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if you were a member of the one percent... what and how will yo do it


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i think that it will be interesting to see things, not from our perspectives and ideas, but from their ideas... so we can act on it in a different way.


In this topic I will like to share an sad and bad idea that i have..


if i was one of them...


what do i want... and what do i need


i want a world with less population, Yes!, i want a population that i can control yes!....


but what do i need'


I still need people to serve me... to work and to do all the things I want and need...


So... I have a concern


if i where one of them.... which countries (people) do i want to get rid off.. and which ones do i want to keep...


I will want to get rid of all the overpopulated countries first, keeping in them only who I need (populated countries tend to be more third world countries, cheap labor, not much studies or knowledge)


So why am I vaccinating UK and USA first?


Do i want to get rid of them? (maybe the older population yes... maybe decrease the grow rate yes... but get rid of them? No!.


My believe is that this pfizer vaccine is planned


what kind of planned? well if i was one of them, I will first give and example to the world that things will improve (even thou it went bad already) why? cos I need time... time to vacinate the rest of the world.


if i start and things go horrible... who will follow?


so pfizer is key.


But... Moderna? Moderna is still waiting to be authorized.... but for example.. countries like mexico and others feel themselves lucky (the politicians) that they manage to make a deal with them, as it seem that the Pfizer one will be busy with first world countries first.


Is this a coincidence?


I remember hearing for the first time in my life Moderna back in February... when they were no one still, but since then, they were already on the lips of the conspiracies... and it turned out to be right!! they where the ones fauci talked the most.


then suddenly Pfizer comes with a vaccine with similar trait, and it gets authorized first...


I am afraid the real problem (for the rest of the world) will come once the first world countries are vaccinated...

Im afraid that if I was one of them, that will be the way I do it...


Do first that what I want to keep (yes, a little collateral damage, but compare to what i will do later on will look like peanuts),


And I will do it by making it look like like an example of the success.... so then the rest of the world will jump for the vaccine, and it will not matter which lab is the provider, it will be welcome...


I believe this plan that we are seeng in front of us, its a lot more cruel and planned that most researches are thinking...


We have to think like them, to know in advance... I always try to do that... what will i do.


Im sure they think that they are doing the best for the world... but who they are to decide who lives and who dies


David... I hope you get this topic.. research about it... and find more of the plan... there is not much time left.


And, unfortunately I fell Im not wrong.


I will talk more about what will i do if i was one of them, but for now... this is the intro to the topic.



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The main drivers are not the 1% if you mean David Coulthard living in Monte Carlo.

No the main drivers live in Islington, they are failed middle class white nobodies ... who instead of having an ordinary job like to tell everyone what to do, shame on you.  NGOs.

The main drivers are sheep.

Sheep of any colour  creed or politics. 

Sheep are all the same, they are liars.  They care about nothing apart from maintaining the herd.

That endless lying.

The sheep who have entered environmentalism and want to have environmental nuclear power.

The sheep that want to be in charge of marriage and equate sodomy with raising a family.

They are the vermin of the earth.

They are deeply deeply insincere.

These are the people who are destroying everything.

They hate everything.

Their job is to destroy everything of use, everything real, everything sane and grounded ... grazing on any shoots of life and eating them up to return society to misery.

And these unconscious scum ... and full of evil, because they sold their soul and are vehicles for dark unseen forces.


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2 hours ago, Liam3880 said:

I have a narcisstic family, my dad is one of 15 and they target me a lot, at one time it got me down, now I’m wise to it and I enjoy the challenge , I try and see it like that, just be one step ahead at all times 


You need to be like that ... but eventually you have to remove yourself from this kind of relationship as it does some damage inside.  People are very inwardly sheeplike ... at some point you have to live in a world where they can not pull on any of your strings.

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The cop who stood on George Floyd's neck, the social worker who organised a legalised kidnapping because she felt someone wasn't prostrate enough before them, the celebrity who funded a hit squad of gang stalkers for targets who rejected msm as lies. Who is this shadowy 1%? Some minoritised group who are lucky to have castles while abuse runs rampant no one notices or are too afraid to speak about let alone intervene. There's predatory behaviours everywhere, in organised forms and even inside the corridors our courageous protectors walk in. What's the point of going its the 1%, its the jews or blame Iraqis or the hilariously upside down accusation about racists and xenophobes made by the most bigoted of all. If only the evil that goes on in this world could be blamed on a 1% all the evil in the world tell their victims to blame while preventing anyone from getting through the walls behind which the scapegoat lives.


A policy man steals the shirt off your back and says "its the law". You think "this is a democracy, the will of the people would never support such abuse" so you ask to speak to a senior of the policy man and maybe you get the chance to or maybe you dont. Somewhere up that chain of command is someone stealing the shirt of your back and they block your way to injustice being prevented. There's your 1%.

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It's better to think about how things should function, then you can isolate who the culprits are.

How should life actually function?
Well to cut a long story short, everyone should work.  That's it really.  You should work to the best of your ability, doing what you more or less like to do.  And that's it.

Anything else is theft.

Corporations who lobby the Government to rig the economy to help them ... that is theft, its not an honest day's job.

Everyone is equal ... translation : we will go into the bank accounts of rich people and rob them ... this is also wrong.

And we live in an insincere world.  People express themselves through theft, through heists, through ripping people off.

Through laziness.

It's a kind of wrong use of intelligence.

Who wants to do a hard job any more.


Anyway ... it is not the hard job that is really the hard thing ... it is to separate yourself from a world of thieves.

Blue colour, white colour, rich or poor, educated or uneducated.  They are thieves.

That is the only distinction between men.

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This world is evil.  Once you understand that you will see it everywhere in most things coming out of industrial society.  If you were a TV kid like me, raised in front of a TV everyday your mind will be shattered, your thoughts shards.  Images of death and sex will always dwell in your subconscious mind.  All this is on top of your own human natural tendencies of pride, jealousy, etc.  Even as an individual residing in the lower tiers of society it is a tremendous struggle to do right.  To think right.  


Now imagine you come from this same evil world and have all this to deal with personally, and also have power over many people’s lives.  Kings have power to kill or let live.  They are flanked with treacherous Machiavellian courtiers at all times whispering flattery in their ears.  They have their own authority to defend.  How much easier do you think it is for them to become fully evil? 


TPTB are interested in keeping control, maintaining faith in whatever currency they have control over, using the masses as livestock to serve whatever motives they have at the time.  The vaccines are as dangerous as statin drugs that are proliferated all over the US and Europe, killing and maiming.  Third world human livestock and prisoners serve as test subjects in countless trials.  Money is being made, power is being consolidated.  


The end of this mess is inevitable.  The leaders who give their lives to doing evil are going to be destroyed, just as everyone else who does the same.  

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On 12/22/2020 at 6:20 AM, iki said:

I will want to get rid of all the overpopulated countries first, keeping in them only who I need (populated countries tend to be more third world countries, cheap labor, not much studies or knowledge)


So why am I vaccinating UK and USA first?


all you need to do is look at british history to learn that the globalist elites have absolutely zero desire for the british people to continue existing


I don't think they are attached to constitutionalist americans either

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On 12/22/2020 at 7:45 AM, rideforever said:

No the main drivers live in Islington, they are failed middle class white nobodies ...


Are they really though? What do they identify as? Do they only identify as white when it suits their interests? If they're nobodies then why do they have so much power, especially the power to shutdown dissent?

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6 hours ago, EnigmaticWorld said:

Are they really though? What do they identify as? Do they only identify as white when it suits their interests? If they're nobodies then why do they have so much power, especially the power to shutdown dissent?


Well if you want to learn something you do have to go beyond the big bad NWO is doing it all and everyone else is innocent.

Why has Islington created all these NGOs full of failed middle class nobodies to "save" the world.  It seems to me these people should better be in the church doing some real saving.  They all want to be priests but somehow they can't get it together to go to churh.

Anyway in the 80s there was an overgrowth ... and that had the effect eventually of damaging the transmission between generations, and shrinking the 'middle class' ... those people who were no longer fed by society now go it alone invented a new synthetic world that they want to tell people about.

And that's one aspect of the unhealthy state of society ... the NWO is another.

Without the church I don't think this society can survive, without the church there is not enough light to support a society of this size.

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If I were the one percent I would fear that one little spark - that one person who has the courage to stand up and shout CHARGE when leading an army that vastly outnumbers theirs. That one person who calls people to actively go after the criminals who are leading the cull - the one who says bring cross-bows, bring swords, bring bows and arrows - let's find their addresses, let's find out where they will be, and let's take them out before they enslave us all.


If it were not that person I feared - it would be the one who had the courage of Ghandi - who could lead the masses to simply say no - lead the masses into fasting from consumerism and simply take a year or two out. Extreme action OR extreme in-action would both work so effectively.

Bill Gates claimed on record that he wants to depopulate the plane(t) - let's say we agree with him, and make him the first to go - end of problem - lets say we disagree with him and do not allow them to take a single life, end of problem.


No doubt spies watch these forums - here is a message for you to pass onto your superiors: the wrath of God is coming upon you if you do not change you ways and turn to Him repentant - you have been warned, you have been given notice. 

There is more to this world than simply waking people up - striving is needed. 

BTW people of the UK - ISMI boxes have been going up everywhere so just be aware of that - and also be aware that hell lies in wake underneath this creation for those who are not upright and righteous. 


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