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Are we in a state of war with an unknown enemy? Is this a bioweapon being spread intentionally?


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I know this theory has been considered many times, but look at the timing of the latest mutation.  Just before Brexit, just as a sinister vaccine that alters your RNA is being roiled out.


I'm not so sure China is behind this.

If the US elections can be so easily rigged, then in stands to reason that these same people are doing other things too.  They obviously have a massive network, not only in the US, but around the world.  If anyone can do this, it is them, the deep state, illuminate, what ever their name may be.


The trouble is these people run the MSM, and it's this system that makes out anyone who is brave enough to put on record their theory, they immediately get labelled as another person who is losing their marbles and is a conspiracy theorist


I look at the figures in Africa, a place where like any place, has large concentrations of people, and a very poor health system, and the figures are extremely low.  That doesn't make sense at all.


These poorer countries should be ravaged.  Look at India.  Barely a drop in the ocean of cases, with a country of extremely poor hygiene, extreme poverty, over crowded cities, and yet they are beating the west with one hand tied behind their back.


To me, it can only mean one thing.  This is a highly sophisticated and orchestrated attack on the western democracies. Yhe question in my mind is who?  I don't believe it's Russia, or China.


I believe it's the world secret government, the elite hidden hand of several thousand people at the top, behind the scenes, trying to bankrupt the western democracies.


They are trying to trigger a world wide depression, and unless the UK government takes this conspiracy seriously I believe the UK will continue with other mysteriously timed mutations.


Your thoughts, and please no snide remarks, I am making fair observations.



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