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How to create an emp


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I'm your man, I understand what's involved  .... But you have to specify where the nano tech is ... If in a small syringe or the glass ampule it's child's play ... You just need a coil tight around the item and pulse it with high voltage ....


Once the vaccine enters your body it's all spread out making it much more difficult. It's about having a rapidly changing magnetic field right where the chips are  ....


We are assuming the nano chips are vulnerable to EMP ... That is a fair assumption , but we are dealing with unknown science and unknown tech so they could possibly be shielded ...


These  advanced  nano chips  come from the ET's who direct the Cabal 


There are some Youtubes on this , They show the challenges involved ... In this video https://youtu.be/siVGavpBiyA  the guy makes one using the same electronic high voltage generator used in a tazer ...but he only manages to turn off his phone , not destroy it .... The EMP is much more concentrated at the center of the coil , any electronic circuitry put there should die.


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