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The Dybbuk/Saturn Saga.


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Voat.co is being shutdown on Christmas Day 2020 at 12 noon. Any stuff that has been posted on there will be lost forever after 12 noon.


Hence this;


 The Dybbuk/Saturn saga pt 1: (The fall of British Prime Minister Theresa May 4th Oct 2017)





After the DDOS attack on the David Icke forum i need to post this here since a lot of my reference material was deleted on there.

At the political party conference on Wednesday 4th Oct 2017 former British Prime Minister Theresa May was subjected to an....occult attack. It was all caught on TV.

She was unable to speak for extended periods of time.

She had coughing fits that reduced her to a wreck.

The background scenery collapsed behind to reveal an occult cipher which as to now no one as bothered to look at.

and then even worse a protester managed to get past security right past all the politicians and wave a P45 slip at the PM

Theresa May was attacked by an entity called a Dybbuk. Its point of ingress is the mouth. It entered her through the mouth.


The Saturn Conjunction

Wednesday 4th October 2017

Moon in Ares 20:40 pm (GMT)

Moon squares Saturn 7:19 am (GMT)


Random gematria.

45:-Agiel; Intelligence of Saturn

45:- zazel; Spirit of Saturn.

45: "She who ruins"

80: Peh; Mouth

80; "Ai";"Ruins"


Also note that the mouth is the choice of weapon for Chronos in consuming his supposed enemies.

I wont be taking any questions (yet). Because there is much much more to follow. Brush up on your gematria & astrological calendars...

(Edit; Here is the full video of the conference speech from Oct 2017. the P45 slip is given at around the 57min mark. Also you will notice as the speech goes on the attack gets worse... ..https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s3l3hDo6y-s




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The Dybbuk/Saturn Saga pt 2: The resignation of British Prime Minister Theresa May (24th May 2019)





So after the Dybbuk attack the entity went through the government like a demon, with a string of resignations & scandals that reduced to the British government to a calamity. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_departures_from_the_second_May_ministry#2017)

All of this came to a head around the date of 24th May 2019; https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-48395905

Theresa May has said she will quit as Conservative leader on 7 June, paving the way for a contest to decide a new prime minister. In an emotional statement, she said she had done her best to deliver Brexit and it was a matter of "deep regret" that she had been unable to do so. Mrs May said she would continue to serve as PM while a Conservative leadership contest took place. The party said it hoped a new leader could be in place by the end of July. It means Mrs May will still be prime minister when US President Donald Trump makes his state visit to the UK at the start of June. Asked about the prime minister's announcement, Mr Trump said: "I feel badly for Theresa. I like her very much. She's a good woman. She worked very hard. She's very strong."

However the Dybbuk forced her hand on the 23rd May 2019.


The Saturn Conjunction

Thursday 23rd May 2019

Moon in Aquarius 17:49pm (GMT)

Moon in conjunction with Pluto (Pluto retrograde) 3:58am (GMT)

Mercury in Tri Octile (135'degree alignment) with Saturn 18:22pm (GMT)

Moon trines Sun 22:49pm (GMT)


The Tri Octile between Mercury & Saturn represented a breakdown in communication. (Like a mouth that was blocked from speaking.....) The moons conjunction with Pluto relayed a sense of being left with nothing.

Notice also in her farewell speech the Dybbuk made her cry.

(Part 3 will follow soon)



Reference points;

1: Lord Price resigned 3rd Sep 2017; Moon in Aquarius. Moon Octile Saturn (45' waxing) 8:17am (GMT). Mercury in conjunction with Mars 9:38am (GMT). Moon in opposition Venus 15:49pm (GMT)

2: Sir Michael Fallon MP resigned 1st November 2017. Moon in Aries 6:43am (GMT). Moon opposition Mars 17:43pm (GMT). Moon Octile (waning 315') Saturn 22:37pm (GMT). Moon Tri Octile (215' waning) Mercury 22:58pm (GMT). (Sexual allegations)

3: Priti Patel; carrier of the Dybbuk over from Israel to the UK; 5th November 2017. (sacked for lying to a serving British Prime Minister over security issues)

4: Damian Green MP. Sacked 20th December 2017. Office computer found to have extensive amount of extreme pornography involving use of the mouth . Moon in Capricorn. Capricorn Moon void course with Saturn 4:49am (GMT). Moon in conjunction Pluto 2:54am (GMT)

5: Amber Rudd MP sacked 29th April 2018. Misled (lied to) Select Committee. Moon in Scorpio 7:11am (GMT) Moon opposition Neptune 5:32am (GMT). Moon Tri Octile (waning) Neptune 8:41am (GMT). Moon trines Saturn (retrograde) 10:04am (GMT). Venus Tri Octile (135' waning) Pluto 20:38pm (GMT). Moon sextile Saturn(retrograde) 23:50pm (GMT)

6: Boris Johnson MP sacked from Foreign Office 9th July 2018. Moon in Gemini 16:58pm(GMT). Moon Tri Octile Saturn (retrograde) 0:03am (GMT). Moon trines Pluto 0:11am (GMT). Mercury squares Jupiter (9:14am (GMT). Moon squares Venus 16:10pm (GMT) Sun Octile (315' waning) Moon 21:20 (GMT).

(Note; Steve Baker MP, Conor Burns MP, Chris Green MP, also all of them sacked too on 9th July)

7: Robert Courts MP sacked 15th July 2018. Moon in Virgo 17:31 pm (GMT). Moon Tri Octile Saturn (retrograde) 0:42am (GMT). Moon trine Uranus 21:21pm(GMT)

8: Scott Mann & Gutto Bebb MP's sacked 16th July 2018. Moon in Virgo. Moon trine Saturn 0:55am (GMT). Mercury Tri Octile Saturn 2:21am (GMT)

9: Tracey Crouch MP resigns. 1st November 2018. Moon in Leo. Moon Tri Octile Saturn 12:44pm (GMT). Moon opposition Mars 15:22pm (GMT)

10 : Jo Johnson (Boris Johnson's brother) resigns. 9th November 2018. Note repulsive energy pushing him away.



This list is not exhaustive but gives you an idea of the influence of The Dybbuk & Saturn throughout that period.


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 The Dybbuk/Saturn Saga pt 3: Ascendancy of the Dybbuk; Boris Johnson elected British Prime Minister Friday 13th December 2019





So after the fall and removal of Theresa May the politicians went through a process of choosing a new candidate. They choose Boris Johnson.

So on the 12th December 2019 the British public in all its glory when out to vote, and at the end Boris Johnson was "chosen". (Or so everyone thought). However no one knew what The Dybbuk had planned.......

The Saturn Conjunction

Thursday 12th December 2019 (Full Moon)

Moon in Cancer 23:23pm (GMT)

Moon waxing Octile (45' degrees) Neptune 1:53am (GMT)

Moon opposition Sun 5:12am (GMT)

Mercury waning Octile (315' degrees) Saturn 6:07am (GMT)


In occult terms the full moon amplified the restrictive nature of Saturn that was hindering the communicative nature of Mercury. Throughout the campaign Johnson was a disaster. For all intents he was cretin who was clearly out of his depth.

Since the election as it stands, with Boris Johnson-Dybbuk being elected British Prime Minister the follow has transpired;

:Major flooding of many English towns that ruined tens of thousands of homes. At times the flooding was of a "biblical nature".

:Through the early months in 2020 England & Wales were subject to disturbing earthquakes that had no scientific basis.

:Close to 60,000 dead in a pandemic that resembles a biblical plague (so far).

:Collapsed economy.

And all of that within the first 6 months of Boris Johnson-Dybbuk's reign as UK Prime Minister.

The Dybbuk is Hungry.



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 The Dybbuk/Saturn saga pt 4: Side effects of The Dybbuk's presence in 10 Downing Street.





In the occult it is understood that certain types of malefic entity gives off a presence of a low base vibration energy. Exposure to this energy at any length of time is destructive and absolute. Why is this relevant? Because of the side effects of the Dybbuk possessing Boris Johnson.

Johnson hasnt had a proper nights sleep in 6 months due to The Dybbuk's presence in him.

He is mentally being destroyed by the Dybbuk's presence inside him. He has major memory loss, and has anger issues that the public doesnt know about yet.

Boris Johnson tries to spend as little time as possible inside 10 Downing Street due to the heavy & repulsive morphic-resonance-field that now exists within the confines of 10 Downing Street. There is a heavy, repulsive & Satanic atmosphere there now due to the Dybbuk's presence around Johnson.

However it is what The Dybbuk's presence has done to people who have crossed paths with Johnson & his father Stanley...


Boris Johnson's former teacher (& abuser) Eric Anderson.



Eric Anderson was the former head of Eton College & had worked as a tutor at the repulsive & satanic Fettes College in Edinburgh too (Fettes college is an illuminati feeder hub). Anderson was an illuminati member, he was an intelligence officer for MI6 & to make it worse he was an occultist who exposed Johnson to the occult when he was younger (although Johnson wouldnt have known this).


Famed teacher Sir Eric Anderson has died aged 83.

Throughout his career, Sir Eric taught at Fettes College in Edinburgh where he was Tony Blair’s house master, Gordonstoun, where he taught Prince Charles, and later became headmaster of Eton College between 1980 and 1994 with both David Cameron and Boris Johnson attending during this time.Sir Eric died on Wednesday, April 22, and leaves behind his wife Poppy and his two children David and Kate. Eton’s current headmaster Simon Henderson stated: “Sir Eric's contribution to Eton was unparalleled in modern times. He was one of the school’s greatest ever HeadMasters and then one of our finest Provosts. “A wonderful school master, a fine scholar, and an inspiring and visionary leader – but above all a kind, loyal, humble and utterly authentic man.

“Much of the success of the school today derives from his legacy.“On a personal note, he was a wonderful mentor and friend – encouraging me into teaching when I was an undergraduate, then encouraging me to consider senior leadership and more recently offering me invaluable support and wise advice when I returned to Eton as Head Master “The whole Eton community mourns his passing and our thoughts and prayers are with his wonderful wife Poppy and with the whole Anderson family.

Yes you read that correct Anderson taught, Prince Charles, Tony Blair, David Cameron & Boris Johnson. Anderson was THE point man for identifying future leaders within the British Establishment, MI6 & the illuminati. However Anderson exposed Johnson to something occult & demonic that fucked him up bad in his formative years at Eton College. Anderson exposed Johnson to occult practices. The British Prime Minster doesnt know this.

The Dybbuk knows.

Has fitting for someone who exposed vulnerable children to occult practices, Anderson's death was drawn out & very very painful .

The Saturn Conjunction

Wednesday 22nd April 2020

Moon in Taurus 19:36pm (GMT)

Moon square Pluto 9:31am (GMT

Moon square Jupiter 12:32pm (GMT)

Moon Octile (waning 315') Mercury 19:14pm (GMT)

Moon square Saturn 22:59pm (GMT)

Anderson's death was painful and difficult due to the moon squaring Saturn. Saturn's presence would have purposely drawn out the pain & misery for as long as possible. Befitting of a man who exposed children to occult practices. The Dybbuk knew the exact time to inflict pain and when to let him die a miserable death that he was owed.

The Dybbuk is Hungry.



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The Dybbuk/Saturn Saga pt 5: The suicide of the demonic John Zurick on the land of the childhood home of Boris Johnson. 22nd Feb 2020



When you look into the background of the demonic John Zurick everything seems off & wrong about him. We are given the story that he bred & trained dogs. We are told that he got access to Princess Anne. Also why did he "choose" to buy a house on land that was the childhood home of Boris Johnson?!


Zurick was so repulsive that his son from his first marriage killed himself when he was 17.

Zurick was so repulsive that his estranged wife was dying from cancer. But yet he wouldnt allow her to die with diginity. So demonic was he he had to kill her with a shotgun at point blank range. A cancer patient.

More insane, Zurick tried to blow his own brains out with a shotgun. But he survived initially. Notice again the Dybbuk wouldnt allow a quick death. Again this was a slow drawn out painful death.

The police found their bodies on the afternoon of the Saturday 22nd Feb. But the murder was already decided when his estranged wife decided to travel over from Ireland on the Thursday 20th Feb 2020....


The Saturn Conjunction

Thursday 20th Feb 2020

Moon in Cancer 19:42pm (GMT)

Moon in conjunction with Pluto 8:07am (GMT)

Moon Octile (waning 315') Mercury 13:34pm (GMT)

Moon in conjunction Saturn 14:18pm (GMT)

Jupiter sextile ( waning 300')) Neptune 15:56pm (GMT)


The land and area where the death happened is surrounded with a heavy repulsive Satanic feel to it. There is a high probability that Stanley Johnson used that area for occult practices when was Boris was a child. What those practices might have been i dont know. But they wouldnt have been pleasant.

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 The Dybbuk/Saturn saga pt 6: Somewhere Over The Rainbow.





Here is a random photo of Boris Johnson-Dybbuk standing outside 10 Downing Street with children's pictures of rainbows in the windows. Totally innocent. Right?!


Now remember The Dybbuk resides within the mouth.


800 : Peh (final) Mouth.

800: Qesheth; "Rainbow"

The rainbow is a herald of the Dybbuk.

From the Yezidi "Black Book" the following is said; http://www.yeziditruth.org/the_peacock_angel

Tawsi Melek was the first to emerge from the Light of God in the form of a seven color rainbow, which is a form he still today continues to manifest to them (usually as a rainbow around the Sun). But the Yezidis also claim that Tawsi Melek and the six Great Angels are collectively the seven colors of the rainbow. Therefore, the six Great Angels were originally part of Tawsi Melek, the primal rainbow emanation, but they separated from each other to become the Seven Great Angels. Of the seven colors produced from the primal rainbow, Tawsi Melek became associated with the color blue, because this is the first color. It is the color of the heavens, from which is the colors emanate.

So The Dybbuk is something very very old that is here to rectify a great injustice. We are talking about something that originates from what some would call "divine emanation".

The Dybbuk is Hungry.



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The Dybbuk/Saturn saga pt7 : The "Suicide" of Conservative Party activist Jade Smith 29th September 2019.





Everything that Boris Johnson-Dybbuk touches either turns to shit or dies.

Point in case is Conservative Party activist Jade Smith; https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8634889/Conservative-activist-21-dead-foot-cliffs-took-life-coroner-rules.html

A Conservative campaigner who said she had left the party because she was being bullied and was later found dead at the foot of cliffs took her own life, an inquest has ruled.

Jade Smith, 21, became well-known after featuring on BBC's Mighty Redcar programme, campaigning for the Conservative party and talking about her 'I love Boris Johnson' leg tattoo. Jade's body was found at the foot of cliffs in Saltburn on September 29 last year after police attended a report of concern for her welfare. Jade, from Redcar, had quit the Conservative party in 2016 after claiming she was 'threatened, victimised and harassed' by senior officials.In a letter to the party's disciplinary committee, she alleged she had been left stressed and unable to sleep due to intimidation and threats. And she later wrote tweets that were published after her death claiming friends feared being raped or sexually abused if they attended Conservative party conferences.

When she left the party she told the Mirror: 'I was told my allegations of bullying would be properly investigated but I'm not sure they ever were. 'I completely flunked my exams because of the state I was in. Ahead of her death, Jade had drafted a suicide note, which she had set to be published on Twitter days later. 'We shouldn't have to put up with the bullying from each other. We shouldn't have to be worried that our friends are going to be raped at conference or at the very least sexually assaulted. 'We shouldn't have to put up with creepy weird old men maturating over us or grabbing us to go and chat to their friends and try to take us home at the end of the night. Theres a reason we don't feel safe at conference.' An inquest at Teesside Coroner's Court heard how she had previously spoken of taking her own life and told her boyfriend: 'This time next year I will be dead, or I won't be alive in a few years anyway.'

It was also said that bright and bubbly Jade 'lit up a room just by walking into it'. Jade was said to have experienced problems while working as a carer in the weeks leading up to her death and had previously struggled with drugs. A toxicology report showed that at the time of her death she had significant levels of alcohol in her system. A police report concluded it was 'a tragic pre-planned suicide with no criminal element'. Assistant coroner for Teesside Jo Wharton said she was satisfied that Jade intended to take her own life and recorded a verdict of suicide.

Was Jade Smith killed to cover up a terrible crime'? Was Jade Smith raped by a senior member of the Conservative Party? Did Jade Smith find herself alone in a room with Boris Johnson-Dybbuk and saw & experienced his true nature?!

Oh look here is a photo of Jade Smith with Boris Johnson-Dybbuk; https://i.dailymail.co.uk/1s/2020/08/17/11/32041162-8634889-image-a-14_1597660828783.jpgJPG

And then we come to the date of the suicide; Sunday 29th September 2019.

Oh look its the Saturn Alignment.

The Saturn Alignment. Sunday 29th September 2019

Moon in Libra

Moon square Saturn 8:09am (GMT)

Moon sextile (300') Jupiter 14:27pm (GMT)

Moon conjunction Mercury 15:38pm (GMT)

Moon square Pluto (Pluto in retrograde) 18:40pm (GMT)



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The Dybbuk/Saturn saga pt 8 Boris Johnson-Dybbuk's "need" to be near children....






One of the most disturbing aspects of Boris Johnson-Dybbuk is that he has a constant pathological need to be near young school children. The amount of photo opportunities that he has used this year to get access to schoolchildren is disturbing. why has he insisted on this?!


Boris Johnson-Dybbuk gestures after washing his hands at a sink in the playground during a visit to Bovingdon Primary School in Bovingdon, Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire on June 19, 2020 https://www.deccanherald.com/sites/dh/files/articleimages/2020/06/19/uk%20johnson-1592570915.jpgJPG

Boris Johnson-Dybbuk visits primary school in Kings Hill Monday 20th July 2020 https://www.downsmail.co.uk/_img/pics/jpg_1595248935.jpgJPG

School unknown; https://thecatholicuniverse.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/Boris-Johnson-says-it-is-%E2%80%98vitally-important%E2%80%99-to-get-children-back-to-school-1200x800.jpgJPG

Bovingdon Primary School again; https://www.cityam.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/1221083835-960x616.jpgJPG

Boris Johnson-Dybbuk at Castle Rock High School in Coalville, Leicestershire 25th August 2020. https://i.inews.co.uk/content/uploads/2020/08/PRI_162334201-760x989.jpgJPG

Boris Johnson-Dybbuk at a London Primary school 10th Sep 2019 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IEavqgN95OgYouTube

I could go on but i wont. Keep in mind he is only 6 months into the job but yet he insists on getting close to school children. Why?

1: In the occult when contacting spirits in pre 20th century Europe, children would be used to scry with demons & non human entities. Children wouldnt be told what they were talking to or why. The children would be used as bait.

2: Human shield. Certain types of scum will use children as a human shield, so if they are attacked in an area then a certain percentage of children will be part of the casualty list. A point in case; https://i2-prod.mirror.co.uk/incoming/article22563786.ece/ALTERNATES/s615/1_JS217402303.jpgJPG

3: The demonic aspect of Johnson will be feeding off of the energy of the children, when he visits these schools. A certain percentage of the children will have nightmares & insomnia due to being in close proximity to Johnson.

4: He wont remember but he is doing what his father done to him as a small child. Stanley Johnson exposed his son to a non-human entity that the majority of us on the planet wouldnt survive the presence of. Subconsciously Johnson is acting out what was done to him as a small child. Also note Stanley Johnson disappeared out of view with the cover story he was going over to Greece to do "chores" on his vacation home. Stanley Johnson will have been attempting to contact the entity he made a pact with all those years ago. He will fail in doing so.

5: Because he has an occult link to the child killing entity/"goddess" Lillith, Johnson will be obsessed about getting near children and thinking very dark thoughts. Internally Johnson will have murderous rages towards the children. He has no control over these urges. His fathers pact is to blame for this.

The Dybbuk is Hungry



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The Dybbuk/Saturn saga pt 9; When Boris Johnson met Jacob Rothschild






Jacob Rothschild's judgement will be in question now around the globe, since he "decided" Boris Johnson was going to be a "safe pair of hands" at 10 Downing Street.


Hows that working out for you Jacob?!


It should be noted that the date the photo was taken has had its date removed. Purposely so. So going by previous issues we can assume this photo & meeting coincided with a Saturn conjunction or alignment.


Can you hear all the buried dead cats in St Swithins Lane meowing Jacob?....





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 The Dybbuk/Saturn Saga pt 10; A school shuts down days after Boris Johnson-Dybbuk visited.







Boris Johnson-Dybbuk is truly a Centre of Pestilence. Everything he touches either turns to shit or dies.

His mere presence was enough to shutdown Castle Rock High School in Coalville,


Pupils at Castle Rock High School in Coalville, Leicestershire were told to stay at home and self-isolate after a confirmed case of the virus.

Six tutor groups and two PE classes were told to stay home and wait for further instructions from the school to confirm for how long they needed to stay away. Johnson visited the school on August 26 as it reopened, and he gave a speech saying that the biggest risk to children was not the virus, but “continuing to be out of school”. He said: “Quite frankly after all that time -159 days - the risk to your health is not from Covid, because statistically speaking your chances of suffering from that disease are very very low, the greatest risk you face now is continuing to be out of school.” Now it has announced it is taking a “precautionary measure” after a member of staff tested positive. Michael Gamble, the headteacher, told pupils: “We apologise for the lateness of this letter, however this evening we have been informed that on member of our staff at The Castle Rock School has been tested positive for Covid-19. “The health, safety and well-being of our students is paramount.



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The Dybbuk/Saturn saga pt 11: The sins of the father.






As previously stated elsewhere, one of the reasons for the Dybbuk's presence in Boris Johnson is to correct a historical injustice that has been hidden.

Today in the Daily Mail the investigative journalist Tom bower found out the following;



During a demonic rage Stanley Johnson broke his wife's (Charlotte) nose when she had a demonic rage.


Boris's mum used to keep the infant Boris in a drawer as she studied.


Stanley Johnson joined MI6 between 1964-1965


Stanley Johnson joined the Illuminati front that is the World Bank in New York in 1966.


Then somehow Stanley Johnson secured a job at the Rockerfeller Foundation in New York.


While Stanley was saving rainforests, his family were sick because their home's water supply was contaminated by lead pipes. ‘We were all lying ill on the floor,’ says Charlotte. Compounding his sickness, Boris often screamed with pain from agonising ear-aches caused by grommets, and suffered long periods of deafness.



(Maybe it wasnt the water, maybe this was an ongoing demonic attack due to Stanley's interest in the occult which he hid... (Also note this home is in the area that would cause the demonic John Zurick to kill his cancer stricken wife with a shotgun, before blowing his brains out with the same shotgun; Zurick died from his injuries 25th Feb 2020)

Charlotte suffered a nervous breakdown. She was rushed from Brussels to the Maudsley Hospital in South London, which specialises in mental health care. Isolated from her family for eight months, she felt wretched. For her four children, the circumstances were unusually difficult. (Again another demonic attack)

It was the regular habit for Boris’s parents to walk around their home and Exmoor farm naked in the summer. (This is actually an occult technique. Its to do with the flow of energy through the body. This predates back to maybe 4000 BC when warriors would take to a battlefield wearing as little as possible so as not to restrict movement or flow of energy)


Oooh this one is a real doozy; Mary Wakefield, a commissioning editor at The Spectator magazine, who would later marry Dominic Cummings, developed a crush on Boris, and he, it appeared, was swooning for Mary, ‘one of the loveliest people’, according to their colleague Rod Liddle. Jeremy Deedes, a director of the Telegraph group which owned The Spectator, observed that ‘Mary was besotted with Boris. She was like a spaniel on heat. Boris was scratching his head, “What are we going to do?” he asked me.

Boris Johnson fucked Dominic Cummings wife Mary Wakefield. That is some serious demonic mindfuck games that will be playing out in 10 Downing Street right now.



I am sure that MI6 didnt do anything wrong or naughty to Stanley Johnson in the late 1960's. No MI6 wouldnt do that....



The Dybbuk is Hungry



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The Dybbuk/Saturn saga pt 12: Boris Johnson visited the cursed Western Wall in Jerusalem 11th Nov 2015.




To add to the intrigue of why The Dybbuk chose Boris Johnson as its vehicle, here is a curious piece about Boris Johnson having to make the mandatory visit to Jerusalem to visit the western wall all so he can be on the good side of Jacob Rothschild. So its suggestive that Johnson had a long term plan to be PM even as far back as 2015;



Boris Johnson tells reporters the city of Jerusalem is about ‘three great faiths coming together’ during a visit to the Western Wall on Wednesday. Johnson made the comments before it was announced his afternoon visit to the occupied Palestinian territories had been severely curtailed by his hosts in protest at pro-Israel remarks made by the mayor of London during his visit


There is a heavy repulsive morphic-resonance-field around the Western Wall/Wailing Wall. Keep in mind its the area where Solomons Temple was built by non human entities/"demons" controlled by Solomon's ally Ashmodai. The resonance & vibration from that time still remains. It is a heavy repulsive energy that acts as a catalyst to destroy people who use the wall knowingly.

Also not the use of the term "Wailing".



Wailing; to utter a prolonged, inarticulate, mournful cry, usually high-pitched or clear-sounding, as in grief or suffering:

to wail with pain.

to make mournful sounds, as music or the wind.


Wailing comes from the mouth. And who resides in Boris Johnson's mouth? Thats right The Dybbuk. On that day Johnson's presence at the wall woke something up......



Wednesday 11th Nov 2015

New Moon 5:47pm (UT)

Moon in Libra (UT 00:00)

Sun sextile Jupiter (2:16am UT)

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The Dybbuk/Saturn saga pt 14: Side effects of the Dybbuk's presence are physically destroying the British Prime Minster now.






There is a very little known side effect in the occult, where when you come into contact with demons & non human entities on a regular basis, it starts to take its toll in the human body. One side effect of this, is the loss of hair or the hair turning white (in women). Crowey's loss of his hair is a prime example of this.



Science has a name for this; Marie Antoinette syndrome. This is where the hair will either fall out or turn white due to excessive stress on the body. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marie_Antoinette_syndrome)



Which brings us back to Boris Johnson-Dybbuk.




His hair is starting to fall out now. The UK media says this is a side effect of "COVID". But in truth it is not. The presence of The Dybbuk inside Johnson is taking its physical toll on him. This is the first time in over maybe 3-4000 years that a human has co-habited with a non human entity inside their body over a long period of time. The human body wasnt built to cope with such a heavy energy/force. Having such a heavy occult force internally literally wrecks the body. It should be noted that an exorcism wont work on Johnson. Its too late for that.



Notice all the hair that has befallen on the shoulders of his jacket whilst at parliament;




Another side effect of the Dybbuk's presence is taking its toll. Johnson is losing the ability to remember basic things. He cant even dress himself properly. Even doing his own shirt cuff buttons is too much for him (not photoshopped);


The Dybbuk is Hungry.



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The Dybbuk/Saturn saga pt 15 Dominic Cummings leaves 10 Downing Street Friday the 13th November 2020




I decided to wait for the dust to settle before posting this.


The Dybbuk decided it wasnt having enough fun in 10 Downing Street so decided to drive Dominic Cummings mental and turn on everyone in Downing Street. Including his boss. It should be noted that Cummings had insomnia & anger issues due the demonic Morphic-Resonance-Filed now established at 10 Downing Street.



The BBC reported on 13 November 2020 that following the decision of Cummings' long-time ally Lee Cain, Downing Street Director of Communications, to stand down, Cummings was expected to leave Downing Street by the end of 2020. The BBC cited a "senior Downing Street source". Cummings responded saying he had not threatened to resign over Cain's resignation, but pointed out that he had stated in a January 2020 blog post that he planned to make himself "largely redundant" by the end of the year, and that his position on that had not changed. On 14 November, The Times reported that Cummings had been told to leave Downing Street by Johnson, but also said that he was on garden leave and that he was working from home on Johnson's plan for mass COVID-19 testing. He was photographed leaving Number 10 with a storage box. The Times said that Edward Lister would be promoted to replace him for an interim period, but that Lister was also due to leave in January. Andrew Rawnsley, the Observer's chief political reporter, recorded one former cabinet minister as saying that Cummings had exited "without leaving much trace".



Oh look its The Saturn Alignment!


The Saturn Alignment

Friday 13th November 2020


Moon in Scorpio 16:19pm (GMT)

Moon squares Pluto 05:00 am (GMT)

Moon squares Jupiter 5:05am (GMT)

Moon squares Saturn 11:32am (GMT)

Moon conjunction Mercury 21:44pm (GMT)

Mercury Tri Octile Neptune 17:53pm (GMT)

Moon Tri Octile Neptune 21:25pm (GMT)



Saturn squaring the Moon at 11:32am would have been the moment Cummings was leaving. Boris Johnson-Dybbuk would have had his "fun" with Cummings. He made Cummings sit in a seat in the office, and he explained in minute painful detail how he repeatedly fucked his wife (Mary Wakefield) whilst at The Spectator magazine years earlier.

However by the same context the UK now no longer has a functioning Downing Street (or government). Cummings was running the country in Johnson's absence. "Horror vacui"......



For those of you with a long memory, yes you are correct the synchronicity is there. Boris Johnson-Dybbuk was elected PM last year on Friday the 13th December 2019. And yes Saturn was in the chart for that day too....



The Dybbuk is Hungry.



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The Dybbuk/Saturn saga; Addendum (A)





Some historical side notes ;



1) Within 3 years of Johnson's mother Charlotte being divorced by her husband Stanley (in 1979) she suffered another demonic attack in 1982 that was so severe she ended up with a diagnosis of Parkinsons Disease. She began losing the use of one of her feet. It got so bad she had to use a walking frame.



2) Also in 1982 Charlotte met the American academic Nick Wahl in Brussels.



3) the truth of the matter is she lost her use of her foot after meeting Wahl. This would have been some sort of occult cursing due to Stanley's dabbling in the occult years earlier.



4) Note that Nick Wahl dies in 1996 from a long drawn out death from cancer. He would have suffered quite badly. (Note the synchronicity of all the demonic & painful deaths around the Johnson's ; Wahl, John Zurick, the teacher at Fettes College)




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The Dybbuk/Saturn saga pt 16  When Boris Johnson-Dybbuk met Benjamin Netanyahu


(posted Aug 4th 2020)



There is a context to all the national protests in Tel Aviv at the moment. In his arrogance Benjamin Netanyahu made a "surprise" visit to London in 2019 to have a "meeting" with Boris Johnson-Dybbuk.




The meeting took place on Thursday 5th September 2019


Oh look its the Saturn alignment.


The Saturn Alignment


Thursday 5th September 2019


Moon in Sagittarius 3:08am


Moon Octile Saturn (retrograde)  (315' degrees waning)  1:21am (GMT)


Mercury trine (240') Saturn (retrograde) 12:37pm (GMT)


Moon Octile Pluto 13:35pm (GMT)



Moon in Sagittarius at best would have made for an awkward abrupt meeting. The moon octile Saturn would have increased a sense of tension & stress. the trine between Mercury & Saturn would have made any fluid communication near impossible. Imagine two egotistical men breaking wind on each others faces, and you get the idea of how the meeting went. The Pluto conjunction in the chart is The Dybbuk hiding in the room and observing them like a hungry lion eyeing up its next meal.....


Pay attention to Netanyahu's behaviour over the next few months. Its going to be epic.


When Boris Johnson-Dybbuk shook his hand there was a transfer of...occult pheromones between them. At that moment The Dybbuk had access.....







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Addendum (B)



The Dead children & abortions of Boris Johnson-Dybbuk; The Lillith Connection


Johnson has the blood of dead children on his hands. Unborn children.









Tory MP Boris Johnson was sacked from his party's front bench last night over lurid claims about his love life.

His fate was sealed by the mother of his alleged mistress, Petronella Wyatt, who said her daughter had become pregnant by him and had an abortion last month.


Johnson, who is married with four children, had categorically dismissed the allegations only last week as an 'inverted pyramid of piffle'- and, crucially, he had assured Tory leader Michael Howard they were untrue.

Last night Howard said his colourful arts spokesman and party vice-chairman had been 'relieved of his responsibilities'. He is said to have been unable to forgive Johnson for having apparently misled both newspapers to whom he had earlier denied the allegations and Howard, who publicly backed him.


'This is nothing to do with personal morality. Last weekend when all this came up Michael stood by him and said shadow ministers can live their lives as they want, it was not a matter for him,' said one. But 'it is a matter for him when shadow ministers don't tell the truth'.

Howard offered him the chance to resign, but Johnson insisted on being fired.

The episode brings an end to an unlikely but uniquely engaging political career. Johnson, 40, who is also editor of the Spectator magazine, became one of the few modern Tories able to capture the public imagination, even provoking speculation he could be a future leader.

He had already survived the now infamous Spectator editorial accusing Liverpool of wallowing in its grief over the death of hostage Kenneth Bigley, after visiting the city to apologise.

But the saga of his alleged relationship with Spectator columnist Wyatt was the last straw. Reports first emerged last weekend that Johnson, married to barrister Marina Wheeler, had had an affair and that his mistress subsequently had an abortion.

While he denied it, when Petronella's mother Lady Wyatt was asked if the two were having an affair, she said tellingly: 'Not any more.'

Today's Mail on Sunday claims Wyatt had two abortions, the last one paid for by Johnson, and that he had offered to leave his wife. Asked about the abortion claims, Lady Wyatt reportedly said it had been 'just one'. She confirmed the relationship to the News of the World, saying her daughter had realised it was 'going nowhere'.

Johnson said last night: 'I am very sorry this decision has been taken in response to tabloid stories about my private life. I am very much looking forward to continuing to promote the policies we have developed on the arts, and will do my utmost to serve my constituents in Henley.'





It was actually one abortion. the second was an actual miscarriage. (Link; https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6145051/Ex-mistress-Petronella-Wyatt-reveals-rare-insight-Boris-Johnson.html)


Also it should be noted that every wife of a British Prime Minister since Tony Blair has had a child miscarriage. (It even affected opposition leaders too; William Hague's "wife" Fifon Hague had a miscarriage too)


Then we come to his ex wife Marina Wheeler. she was diagnosed with cervical cancer;





Wheeler underwent painful surgery. Twice. It should be noted that she got the diagnosis exactly 9 months ( 9 months gestation fvor a pregnancy) after officially separating from Boris Johnson in 2018. Very heavy Lillith presence.

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  • 1 month later...

As time goes on the Dybbuk's presence inside Johnson is lobotomizing him. so much to the point his hand-eye coordination is fucked.


Boris Johnson-Dybbuk struggling with a pair of hygiene gloves and making seriously ill judged comments about OJ Simpson;






Also i want everyone here to note the symbolism of this photo. Note how Boris Johnson-Dybbuk's mouth is hidden behind the mask.









The Dybbuk is Hungry...


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Addendum (C)


Quantrain 2.61-62


"Mars at the port of the arrow. Behind the river the ladder put to the fort, Points to fire great murder on the breach. Mabus then will soon die, there will come Of people and beasts a horrible rout


Let go back to the day of the attack on Theresa May-Dybbuk 4th Oct 2017



Moon in Ares (Mars) 20:40 pm (GMT) ; Mars at the port of the arrow


Moon squares Saturn (Binah; the great sea/waters) 7:19 am (GMT); Behind the river the ladder put to the fort


Points to fire great murder on the breach; at least 120,000 dead from "COVID" (allegedly)


Mabus then will soon die, there will come Of people and beasts a horrible rout;   Boris Johnson-Dybbuk faked his own illness from COVID and hid away on a hospital floor by himself. He pretended/faked that he was dying. Note the term "will soon die". doesnt state Mabus would die. He faked the illness to manipulate the outcome. The horrible rout in question is the subduing of the people using artificial means (COVID, restricted travel, martial law "welcomed").


Let me be clear i am not stating that Boris Johnson-Dybbuk is Mabus. What i am showing is that there is clear synchronicity between the astrological points in the quatrain, and the Saturn alignment on the day of the occult attack on Theresa May.





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  • 2 weeks later...

For close to four years this thread has been maintained in one form or another. And during that time no one has had the courage or presence of mind to ask the right questions of the OP or myself. What this says about the public out there now i dont know. It suggests a fear of asking. A fear of knowing a horrible truth that they want to go away.(Even the global security services never had the nerve to ask in an open forum) THE question remains unasked.    However lets ask another question......



Why is The Dybbuk Hungry?


This stems from the Chronos/Saturn connection. Chronos had/has a constant hunger. A constant need to feed & consume (into the mouth). Unfortunately this hunger now consumes Boris Johnson-Dybbuk. You see for the body to function with a non human entity inside it, causes the body to need lots of energy & fuel to keep the body ticking over. This leads to binge eating and obsessing over food all the time. Oh dears. Din-dins for Boris. 


So While Boris Johnson-Dybbuk refused to give free school meals to vulnerable British School children, Boris Johnson-Dybbuk was feasting on food hampers to the cost of £12,500. Thats correct £12,500 worth of goodies.










Boris Johnson and Carrie Symonds have dined in style during the pandemic – thanks to a secret £12,500 gourmet food supply provided by a business owned by the family of a billionaire Tory donor.



They have had around 30 giant boxes of shopping and up to 100 prepared meals from a luxury organic food store 'smuggled in' to Downing Street via the rear entrance.

The deliveries are from the Daylesford organic farm shop company, owned by Lady Bamford, wife of JCB construction tycoon Lord Bamford, whose family has given millions to the Conservative Party.


A heaving box of weekly shopping from Daylesford – one of the most expensive food stores in Britain, and which is favoured by celebrities including Hugh Grant – is delivered to Downing Street on Tuesdays with a bouquet of flowers 

They have had around 30 giant boxes of shopping and up to 100 prepared meals from a luxury organic food store 'smuggled in' to Downing Street via the rear entrance

According to the Commons Register of Interests, Lord Bamford and his JCB firm bankrolled Mr Johnson to the tune of £160,000 in 2019.


In addition, pre-prepared meals are dropped off at lunchtime on weekdays by the same delivery man, prepared by Mr Johnson's Daylesford 'personal chef'. 

The deliveries are from the Daylesford organic farm shop company, owned by Lady Bamford, wife of JCB construction tycoon Lord Bamford (pictured together), whose family has given millions to the Conservative Party 

The hampers are so heavy that Downing Street staff use a large trolley to ferry them to Mr Johnson and Miss Symonds' Number 11 flat

The hampers cost around £250 each, including delivery, worth a total of around £7,500 since the deliveries started nearly a year ago. 


The pre-prepared meals cost an estimated £50 for two, a total of up to £5,000.

The revelation comes after the Mail told how Miss Symonds is masterminding a refurb of No11 'inspired' by upmarket interior designer Lulu Lytle. 


The staff member said the daily deliveries of meals started after the Prime Minister's near-fatal brush with Covid last April. 

Mr Johnson vowed to lose weight and improve his diet, with help from his health-conscious fiancee Miss Symonds. 

Since then they are believed to have received organic food from Daylesford worth a total estimated at £12,500.

A cheaper option is available in the Downing Street canteen, frequented by junior officials, ministers and mandarins alike, where, thanks to a taxpayers' subsidy, a healthy lunch of quiche lorraine and boiled potatoes costs a bargain £5.

The Daylesford deliveries mean that unlike millions of Britons, Mr Johnson and Miss Symonds have not had to queue at supermarkets during lockdowns.  

But in their determination to keep their upmarket 'food bank' secret, they sparked security worries. 

Officials expressed concern at the way the Daylesford boxes bypass strict security checks at the Downing Street main entrance.

Insiders say there have been occasional 'complaints from the Downing Street flat' when the deliveries are delayed.

Lady Bamford has one cafe/shop in Gloucestershire and three in fashionable parts of London – Brompton Cross near Sloane Square, Marylebone and Notting Hill.

She and her husband live on a 1,500-acre estate near Chipping Norton in the Cotswolds, 30 miles from Mr Johnson's private country home in Thame, Oxfordshire. 

Lady Bamford founded Daylesford over 40 years ago, when she began converting her family's farmland to produce organic food to improve her children's diets.

It is now dubbed the most sustainable – and poshest – farmshop in Britain and has become a lauded example of eco-farming across the globe, a subject close to the heart of passionate environmental campaigner Miss Symonds.

The vast majority of Daylesford's produce is reared and grown on organic land at the Bamford Gloucestershire estate, which also boasts a spa, cookery school and creamery. 

Most of their livestock roam freely, and are fed on organic crops from the farm itself. 

Their healthy lifestyles mean some animals are said to live twice as long at Daylesford compared to other farms.

Lady Bamford was awarded the OBE for 'services to children and families'.

According to the Commons Register of Interests, Mr Johnson was given two hampers in April last year by Simon Blagden and Mohammad Chohan. 

It does not say which company provided the hampers.

Downing Street said last night that the Prime Minister paid the Daylesford bills himself.

A Number 10 spokesman said: 'The costs of food for personal consumption are met by Boris Johnson.'

The spokesman declined to comment further Daylesford and Lord Bamford failed to respond to a request for comment.







The Dybbuk is Hungry.

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Addendum (C) pt 2.



I went back to check the actual quatrains. It is as thus;  https://sacred-texts.com/nos/cen2eng.htm


Quantrain 2.61-62


Bravo, ye of Tamins, Gironde and La Rochelle:
O Trojan blood! Mars at the port of the arrow
Behind the river the ladder put to the fort,
Points to fire great murder on the breach.


Mabus then will soon die, there will come
Of people and beasts a horrible rout:
Then suddenly one will see vengeance,
Hundred, hand, thirst, hunger when the comet will run.



Again i am not stating that Boris Johnson-Dybbuk is Mabus. But as you see the principle of hunger is quite apparent there.



Gematria for verse 62.


Unfortunately there is a connection between the number 100 & the word "hand" in Gematria;


100:- "Kaph; palm of the hand", "loa"; throat.


"Hand":- "yod" (equates to 20 in gematria.)


Whats 100 minus 20?!  80. Yes we know this number dont we?! 80 equates to the letter "Peh", which means mouth. And who is it that resides in the mouth? The Dybbuk.




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Addendum (C) pt 3


when the comet will run.


On Sun 28th Feb 2021 we got our omen from the quatrain;





The comet/meteor/omen was seen across England & Wales at night for maximum effect.






A large meteor blazed across UK skies on Sunday night, delighting those lucky enough to spot it.

The meteor was spotted shortly before 10pm and was visible for around seven seconds. It was captured on doorbell and security cameras in Manchester, Cardiff, Honiton, Bath, Midsomer Norton and Milton Keynes. The UK meteor network group said more than 120 people (100 & 20) had reported seeing Sunday night’s meteor.








The Dybbuk is Hungry.



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Considering the historical actions taken by MI6 in the background of Boris Johnson's childhood & life & its effects on his father Stanley, i merely include the following information to highlight the synchronicity of The Saturn Alignment in the following death/tragedy;


The untimely death of Sam Younger son of former MI6 chief  Sir Alex Younger








The 22-year-old son of the UK’s intelligence chief has been killed in a car crash on a private Scottish estate.

Sam Younger, the child of Alex, the head of MI6, died after the crash on a private estate in Stirlingshire on Saturday, Police Scotland confirmed.


The politics student’s family described him as a “wonderful son” and asked for privacy.

His tutor Kieran Oberman, a senior politics lecturer at Edinburgh University, said Younger was a “lovely student, always warm and friendly. He seemed confident about the future.”

Police Scotland said Younger’s death was “being treated as unexplained, however there does not appear to be any suspicious circumstances”. A report was being compiled to be submitted to the procurator fiscal.

A spokesman would not confirm reports that a male friend of Younger was injured in the crash.

Younger was a former pupil of Dulwich College, one of the UK’s leading public schools. He was a member of its rugby team that won the schools cup in 2014.

In a reference to the school’s colours, its sports department tweeted that he was “black and blue until he died”.




The death was reported on Tues 2nd April 2019 so three days after the death.


So going by the official record the accident happened on Saturday 30th March 2019


Saturday 30th March 2019


The Saturn Alignment


Moon in Aquarius 1:46am (GMT)


Moon trines Mars 0:05am (GMT)

Moon squares Uranus 4:10 am (GMT)

Moon octile Mercury 4:13am (GMT)

Moon octile Neptune 5:52am (GMT)

Venus octile Saturn 19:02pm (GMT)

Moon octile Jupiter  20:23pm (GMT)

Sun sextile Sun  21:23 pm (GMT)


For privacy & tactical purposes i am not revealing what the chart is relaying here. However the amount of octile alignments would have made for a very stressful environment.


If what was reported in the news as time of death was false due to D Notice issues it wouldn't have made any difference due to the alignments on Friday 29th March 2019 ; Moon was in direct conjunction with Saturn at 4:59am (GMT) on Friday 29th.


I provide this information as a professional courtesy. If you want answers, (if there are any) you will be looking through all your internal archives between 1966 up to 1980.





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This is just a photo of Boris Johnson-Dybbuk making another disturbing visit to a nursery to be very close to innocent children. This took place at the  Monkey Puzzle Day Nursery in Greenford 3 days ago. Continuing the Dybbuk's torment of him, Johnson was compelled to look at a bunch of bananas & paint them (badly).  Note the tranced-out sinister eyes. Johnson isnt present in that room. But The Dybbuk is.





The Dybbuk is Hungry.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Unprecedented. For the first time in modern British history a serving British Prime Minister has been refused entry to a Royal funeral.





Boris Johnson will not attend the Duke of Edinburgh's funeral to allow as many family members as possible to go amid Covid-19 restrictions, Downing Street has confirmed.

The Prime Minister was understood to have been expected to attend the ceremony for Prince Philip by the royals, but did not wish to take one of the 30 seats available.

The duke's funeral will take place in Windsor Castle on April 17, but it will be unlike typical royal send-offs, with the public being told to stay away because of the pandemic.



A No 10 spokesman said: "As a result of the Coronavirus regulations, only 30 people can attend the funeral of HRH The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.

"The Prime Minister has throughout wanted to act in accordance with what is best for the royal household, and so to allow for as many family members as possible will not be attending the funeral on Saturday".



1: Interesting. Boris Johnson-Dybbuk was told in no uncertain terms that he would not be attending the funeral by the Queen's private secretary. They are scared & fearful of him/it. Its interesting to see how those with corporeal power react & behave when they come up against those with actual genuine occult capabilities. (You can't kill him Elizabeth can you?! To do so means you would be breaking your own occult pacts you made all those years ago)


2: The British Crown purposely announced the fake death on the 9th April so as they didnt have to deal with the side affects of the New Moon on Sun 11th April. (They actively avoid any activity on Full & New Moons.)


3: My best guess is that they dont know who or what The Dybbuk is, and dont want to engage it in-field. So they are not the skilled occultists that they think they are.


4: Another reason why the British Prime Minister is not attending the funeral, Saturn is in a really stressful alignment with Pluto on Sat 17th April. So it suggests that the British Crown didnt want to hold the funeral on that day and is being forced to do so through gritted teeth, due to a lack of choices available.



The Dybbuk is Hungry






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