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Prophecy of a Coming Hidden Enemy


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At some future time a hidden enemy will arise and it will require everyone to unite and put up with a temporary restrictions in our way of life as the hidden enemy is being tackled by a united front which will be essential to protect our way of life. There will be naysayers and people allied to the hidden enemy speaking blasphemies about the leaders of the united front and the most rewarded citizens will be ignore the naysayers who everyone will know to be idiots stood against our way of life.


This will come to pass at some future point in time and it will happen within our lifetime. It is a prophecy known to every prophet yet it will come as a shock to those hearing this news on the news services tommorrow.


Please give a '<3' if you know this prophecy is inevitable.


It is one thing to live your life according to how things ought to be but if you are not yet aware of how things are, you must live through the apocalypse so as to have the gift of second sight.

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