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Zecharia Sitchin


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Hello all,


I hope this message find you David Icke or someone in the community that has read EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW BUT HAVE NEVER BEEN TOLD.


The book is fascinating to say the least  real eye opener and a total HOLY FUCK .

I have just read the chapter on Mind Control & Shape Shifting Royals and I found out the link to the Arizona Wilder interview and i was blown away with what she had to say.

Which I believe to 100% true! 


if you read this David or anyone thats interested what do you make of her naming Zecharia Sitchin at the rituals and she said he was a deceiver which David said afterwords * interesting enough it was him that tried to put him off the reptilian thing !


Why would Sitchin then tell the world in his books etc about the Annuaki thing ! 

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Arizona  interview with David is still on Youtube (Revelations of a mother Goddess) and is the most important video he ever made , IMO...


In it Arizona tells how she was present during sacrificial rituals with Royals and Sitchin where they shifted into reptilians ....


I am convinced of the reptilian replacement hypothesis , because it does come up from other sources , whistle blowers from the SSP and importantly Mollison . Many of Mollisons videos deal with shape shifting replacement , this one for example , (queued at the correct time) https://youtu.be/jPeHDihuzco?t=1314


The idea that Sitchin was a Rep does not seem likely , he is not the type of person who is usually replaced ...David was suspicious of him at the time of this interview ... I am not sure what was going on , I accept the basic spirit of this interview , but not all maybe literally true...


Sitchins message like wise may not be all literally true but the basics are IMO ... He says the Annunaki came here from their planet which orbits beyond Neptune ...


The Annunaki are not the Reptilians .


They are two separate ET races working together to control humanity . Mollison clarifies all this 



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Ty for the reply and the links bro. I agree with the Arizona interview is 1 of his best , to me she is genuine and when you read Davids books he does say the reptilian thing comes up from to many sources, not to mention the late great Creda Mutwa R.I.P

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On 12/21/2020 at 6:14 PM, rs1978 said:

Why would Sitchin then tell the world in his books etc about the Annuaki thing ! 


I was watching 'Cosmic Disclosure' series with David Wilcock and Corey Good and they also discussed about Z. Sitchin.

CG tells his testimony when he was visiting the Anshar in inner earth and they basically told him that ZS's books are deliberate disinformation.

Here's the relevant part in transcript form:



CG: And she began to tell me a story that made me a little uncomfortable in the beginning, about the
story of the Anunnaki, the ancient Sumeria, and the current narrative that many in Ufology and
believers in ancient aliens subscribe to. And she went on to talk about how all of the information-- and
she pointed up to Zecharia Sitchin's books. She said all of the information in those books is pretty much
contrived. She said, you cannot take those books, and you cannot go into a ancient Sumerian tablet, to
the tablets and texts, and do translations and get what is said in those books.
And she asked me-- she said, do you know what Anunnaki means? And I said, well, I've been told, and
I've read, that it's a catchall term that just means "extraterrestrial." It can mean any group that comes
from the sky.
And she said, the root of the word means "royal seed." And I was like, OK, I can't dispute that. I can't--
how do you argue or dispute that? I was like, OK, I'll just listen.
And she went on to describe that there was a secret society that had put out this narrative, very cleverly,
to make an elitist religion, to take an elitist religion from the surface and put it into the esoteric
DW: Wow. This is really mind-blowing, and I feel like I gotta add something here. When I went to
college, I had a buddy who ended up living in a boarding house with me after I graduated. And we'll
call him Antonio. It's not his real name.
He was from Spain. Here's the thing I have never said before, OK? He was personal friends with
Zecharia Sitchin. He told me that he talked to Zecharia in person, and Zecharia told him that he was
told what to write in the books by these Illuminati. None of it was really based on research. It was all
contrived. Now, I've never shared that before, and this is blowing my mind, that she's telling you the
same things. Very interesting.
CG: Well, she said that the writer had three people that were giving him the narrative to write. And that
these three people gave him the narrative that he wrote, that was a very clever infiltration of these, I
guess, Illuminati into the Ufology esoteric community to make their religion, our, or their religion.
So this opened up all kinds of questions for me.
DW: Wow.
CG: You know. Because I-- before-- I never would have entertained this before. Because I had seen a
lot of information in the glass pads that led me to believe that the ancient Sumerian texts' translations
were not accurate. But I stayed away from it because a lot of people have made a religion out of it.
DW: Well, and at the Conscious Life Expo a few years ago, before he died, I ended up in the elevator
was Zecharia Sitchin, and he was scared to death of being in the same elevator with me. He did not
want to acknowledge that he knew who I was, but it was obvious that he did. He was highly
uncomfortable. He didn't want to look me in the eye.
In fact, he actually kind of turned his whole body towards the wall of the elevator, because he didn't
want to be in it. It was a weird synchronicity that we ended up, just the two of us, in this elevator for a
ride going up, I guess, seven stories or something. Wow.
CG: So for me--
DW: But people see Zechariah Sitchin-- it's like you can't question-- it's, like, sacrosanct.
CG: Yeah.
DW: The stone tablets.
CG: It's like a prophet. Yeah.
DW: Here it is. Boom.
CG: So. But I was very-- you know, I was considering the source. I had a connection with her. But at
the same time I wasn't sensing, intuitive empath, any deception. Skipping later on, over weeks, I started
studying online, looking at ancient Sumerian websites for mainstream science, looking, trying to verify
what she said. And I-- I was shocked.
DW: So you're looking at words in Sitchin's books and what he says they mean, and then looking at the
actual online translations of Sumerian.
CG: And actually, story lines that just don't exist.


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