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'The Stand"-book, Now An Agenda Pushing Series


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They made a series of "the Stand" book which has just been released. Its about "the battle for good and evil after  the world is in ruins, due to a man-made plague, a battle of Biblical proportions ensues between the survivors."


Just released on the eve of the Solstice.


This series is chock full of agenda talking points- talk about social engineering!

Its now about a bio engineered plague released by a 'scientist' In the first episode they mention: it starts with a guy saying '7 billion people dead, ebola, high tech underground bases shown for high ups to hide out in, CDC and WHO are mentioned several times as the epitome of knowledge and truth, Spanish flu mentioned as a comparison to the current plague, and on and on. I think they wrote the script from the current 'news' items... I could have stitched it together myself in half an hour.

There were so many points that relate to now it made me laugh out loud several times. Its an agenda fear fest! 


Reading the reviews its obvious that most people still think Hollywood is just entertainment rather then the real reason which is to subliminally push the mass destruction of humanity via the agenda. I despair for humanity.

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Honestly, there is only one episode out but it is chuck full of agenda crap. Alongside that they chose to start the story in the middle and do it in flash back and forwards which makes no sense, but makes it easier to add agenda stuff. As the Americans say....go figure.

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