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A young company based in Edinburgh, Skyrora has conducted a successful 100th rocket motor test for future missions.
I want to share this because the engine has a new function for restarting in space.
I recently argued with someone on the forum just about clogging the LEO. As far as I can see from the plans and tests of this company, they seriously intend to solve this problem. In addition to the fact that their main goal is to reduce the cost of delivery of cargo to the ISS and satellites into orbit, as well as to inspire people.

Here is the article.


I hope you enjoy such positive news at this time.

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Interesting thanks


"Skyrora’s LEO engine is unique as it can re-ignite numerous amounts of times in orbit to deliver payloads into different altitudes and phases, as required for the mission and acting as a ‘taxi’ service to satellite customers."


While I reserve the right to call anything space promoting (although this is low earth orbit stuff) as having issues with the huge vacuum!

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I think it's no surprise that ecosene fuel is what made me got interested in this company. Now I see they manage to succeed in other their endeavors — get at least this engine. Thank you, @TommyJ, for sharing this interesting article with us. The more I learn about this company, the more I get sure that it gives the UK hope to start successful space exploration on an equal footing with other countries. 

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