seven and a half months and, although urged to go straight to hospital, I insisted on eating one of the biggest meals of my life.
I had second helpings of my mother's homemade hamburgers, mashed potato and leeks (a childhood favourite) and second helpings of apple crumble (another) as well. And still I wanted more, the sheer joy of tasting food and the freedom from nausea made me want to laugh and laugh - and eat and eat.
At last, we drove to the hospital, where I was kept in until an infection brought on early labour four days later. I was warned that waters breaking that early are almost certain to spark infection but that it was important to keep the baby inside me for every hour possible.
I sat and ate to my heart's content. NHS fare tasted like Michelin-rated cuisine. I was pregnant and at last I felt great to be alive. Then on the fourth morning, I woke with pains in my knees and I vomited again. Slowly the pains spread and my temperature soared. The midwives monitored the baby's heartbeat and I could see long faces all around.
My partner, Jonathan, arrived after the mild contractions began. I was ordered to stay in bed, until suddenly my son's heartbeat started to falter. They pushed me and my bed out to the lift to the surgical floor at breakneck speed but it failed to arrive. When we finally got to the delivery suite, no one was smiling. We were given five minutes to see if there was an improvement. There was none.
There was more running and I was told it would have to be general anaesthetic for the operation, as it worked quicker than an epidural and the baby had to come out now. My last memory is of a man in a dark jacket, I presume the anaesthetist, complaining he had not had time to change before attending to me.
Sometime later I awoke in huge pain: when the anaesthetic wears off there is little to protect you from the searing wound in your abdomen. As it was an emergency, they had had to shove a tube down my throat to clear my stomach before operating, and it had taken my voice away. My only mode of communication was to draw the letters P-A-I-N with a finger on my palm. After what seemed like an age they brought some morphine, and my partner told me we had a perfect little boy. I was so dopey I never asked where he was, or if I could see him.
That night I slept next to the operating theatre, dreaming strange drug-induced dreams of fields and flowers. At six sharp the next morning, I was given a bed bath by two midwives while a couple of floors down my son was also being given a wash and brush-up. At 7.15am, 12 hours to the minute after he was born, we were introduced to each other, both trying to look our best for such an important meeting.
He was a tiny but perfect human being, who had entered the world after all our traumas with the lustiest of cries. Despite being six weeks early, his birth weight was a respectable five and a half pounds, and he looked like a giant compared with the minute little ones in the special care unit where he stayed for two nights for observation, and a course of prophylactic antibiotics. He looked so gorgeous, I wondered whether he was really mine. Could there not have been a mix-up in the furore surrounding his birth?
My fears of associating him with all the pain and suffering have been completely unfounded. As time goes on, I think I love Laurie all the more for what we went through together to bring him into the world. But every spring, when the trees are in bud, I dare not look - even two years on the sight still makes me feel queasy.







1: So again we see something demonic attracted to the unborn child.


2: Again we see the need to stop the pregnancy & damage the mother.


3: Note the principle of the mouth here; vomit, water not staying down, food tasted like metal.


4: Note the heavy presence of the child killing entity Lillith.




The Dybbuk is Hungry


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So today we had the surreal juxtaposition where we had the kids in England all dancing in nightclubs cheering, against Boris Johnson-Dybbuk's "murderous policy" of ensuring as many people as possible in the UK will die. In effect Boris Johnson-Dybbuk has said, "your all going to die".  Note the lack of care or awareness from the UK media or the public over this issue. The Dybbuk has effectively cast an occult glamour on the majority of the UK public.


'Danger to the World': 1,200+ Scientists Denounce Boris Johnson's Plan to End UK Covid Restrictions








Global scientists have criticized the U.K. government's plans to ease almost all Covid-19 restrictions, calling it unethical and dangerous for the entire planet.

Gathering at a virtual summit on Friday, leading scientists and government advisors from all over the world warned that Britain was heading for disaster by removing most of its remaining restrictions on Monday.

The event came as more than 1,200 scientists backed a letter to the Lancet medical journal, in which U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson's plans were dubbed "dangerous and premature."

England will see most of it last remaining restrictions, including mandatory mask-wearing and social distancing, removed on Monday, which Johnson has said will be an "irreversible" move.

Johnson has fiercely defended his new strategy and has argued that now is "the right time to proceed," before the weather turned colder and as "the natural firebreak of the school holidays" approached.

"It is absolutely vital that we proceed now with caution … we cannot simply revert instantly from Monday to life as it was before Covid," he said at a press conference Monday.

Speaking on Friday's panel, Christina Pagel, director of the Clinical Operational Research Unit of London's UCL, warned that there was potential for a new variant of Covid to emerge this summer.

"Any mutation that can infect vaccinated people better has a big selection advantage and can spread," she said. "And because of our position as a global travel hub, any variant that becomes dominant in the U.K. will likely spread to the rest of the world — we saw it with alpha, and I'm absolutely sure that we contributed to the rise of delta through Europe and North America."

"The U.K. policy doesn't just affect us, it affects everybody — everybody has a stake in what we do," she added.

Clinical epidemiologist Deepti Gurdasani, who also attended the summit, agreed, saying on Twitter before the event that "the world is watching the current avoidable crisis unfold in the U.K."

Michael Baker, a professor of public health and a member of the New Zealand Ministry of Health's advisory group, said he was "amazed" by the British government's plans to lift almost all restrictions on Monday.

Baker suggested the U.K. government seemed to be reverting to a "herd immunity approach," which he dubbed "completely unacceptable," arguing that the strategy had "failed dismally around the globe."

New Zealand has widely been seen as successful at suppressing the coronavirus within its borders, and life in the island nation has returned to a state of relative normalcy. The country currently has 48 "active" cases, all of which were found in people entering the country, and nine of which were reported in the last 24 hours. There are zero cases within the community, according to New Zealand's Ministry of Health.

'Disaster' policy

William Haseltine, a U.S. virologist and chair and president of ACCESS Health International, told the panel at Friday's summit that the world had "always looked to the U.K. for great, sensible policies."

"Unfortunately, that has not been the case for the Covid pandemic," he said. "What I fear is that some of the worst impulses in many of our states will follow the U.K. example."

Haseltine slammed so-called herd immunity strategies — where populations are allowed to build up natural immunity to an illness through exposure to it — as "murderous."

"I think that's a word we should use, because that is what it is. It is knowledge that you are doing something that will result in thousands, and in some cases tens of thousands of people dying," he said.

"It is disaster as policy, it's been clear that that's been the case for some time, and to continue to espouse that policy is unconscionable."

Jose M Martin-Moreno, a professor of public health at the University of Valencia in Spain, echoed Haseltine's concerns about other parts of the world following the U.K.'s lead.

"We cannot understand why this is happening in spite of the knowledge that (the U.K.) has," he said, cautioning that other countries may begin to "mimic" British policies.

"If we remove the tools that contain the transmission — this is it," he added.




1: So we have Johnson-Dybbuk openly saying on national TV that many of the UK public are going to die due to his policy. Zero outrage from the public or the UK media. 


2: This would be the perfect time to release an untested bioweapon on the UK public & blame COVID. ( They are thinking about it).


3: To any close protection officers who are assigned to protect Johnson, do not allow yourself to be left alone with your firearm. You might feel the need to "eat" the pistol. If any officers are feeling "down" do not go into your work or assignment on that day.



The Dybbuk is Hungry





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Apologies for the lateness of this one. I thought this one was in the thread. But it appears that i forgot to put this in;





Police Cadet collapses in presence of Boris Johnson-Dybbuk.





The date this happened was  Thursday 5th Sep 2019.



Oh look, its The Saturn Alignment!



Thursday 5th September 2019


Moon in Sagittarius 3:08 am (GMT)


Moon Octile (315 degrees) Saturn (retrograde)  1:27am (GMT)

Mercury Trine (240 degrees) Saturn (retrograde)  12:37 pm (GMT)

Moon Octile (315 degrees) Pluto (retrograde)   13:35pm (GMT)






1: Note the lack of empathy. At no time does he think to stop the photo-op and call over a medic or doctor. In fact he merely turns back around and continues with his speech. At no point does he intervene or make an effort to help her.


2: The cadet would have been psychically sensitive to The Dybbuk's presence. She would have picked up on its presence & the repulsive energy coming from it.


3: First time on video of a Dybbuk feeding on the orgone/ life essence of a human being. The cadet would have felt weak & ill for the rest of that day. In many ways a vampiric technique.



The Dybbuk is Hungry

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I warned you all that this would happen.


Carrie Symonds reveals she had a miscarriage at the start of the year.









Carrie Johnson has announced that she is expecting her second child with husband Boris by sharing the news in an emotional post on social media.

The 33-year-old, who is mum to one-year-old Wilfred, said that she and the Prime Minister are expecting another new arrival in December, while also revealing her "heartbreak" at suffering a miscarriage earlier in the year.

She wrote on Instagram : "Hoping for our rainbow baby this Christmas. At the beginning of the year, I had a miscarriage which left me heartbroken. I feel incredibly blessed to be pregnant again but I've also felt like a bag of nerves."

The term 'rainbow baby' is used for parents expecting a child after losing a baby to miscarriage, stillbirth or neonatal death, and was coined to signify the arrival of something beautiful after a storm.


Jennifer Kulp-Makarov, a Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility Specialist, explained to Parents : "It is called a rainbow baby because it is like a rainbow after a storm; something beautiful after something scary and dark.

"It is an extremely emotional and devastating experience to lose a pregnancy [or baby]. To create a life or bring a baby into the world after such a loss is amazing like a miracle for these parents."

In her Instagram post, Carrie went on to say: "Fertility issues can be really hard for many people, particularly when on platforms like Instagram it can look like everything is only ever going well.

"I found it a real comfort to hear from people who had also experience loss so I hope that in some small way sharing this might help others, too."

The couple welcomed son Wilfred in April 2020, not long after Mr Johnson, 57, was released from intensive care where he had been treated for Covid-19.

In May of this year, Mr Johnson married Carrie in a secretly-planned ceremony in Westminster, making him the first Prime Minister to marry while in office for two centuries.



1: I wasnt sure but now has been confirmed. Johnson's firstborn Wilfred has a preordained destiny ahead of him. What that is would just be guess work or assumptions. Its the only reason why The Dybbuk didnt take him.
2: Again note the presence of the symbolism of the rainbow "Qesheth". Gematria 300. 300' "Teeth". And where are the teeth? In the mouth. Who is in the mouth?! The Dybbuk.
3: Part of me thinks that Carrie Symonds has been told to lie and say these things in the hope of protecting the unborn child/pregnancy. Either Carrie has read this long term thread on the Dybbuk/Saturn saga, or one of her helpers/advisors has. Or she knows who i am........ You see the problem is Carrie its not me you are lying to. You are lying to The Dybbuk. And the Dybbuk knows everything (including that packet of "special pills" you keep hidden away Carrie).  However considering the amount of miscarriages & abortions that have surrounded Johnson's wives & mistresses this is actually consistent with the pattern.
The Dybbuk is Hungry.
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Vehicle of The Dybbuk  Priti Patel loses security minster brief within 24hrs.


So it seems that the securocrats at Whitehall are freaked out about something so much that they got rid of Patel's security minister brief within a 24hr period. (Reminder it was Patel who was the host/vehicle for The Dybbuk when she made that ill fated visit to Golan Heights in Israel close to the ultraterrestrial site).








Priti Patel has lost the security minister brief at the Home Office less than 24 hours after she reportedly took it over on a “permanent footing”.
The government has been without a security minister for over a month since James Brokenshire stepped down for health reasons, and had not filled the crucial position with another MP.
Ms Patel, the home secretary, was this morning reported to have personally taken charge of the brief following wrangling about who should replace Mr Brokenshire.
A Home Office spokesperson, asked if Ms Patel was now holding the security minister brief, said: “The home secretary is responsible for all areas of Home Office business, including those related to national security.”
But on Friday evening Downing Street announced: “The Queen has been pleased to approve the appointment of the Rt Hon Damian Hinds MP as a minister of state (minister for security) in the Home Office.”
The security minister holds an extensive brief, with responsibilities including counterterrorism, serious and organised crime, extradition, cybercrime, economic crime, hostile state activity, and royal and VIP protection. It also covers natural disaster relief and online harms.
Labour’s shadow security minister Conor McGinn had said on Friday afternoon, prior to the announcement of Mr Hinds being appointed to the role, that the lack of a separate minister was a “clear sign that the Conservatives don’t take the safety of our citizens seriously enough”.
He had added: “Getting rid of a specific, day-to-day, senior government minister responsible for security and counterterrorism when Britain’s national security is under threat 24 hours a day, seven days a week is an abdication of responsibility.
“From the chaos in the Channel to the Police Federation declaring no confidence in her, the home secretary is clearly struggling to deliver on her current responsibilities. It is unwise that she takes on an additional role.”


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There is another reason why Boris Johnson-Dybbuk cannot read & write. He has lost the sight in one of his eyes. This predates the coronavirus.






Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said that his own eyesight was affected by coronavirus, after his top aide said he had gone on a drive to test his vision after recovering from the virus.
Mr Johnson told the daily Downing Street press briefing on Monday that he was “having to wear glasses for the first time in years” after suffering coronavirus.
He added: “I’m finding that I have to wear spectacles for the first time in years – because I think of the likely effects of this thing – so I’m inclined to think there’s some … I think that’s very, very plausible that eyesight can be a problem associated with coronavirus.”



Keep in mind that Johnson actually lied about getting the virus. He did not get it. He done so to avoid public scrutiny, and that he was being attacked by The Dybbuk internally. So his eyesight issues predate the virus. He hasnt been able to see properly for decades due to an old rugby injury. Technically he is blind in one eye.



Which brings us to this;





A number of locations are associated with the emergence of the Dajjal, but usually, he emerges from the East. He is usually described as blind in one eye; which eye he is blind in being uncertain and disputed to some. Both of his eyes are, however, considered to be defective - at the least - with one being totally blind and the other protruding. Possessing a defective eye is often regarded as giving more powers to achieve evil goals. He would travel the whole world entering every city except Mecca and Medina As a false Messiah, it is believed that many will be deceived by him and join his ranks, among them Jews, Bedouins, weavers, magicians. 




: He emerges from the East; Johnson was born in New York City. Virtually the east coast of the U.S.


: He is blind in one eye. Again this is Johnson. he is concealing an old Rugby injury from Eton.


many will be deceived by him and join his ranks, among them Jews; Jacob Rothschild privately gave his support to Johnson, Lynn Forrester de Rothschild gave her support at the private New York meeting, the Chief British Rabbi engaged in a vicious campaign against Jeremy Corbyn to ensure that Johnson would get into power (his predecessor Rabbi Jonathan Sacks died a painful miserable death from cancer to ensure this; died 7th Nov 2020). Also several Jewish newspapers went bankrupt to ensure that no British Jew would vote for Corbyn ensuring Johnson won the election.


:Johnson identified himself in childhood as the "World King"....





Boris Johnson-Dybbuk; World King-Mabus-Dajjal





Rabbi Jonathan Sacks died 7th Nov 2020.


Saturday 7th November 2020


The Saturn Alignment


Moon in Leo 7:18 am (GMT)


Moon opposition Saturn 0:52am (GMT)

Moon Square Mercury 1:26am (GMT)

Moon Tri Octile Pluto (retrograde) 13:26 pm (GMT)

Moon Square Uranus 22:49pm (GMT)



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On 12/22/2020 at 12:36 PM, Tetragrammaton said:

I've begun to see these politicians (Johnson, Merkel, Trudeau, Mercon, Biden) as deeply disturbed people.  Victims, really.  People who have knowingly incarnated back into the demonic system for purposes of expediancy.   They are mind-controlled and psychically disturbed.  The real enemy is the force behind this insanity.  This is really what humanity needs to be focusing on bringing down.  It will simply replace any of it's drones it places in political office.

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Quantrain 2.61-62

Mabus then will soon die, there will come
Of people and beasts a horrible rout:
Then suddenly one will see vengeance,
Hundred, hand, thirst, hunger when the comet will run.



Boris Johnson-Dybbuk says that everyone in the country is going to be very hungry





Boris Johnson has warned that supermarket shelves could be empty for months raising fears over shortages in the run-up to Christmas.
The Prime Minister admitted the food sector was struggling from a lack of hauliers and soaring global gas demand as the world emerges from the pandemic.
He claimed the problems were temporary but was unable to rule out them lasting for months potentially ruining the festive season for millions of families.
Ahead of his arrival in the United States, the PM attempted to strike an upbeat note about supply chains recovering after the Covid crisis. 
Asked whether that could take months, he replied: “It could be faster than that, it could be much faster than that.
"But there are problems as you know with shipping, with containers, with staff – there are all sorts of problems.
"But then these are problems that affect the entire world. I think market forces will be very very swift in sorting it out."





The Dybbuk is Hungry


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I did not want to post this. But its not about ego. Its about warning what is to come.


Century 2; quatrain 6


"Near the gates and within two cities
There will be two scourges the like of which was never seen,
Famine within plague, people put out by steel,
Crying to the great immortal God for relief."



Near the gates within two cities


There are two cities in London.  There is London. And there is the separate entity that is the City of London. The City of London (plc) has its own legal boundaries and own separate police force. Also the British Crown cannot enter the City of London (plc) with explicit permission from The City.


Which brings me to this. On the 5th Jul 2021 Boris Johnson-Dybbuk entered St Pauls Cathedral in the City of London under the guise of attending a thanksgiving ceremony to celebrate the NHS. 


St Peters Cathedral resides within two cities, London & the ceremonial City of London (plc). Also St Peters sits upon the gate. Ludhull Gate. Ludhill Gate is where the Romans built a temple to the moon goddess Diana. It is one of the three highest points in the city (3 is Binah) At that moment Boris Johnson-Dybbuk resided within two cities, at the gate. Whats the context of this?


In Islam the antichrist is the Dajjal. the Dajjal should be defeated at the gate of Lud.


"Dajjal will then be chased to the gate of Lud where he will be captured and killed by Isa.  Isa will then break the cross, kill the pig..."


Boris Johnson-Dybbuk carrying the office & mantle of Dajjal entered the gate of Lud at St Peters residing at Ludhill Gate positioned within the two cities. Also the UK is about to see the mass culling of close to 120,000 pigs due to too many issues to mention. The Dybbuk ensured the prophecy failed by maintaining security procedures & lockdown rules. Hence the "miracle".



There will be two scourges the like of which was never seen,


The two scourges will be the food/petrol shortages & the resurgence of COVID deaths in the UK.



Crying to the great immortal God for relief."


Crying comes from the mouth. The Dybbuk resides in the mouth. In this instance the immortal god is Chronos/Saturn.


(for reference purposes; https://en.m.wikisource.org/wiki/Les_Propheties)







The Dybbuk is Hungry






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Note Johnson's obsession with food. Also note the symbolism of the mouth. Boris Johnson-Dybbuk uses Twitter to show him/itself eating food & drinking alcohol. For no reason at all.















The Dybbuk is Hungry






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Just a photo captured of Boris Johnson-Dybbuk in a rare solitary moment away from the crowds & media at the Conservative Party Conference in Manchester 5th October 2021. Note the disturbing eyes. He looks as if drugged, or has consumed some adrenalised blood. Also note the mouth and the way it hangs open almost revealing something. Not photoshopped. Taken straight from a video feed. (Source of video; https://archive.is/B765r/again?url=https://www.theguardian.com/news/2021/oct/08/boris-johnson-laughs-off-the-pandora-papers-as-the-super-richs-cash-rolls-in)







The Dybbuk is Hungry

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If you look back in history of this thread i highlighted the issue of the demonic morphic resonance field, that has manifested inside the building of 10 Downing Street. Side effects of this field are numerous, but the main effect are a low base vibration energy that is satanic & repulsive to the point it drives people to ill health, leads to headaches, insomnia, hallucinations, and seeing things out of the corner of the eye. Very repellent to human biology. (Hence why Johnson and his wife spend so little time there).


That demonic force field is so strong now, the wallpaper in the offices of 10 Downing Street is literally starting to peel off the walls. The wallpaper is falling off the walls.







Boris Johnson  has faced fresh embarrassment over his ‘£840-a-roll’ wallpaper as it emerged it keeps falling down.
The prime minister has had to call in specialist decorators to rehang parts of the ‘hand-crafted’ gold wallpaper, according to No 10 sources.
The PM is facing an investigation into the controversial makeover of his flat in Downing Street and how it was paid for.
The problem with the wallpaper is thought to derive from the heavyweight paper used by Miss Lytle, who does not employ the production-line methods used for most domestic wallpapers, according to MailOnline. 
The newspaper has revealed more details of the expensive makeover, including a £19,950 sofa upholstered with ruby and emerald material called Damascus Stripe. Miss Lytle says it is ‘based on a 19th century Syrian original pattern woven from cotton and silk’.





1: There will be a substance coming through the walls. It might be a type of oil. It might be a form of ectoplasm. This will be seeping into the wallpaper.


2: This substance will give off a distinctive smell.


3: Between the low base vibration energy, the smell, & the repulsive atmosphere, we will start to see "things" manifest at 10 Downing Street. Oh and exorcism wont work. These things pre-date Christianity by thousands (maybe millions) of years.



The Dybbuk is Hungry


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So Boris Johnson-Dybbuk has returned after spending close to a week in Spain having a holiday, as Britain declines into food rationing, third world conditions, & crises (plural). Here he is at a primary school in Bristol. The optics around this are incredibly disturbing. Again why does he need access to very young vulnerable school children? At a time of national crisis?!


Again we return to the symbolism of the mouth. Note Boris Johnson-Dybbuk playing around with bird food. (Yes that's right bird food/seed). He is actually garnishing it. Note him actually contemplating eating it. Nom Nom Nom.


Do you know what the word for Bounty is in French?!









The Dybbuk is Hungry


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Heres a link to a very interesting long form article in Harpers magazine that got access to 10 Downing Street; https://archive.md/vcTHI




For now, Carrie has reined in her husband’s instinct for chaos. Among staff at No. 10, Carrie is known as “upstairs,” and Boris is said to spend more and more time downstairs. “He likes to read  late at night,” one former aide tells me. A copy of the new book by his ex-wife Marina Wheeler, has been spotted open in his office. “He doesn’t want to take the copy upstairs,” the former aide adds. Meanwhile, it has been reported that the gold has started to peel off the walls, and the decorators have been called back in.





1: Carrie cant be physically near The Dybbuk at the moment.  The heavy repulsive, low base vibration energy coming from him/it just now, is strong enough to make her miscarriage. They are not sleeping in the same bed anymore.


2:  Johnson will be struggling with the heavy atmosphere at 10 Downing Street. There will be a very strong manic/demonic energy emanating from him at the moment. Physically he will be strong enough to punch holes through walls. In the Northern Tradition this is called "Seething". Its a manic energy that was tapped into by Berzerkers before they went on to a battlefield. 





The Dybbuk is Hungry



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Boris Johnson-Dybbuk again gets access to a group of young children. But this time he is so fucked in the head that he makes the disturbing statement that we should "feed people to the animals".  Yes thats what he said;





Boris Johnson today urged young children to “feed human beings to animals” in a bizarre "joke" about rebalancing nature.
The Prime Minister made the eyebrow-raising comment at press conference for kids aged eight to 12 in his Downing Street media room.
Speaking ahead of next week’s COP26 summit in Glasgow, the PM admitted he is “very worried” the climate change gathering will not convince 197 nations to keep global warming to less than 1.5C in the future.
But he also made some more off-the-cuff comments - saying “we have to encourage cows to stop burping” so they emit less methane.
And the PM interjected when WWF UK chief executive Tanya Steele, who was co-hosting the press conference, encouraged him to start “rewilding our oceans”.
Mr Johnson said: “We could feed some of the human beings to the animals, that would, that would be…” before tailing off.






1: Again note Johnson's obsession with food seems to be consuming his thought process all the time now.


2: Note the symbolism of the mouth being present.


3: Note how Boris Johnson-Dybbuk seems to be zoning in on the children at the press conference. Notice his/its eyes.......







The Dybbuk is Hungry


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