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Was the gospel of Mathew written by a Jesuit?


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It's just a nutty conspiracy theory. I haven't sent it to be checked by independent fact checkers or anything but I suspect St Mathew might have been a Jesuit. Look at this:


Mathew 6:22 "The eye is the lamp of the body. If your eyes are healthy, your whole body will be full of light."




Maybe he was a Belarussian spy who built a time machine.



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Are you asking this based in n this quotation, or image, or something else? 


Edit to add: also, do you see eyes in this quotation as metaphorical? Are you linking this to the "all seeing eye".  Have you researched who wrote it? If so, what did you find? 

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Oh God..........There were no Jesuits in the time of Matthew. They were something invented long after by a certain Levantine race,


As for Jesus' observations about light.....


This indeed, is the quantum 4dimensional realm. Photons have no mass, are completely impenetrable to our reality and when we try to figure out what light and photons are they fuck with us.

As for the light symbolism of the Jesuits.


It's Freemasonic symbolism, which is all taken from a much earlier time in our history when light and the sun was venerated and acknowledged and known to be a super sentient portal from the quantum realm into ours and filling it with life and energy.


It is obviously trite to acknowledge that the sun is the source of energy light and life on this planet, but it is not the dumb mechanical machine which scientists see when they try to understand the sun, light and the creation and origin of life itself. It is all in the mystery of the sun, which I have solved.



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Peter and James and John are 3 Apostles that saw two events. Those events can be found in Matthew, Mark and Luke. Peter was the chief so he should get the biggest one of those 3. The Gospel of John was written by the unnamed Disciple with Stephen in John:1, that is the same person who signs off 20 chapters later. That Gospel covers events from when Jesus comes back from His 40 day fast until John is in prison. The Apostles jump from the return to when John is in prison.

Their versions of the cross are repeating what the women at the cross saw. Peter was at the tomb while James and John were not. The baptism later that coming evening was 10 Apostles (Judas and Thomas were missing) and 1 beloved Disciple of John the Baptist known as Mary of Bethany) That gave them perfect memory and the 40 day fast that followed allowed Jesus to talk to them as easily as God talked to Jesus after His baptism from above that was followed by a 40 day fast. Those same 11 went on a 40 day fast in the 40 days He was with them after His resurrection. Saul ended up being the same so it may have been 40 days from when he was blinded until a few disciples questioned him and then removed the blindness. (Jesus would have supplied the answers and Saul repeated them)

The two main books she wrote contain the information that was kept back from Daniel.

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