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Thoughts on William (Bill) Tompkins ?


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Below are interviews with him. I have found him to be sincere, truthful with no agenda. However, Steven Greer seems to have a problem with him. He seems to disavow him. Which I find incredibly strange. 






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There are two timelines. 1947 Roswell or Kenneth Arnold. Those who believe in Roswell will see nothing but simple orbs and UFO shapes for the rest of their lives. Kenneth Arnold has seen light apparitions. Roswell is just another religion. Greer knows as much as MUFON. And by that I mean nothing.  

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Sure ....William is an important figure in understanding the roots of the NAZI SSP ... He worked for US Navel intelligence and uncovered that the NAZI's were working with reptilian (ET's) who were helping them with advanced tech.


Before the end of the war top German Scientists and Engineers relocated to Antarctica continuing their work in a disused Reptilian facility , By 1949 they had a primitive base on the moon ...70 years on , they now have a massive advanced off world empire , on Ceres and elsewhere , around a million personnel mostly slaves this is known as the "Dark Fleet" and is totally separate from the US SSP  , although they do trade 

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