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A free Country?


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The Queen has been on the throne from the first day of my life.

She surrendered to God in her coronation.


Freedom is not free, it is earned by an honest and high-minded high-hearted people.

It does not actually come from curbing the evil.

But by spreading light.

It must have a true source of light.

Not synthetic fanny words.


Be that the Christian light, the light of an industrious people the textile makers of the world, or the post war honesty ... 

Where is that spirit today?

That is the only kind of light that leads to a free world.

It is not free after all.

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32 minutes ago, Steph said:

Earned from who?


Life grows.  That is earning.   Everyone must do their part.   All trees grow and have to survive thunderstorms.  Tigers must hunt down and kill their prey.

Each nation is a lineage of people who eek out their life in a particular way, and those who follow benefit of it.

You either contribute or you parasite.

This is how life works.


At the spiritual level nothing is for free either.  The life stories of the sages are tales of long struggle, encountering resistance and low behaviour at every turn, but pushing through to earn spiritual realisation.


As above so below.


There are ... parasites who tell a different story before they thieve your bank account.  They like to tell you to drop your guard, to let others in, to open yourself up ... and then they come to steal.  Oh yes, just be nice let us fuck you over.  Beware such people, especially those who imagine they have a single thing to do with spirituality.

They are crooked inside their heart.


Once the hard work is done, then there is comfort.  It is then the parasite come.

They know your guard is down.

First they ply you with a few drinks, a few fks, a little more pleasure ... what harm could it do.

20 years later you teach your children the joy of living with your guard down and what harm can a few drinks do.

Then the parasites set in, like a disease, overwhelming what was once strong.

These people carry dark things inside them, parasitical things that are feeding on the person himself.

The solution to all this .. is hard work, uncrookedness, restraint in pleasures, and separation from the crowd.


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